ladies to avoid in kenya
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Ladies To Avoid in Kenya

It is the dream of every man to find a loving lady that will eventually help them work well and achieve many things together. It is important for one to be very careful when deciding on the type of lady to settle with.

The gold digger

Some ladies date men not because they love them but because they want to derive some benefits from the men. It has come to the realization that a lot of men that employ the virtue of trying to know more about a lady often discover that some were after the money and not love. Kenyan men should avoid ladies that are after materialism.

The unfaithful

A man should never let himself fall in the trap of a lady that always finds affairs with other men. The major reason is because there might be high chances of one being infected with the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease and end up dying at a faster rate. It is important therefore that one goes for a lady that is faithful and principled.

The Nagging lady

There is continues growth in the number of ladies who always create a lot of uncomfort on their male counterparts making it hard for a stable relationship to be achieved .It is important that one focuses and concentrates more in matters that will help build growth rather than keep quarrelling and blaming others for mistakes not applicable.

The immature lady

 for a man to focus on ladies that have grown uThe lady does not really know what the intention in life is all about. Such ladies are dangerous to keep as they can change their minds at any given time of their lives. It is therefore importantp well and know how to approach issues as grownups.


It is good for a lady to show some level of respect to the husband especially when they seem to have equal opportunities in life. A good lady should support the man and listen to him and share ideas. Men should do away with ladies that want to control them and often feel the desire of wanting to be the boss.

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a new application spyjoe software to catch a cheating partner
Relationships & Marriage

A New Application- SpyJoe Software To Catch A Cheating Partner

Spyjoe software is a new device which most Kenyans have started using to keep track of their partners. Spyjoe application is a phone monitoring software that reveals to you the whole truth. This software is meant to be installed in a phone for a partner who is likely to be deceiving. The menace of cheating and lying partners has resorted in squalid marriages and in most cases Kenyans seem to live in a place confined by lies. It is about time you disentangled yourself from the chain of lies. The Spyjoe application is simple to use. There are various steps to take. First you need to go to the Spyjoe software website on Create an account on the site. Download the application to the target garget. Then you are directed on how to use the application. Once this is done, it is possible then for Spyjoe application to allow you to view complete call logs, sms logs and gps co-ordinates immediately it is installed on the target device. You are required to pay a monthly subscription shs 1,000. The application also has a facebook page on:

What would make a person opt to investigate their partners?  And especially use Spyjoe application? This is a question most Kenyans would ask themselves. But once you fall into that trap of a deceiving parner, you develop the desire to know what’s happening in your relationship, you might as well want to investigate.

“I need some space to figure out my feelings” Have you ever heard this from your partner? This is usually a sign of a cheating partner.

Through investigating your partners whereabouts and whom they communicate with, you can reveal the truth.

When one is in a relationship, there are many disadvantages as there are advantages. The risk of HIV/AIDS has heightened the need for a Kenyan to beware of cheating partners. One is at a higher risk of contracting the epidemic disease when in a relationship many times more than when single. The carefree spirited people, who can risk just about anything for pleasure and having fun, can increase the exposure of their partners to deadly diseases. Aren’t you thinking, yeah probably this is a good idea after all?

There are those partners in most relationships in Kenya who have perfected their art of lying. They can brazenly win any argument and manage to convince you that there is no cause for alarm.   Yes, now you know where to turn to. You can use Spyjoe software to catch the liar or hopefully to prove that he/she is faithful. This is a way to relieve you from all the doubts and worries. You have the way to use Spyjoe application in Kenya to remotely monitor the situation with your partner. You can visit the spyware application website on

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factors promoting long distance relationships in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

Factors Promoting Long Distance Relationships In Kenya

Many people are having long distances in the country and many reasons have forced them to be forced into the situation.The following are some of the major reasons as to why longdistance relationships in the country.


Many people are quiting their relationships to focus and concetrate on their careers.It is advisable by counsellors to go for occupations that make them find some time to have to spend with their partners.By finding time for your partner you make them feel hounoured and be cared for.It makes one feel appreciated and hence they make the relationship stable.


When a person decides to go for higher studies they  often feel the need to go and stdy first and later come to continue with their relationships in life.It is advisable for people to chose subjets that wiill also allow them to be close to their partners and build more love by spending quality time together.


People will ofetn have distant relationships when they are in conflict with their partners and they are trying to get a way of mending their relationship back to its normal days.One should avoid conflicting their partners to help them reeduce conflits that can be a determinat factor in bringing up the longdisatnce affair.

