Ladies To Avoid in Kenya

ladies to avoid in kenya


It is the dream of every man to find a loving lady that will eventually help them work well and achieve many things together. It is important for one to be very careful when deciding on the type of lady to settle with.

The gold digger

Some ladies date men not because they love them but because they want to derive some benefits from the men. It has come to the realization that a lot of men that employ the virtue of trying to know more about a lady often discover that some were after the money and not love. Kenyan men should avoid ladies that are after materialism.

The unfaithful

A man should never let himself fall in the trap of a lady that always finds affairs with other men. The major reason is because there might be high chances of one being infected with the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease and end up dying at a faster rate. It is important therefore that one goes for a lady that is faithful and principled.

The Nagging lady

There is continues growth in the number of ladies who always create a lot of uncomfort on their male counterparts making it hard for a stable relationship to be achieved .It is important that one focuses and concentrates more in matters that will help build growth rather than keep quarrelling and blaming others for mistakes not applicable.

The immature lady

 for a man to focus on ladies that have grown uThe lady does not really know what the intention in life is all about. Such ladies are dangerous to keep as they can change their minds at any given time of their lives. It is therefore importantp well and know how to approach issues as grownups.


It is good for a lady to show some level of respect to the husband especially when they seem to have equal opportunities in life. A good lady should support the man and listen to him and share ideas. Men should do away with ladies that want to control them and often feel the desire of wanting to be the boss.

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