Reasons For Failure of Marriages in Kenya

by James Ndetto  - January 26, 2023

The marriage institution in the country is continually failing and experiencing a lot of hardships and difficulty as many people are seeking divorce and end up staying as single parents. Experts have tried to find out the main problems affecting the institution of marriage in the country.


Many couples have the problem of not being true to their partners and the problem is making them increase the level of disagreements in the country. It has been discovered that many people that enter into the union fall back and start having affairs outside the marriage without the knowledge of their partners. The problem is continually rising making it hard for many to cope up with the life hence go away.


The above reason has been found to be one of the major foundations of marriage failure. Many couples especially men have the tendency of going out for late knight parties and end up drinking excessively such that they forget the needs of the family and continuous persistence of the problems leads to the breakup of family union. Furthermore, the habit leads to addiction such that one cannot survive without the substances that are harmful to the body.


Many in laws have the failure and majority of them lack understanding as what should be done to make a marriage successful. It has come to the realization that many Kenyan families end up breaking due to getting bad influence from their family members that try to offer the wrong pieces of advice. The continuous growth of such trends is making a lot of people seek to divorce from their husbands and seek to get what they consider to be better life.


Many Kenyans make the mistake of joining marriage without having the required funds to sustain and make it last for long periods of time. Many people will eventually fall into the temptation of rushing into decisions and eventually coming out in regret. People take no time to discuss the challenges before giving a try to particular union.


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