Social media

The continous rise of various socialmedia websites such as face book is making people to interact and find love via the website hence they relate with another by having longdistance relationship.






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reasons for failure of marriages in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

Reasons For Failure of Marriages in Kenya

The marriage institution in the country is continually failing and experiencing a lot of hardships and difficulty as many people are seeking divorce and end up staying as single parents. Experts have tried to find out the main problems affecting the institution of marriage in the country.


Many couples have the problem of not being true to their partners and the problem is making them increase the level of disagreements in the country. It has been discovered that many people that enter into the union fall back and start having affairs outside the marriage without the knowledge of their partners. The problem is continually rising making it hard for many to cope up with the life hence go away.


The above reason has been found to be one of the major foundations of marriage failure. Many couples especially men have the tendency of going out for late knight parties and end up drinking excessively such that they forget the needs of the family and continuous persistence of the problems leads to the breakup of family union. Furthermore, the habit leads to addiction such that one cannot survive without the substances that are harmful to the body.


Many in laws have the failure and majority of them lack understanding as what should be done to make a marriage successful. It has come to the realization that many Kenyan families end up breaking due to getting bad influence from their family members that try to offer the wrong pieces of advice. The continuous growth of such trends is making a lot of people seek to divorce from their husbands and seek to get what they consider to be better life.


Many Kenyans make the mistake of joining marriage without having the required funds to sustain and make it last for long periods of time. Many people will eventually fall into the temptation of rushing into decisions and eventually coming out in regret. People take no time to discuss the challenges before giving a try to particular union.


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child adoption process in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

Child Adoption Process In Kenya

In the society, many people men and women get married in particular period as many are invited in wedding every single day. The aim of the marriages being to be able to begin their own families and continue the generations in life. After the wedding and celebration, unfortunately many of the married are unable to reproduce or give birth to children due to various reasons which are varied from couple to couple. This make the couple unable to have children of their own and thereby in certain societies criticized for this reason.

However, several agencies and institutions have come to the rescue of these criticized couples due to lack of children in the society with the adoption option. In this option, the couple can adopt a children and bring them up as their own but knowing that they are not theirs. For the adoption therefore, the couple have to follow some procedures and meet some requirements for the adoption procedure and process to be a success. Agencies therefore after the couple has met all the procedures, they ensure they match them with gorgeous children who they should cherish and care for all their lives as they would do to their own children.

Adoption Requirements

For any adoption, the High Court and the Children’s department are solely responsible for issuing adoption orders which are involved and dictate all the rules to be followed in the adoption process. The interested couples should take a formal application to the High Court and the child identity been confidential and they should have prior ensured that the child is declared free for adoption by the responsible adoption society.

After the application for adoption to the High Court, the Couple or one of the spouses should meet the requirements ruled out for adoption and include;

  • The person seeking adoption should have attained an age of 25 years and should be 21 years older than the child but at the same time has not attained an age of 65 years, is a relative of the child or the father or mother of the child.

  • Adoption orders will not be granted to a male applicant who seek to adopt a female child, a female applicant seeking to adopt a male child, a spouse or joint applicants who have attained the age of 65 years, an applicant who is not of sound mind, a homosexual, is a sole foreign male or female applicant as well as anyone who has been charged and convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction for any offences.

  • All the adoption applications should be accompanied by written consent in respect of every child declared free for adoption by the Children’s society. The consents involved should ensure that they are up-to-date and should be: – a consent of every person who is parent or a guardian of the child or who is liable by virtue of any order or agreement to contribute to the maintenance of the child, in case the child was born out of wedlock whose mother is a child, the consent of the parents or guardians of the mother of the child should be presented or in case of the two spouses who are not Kenyan citizens and who are not residents in Kenya, with the consent of the court of competent jurisdiction or of a government authority situated in the country where both or one of the spouses is ordinary resident should also be issued.




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how to catch a lying partner in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

How To Catch A Lying Partner In Kenya

Infidelity in Kenya’s marriages today is one of the causes of most marital break ups. Both Kenyan men and women engage in this act in equal measure. HIV infections in Kenya have been attributed to cheating and more so amongst married couples. Cheating amongst dating people in Kenya is just as prevalent. There are a few eyebrow raisers that you should be keen on so as to know if there is a likelihood of a cheating partner.

The phone

This is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheating Kenyan partner. It is not advisable to go through your partners call logs and text messages as this is infringing on their privacy, but if you notice any kind of weird behaviour with their handsets, it’s high time you smell the coffee. Kenyans whose handsets are always off when in the house for instance, or answer calls outside could be having more than meets the eye. If you notice behaviour such as this, it is time you looked through those call records. There is even this new software in Kenya for keeping track of your partner’s whereabouts and call record. The software is called SpyJoe

Long pauses

Kenyans who pause for long especially when giving explanations are most likely lying. The pauses give them time to figure out a sensible lie to flow with the situation. If your partner takes long pauses when giving an explanation, it is very likely that they are lying.

Cheating history

Kenyans with cheating histories are bound to cheat even on you. It is said that a habit is a disease and that proverb means no less in this particular scenario. If he/she cheated once, most certainly they will cheat again.-Be Warned.


Some people are rather vague with their explanations. If your partner does not give details, maybe it is so that he or she does not contradict himself or herself later. For example, a Kenyan man who answers to “where are you” as “I am just around” is more likely to be having an ulterior motive to give such answers, “I am meeting Clarence for coffee at Java, Koinange street”. Make sure you have the details to just about everything.

Gut feeling

Many at times your instinct will always tell you if something is amiss. If you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you, investigate. Do not confront on the basis of a gut feeling. Monitor your partner’s behaviour, conversations and such like indicators. You could decipher more substantial evidence to add to your gut feeling.

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best venues for wedding ceremony in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

Best Venues For Wedding Ceremony In Kenya

Wedding ceremony requires a venue that provides space for receiving the visitors as well for catering both the family, friends and couples needs. The following is a list of the most popular wedding venues in Kenya.

East Africa School of Theology, Buruburu

Location: next to Mutindwa Market (Mutindwa Stage) Mumias South Road, Phase 4 at Buru Buru Estate, Nairobi.

Tel: 020-7785562/7783015, 0712-430909/0736-666218 


Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Location: along  Kigwa Road, off Kiambu Road,

Contact Details: 020 8647003, 0733 333 217/8

Starehe Boys Center

Location:  along the General Waruinge Street, Nairobi

Tel: 020 6761221/22/23/24

Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens

Location: Karen estate in Nairobi and

Contact Details: +254-20-88 21 38, 254-20-88 2130

Bomas of Kenya

Location: in Langata about 10 km from the city.

Contact Details: 020 8068400 / 020 2603896

 Safari Park Hotel and Casino

 Location: off Thika Highway

Contact Details: 020 3633000, 0722205683, and 0733333713

 Tayiana Gardens, Kiambu Rd

Location: Located at Garden Estate Ridgeways, Near Windsor Golf & Country Club.

Contacts: +254 0714 547720 or +254 0722 580727

 Utalii Hotel

Location: along Thika Highway

Contact Details: 020 8563540, 0733 410005


Lukenya Getaway

Location: at the foot of Lukenya Hills in Athi River. –

Contact: 0727 880488 /0736 880 488

Email: [email protected]

Maro Gardens

Location: off Magadi Road a short distance from the Bomas of Kenya

Contact Details:  0729 43 63 23 or 0734 83 38 54


Rock City Gardens

Location: along Coffee Garden Rd off Kiambu Rd, Muthaiga North

Tel: 0724 464805 or 0721 444144

Steadmak Grounds, Karen

Locationoff Langata road on your way to Karen past Nakumatt Prestige.

Contact: Maina at 0733828087

Marist International College

Location: Karen off Langata road.

Contacts: 020 2012787/97  

College Of Insurance South C

Location: in South C area of Nairobi, off Mombasa Road

 Tel : +254 (20) 6005601

Samdove Gardens

Location: Karen near the School of Law.

Tel: 020 2241452/3, 0711 751 111


Kenya School Of Law-Karen

Location:  along Langata-South Road, Karen.

Contacts:  (+254 20) – 2699581,2699582,


Serena Hotel

Location: opposite All Saints Cathedral along Kenyatta Avenue

Contacts: Tel: (+254) 20 2822000

Evergreen Park and Garden

Location: Kiambu Road about six kilometers off from Muthaiga Police Station.

Jockey Club- Ngong Race Course

Location: Jockey club of Kenya is located along Ngong road in Nairobi

Contacts: 0708 299 048, 0733 777 417 or 0722 414 598.



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child adoption between kenya and united states
Relationships & Marriage

Child Adoption Between Kenya and United States

 In a number of cases, citizens of the United States may want to adopt a Kenyan Child. Since Kenya is party to the Hague Adoption Convention, any adoption between Kenya and the United States is governed by the Hague Adoption Convention. This simply means that before any adoption process begins, the prospective adopters must be found eligible to adopt by the United States government first.

In addition to that, the Kenyan government then requires the prospective adoptive parents to meet the following requirements. Firstly, the prospective adoptive parents must reside in Kenya for at least three months before any Kenyan legal process of adoption begins.

The Kenyan government also requires that the prospective adoptive parents be older than twenty five years of age and less than sixty five years of age. In addition to that, the prospective adoptive parents must be at least twenty one years older than the child being adopted.

Further, the applicants are expected to be of sound mind as defined by the Kenyan Health Act. The prospective adoptive parents can also be relatives of the child being adopted. The Kenyan government requires that the prospective adoptive parents be married and will not allow a single male to adopt a child. Under special circumstances, the Kenyan government can allow adoption by a single female.

The Kenyan government does not allow adoption by two joint partners who are not legally married to each other. Furthermore, adoption orders will not be granted to applicants who have been convicted by the court of law of cases against children under the Kenyan Law.

With regard to the above points, the United States government carries out a security check on all petitioners and may find those families ineligible as well. Lastly, the Kenyan government does not grant adoption orders to gay or lesbian individuals or couples.

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love deserves respect
Relationships & Marriage

Love Deserves Respect

Love is the greatest gift given to humanity by God. That is a fact all human beings are quick to admit. Do you remember those books written for you and other children like you when you were young? Those books of rich royalties and wealthy people who wanted to find love either for themselves or their children? The Bible itself records the stories of Samson and Delilah, the only woman the strongest man in the Bible could not resist. Love is in fact as old as humanity itself.

This amazing gift has therefore been there from since humankind knew of its existence. So why is it that sometimes the greatest gift sometimes turns out to be hazardously poisonous?

I believe that love can be clean and beneficial. The problem is that just as drugs are abused, so is love. No one however writes banners or prepares adverts on abuse of love. Love is the best medicine if used well and at the right time, but the sharpest blade that leaves a tender heart bleeding if abused. Believe me; wounds inflicted by love do not heal easily.

This is the 21st century, a digital generation. With the internet accessible, social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and hike are flooding with people. I was reading on the effect of social media in Kenya and I was surprised that out of every 10 people in the age bracket of 15-26 years, nine are on at least a social media, five of them have at least a person they have never met but talk regularly and about two of the five alien friendships blossom into affection. In such an environment, then the probability of love being abused is high.

The biggest headache of this digital error is the perception that people hold towards love. I was surprised to read from the same article that in Kenya, girls are sexually active by the age of 16 and by adulthood (18 years), about 11% of these girls have had sexual intercourse, whether penetrative or not, at least once. It further stated that by marriage, about 57% of girls lose their virginity to men whom they don’t turn out to be husband and wife.

I simply object that love equals sex. That is a mentality whose holders should work on. It is true that casual sex is rampant in Kenya’s institutions of higher learning. Nowadays if you are dating a lady for about 6 months and you happen to introduce her to your peers especially in campus, your friends are pretty sure that you have had intercourse severally. Another scenario is whereby a gentleman and a lady have been dating for about 6 months- if the lady rejects the man’s sexual advances then the gentleman now doubts if any ‘love’ exists even in the first place, or vice versa.

Love should not be abused. If you cannot fathom this, just try to figure your daughter in this situation.



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causes of irresponsible sexual behaviour in kenya
Relationships & Marriage

Causes Of Irresponsible Sexual Behaviour In Kenya

The society In kenya is largely changing and the level of insecurity in the country about the young generation is low. Many youths are now abusing the right intentions meant for sex making it hard for them to cope up with life. Sexual immorality is spreading at greater levels in the country and efforts need to be done to reduce its further spread to innocent parties. The following are some of the reasons that contribute to sexual immorality in the country.

Mass and Social Media

Some television programmes aired and shown are not good for the many number of children found in the country. It has come to the attention of many people that a good number of the youth are watching violent and obscene materials from the internet hence they are tempted to apply what they see into reality. The practice is growing at a very fast level making it necessary to have ways of ensuring the habit is greatly reduced in a number of youths.

Drug Abuse

Majority of the Kenyan youths will often practice sex after abusing some drugs that are not allowed by law. The continuous growth of drug abuse among the youth is making it hard for youths to practice self control in matters relating to sex hence they go ahead to indulge in the very unhealthy practices. Parents should advice their children on the dangers that come with abusing drugs for the sake of ensuring children grow up morally upright.


Many young people will want to experiment and find out what it means to have sex. Due to the above condition, they will go ahead to get ways of trying it out to satisfy their high curiosity levels. It is therefore important that sex education be instilled in the lives of children to help them be equipped with sexual knowledge.

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