How To Catch A Lying Partner In Kenya

by James Ndetto  - November 12, 2022

Infidelity in Kenya’s marriages today is one of the causes of most marital break ups. Both Kenyan men and women engage in this act in equal measure. HIV infections in Kenya have been attributed to cheating and more so amongst married couples. Cheating amongst dating people in Kenya is just as prevalent. There are a few eyebrow raisers that you should be keen on so as to know if there is a likelihood of a cheating partner.

The phone

This is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheating Kenyan partner. It is not advisable to go through your partners call logs and text messages as this is infringing on their privacy, but if you notice any kind of weird behaviour with their handsets, it’s high time you smell the coffee. Kenyans whose handsets are always off when in the house for instance, or answer calls outside could be having more than meets the eye. If you notice behaviour such as this, it is time you looked through those call records. There is even this new software in Kenya for keeping track of your partner’s whereabouts and call record. The software is called SpyJoe

Long pauses

Kenyans who pause for long especially when giving explanations are most likely lying. The pauses give them time to figure out a sensible lie to flow with the situation. If your partner takes long pauses when giving an explanation, it is very likely that they are lying.

Cheating history

Kenyans with cheating histories are bound to cheat even on you. It is said that a habit is a disease and that proverb means no less in this particular scenario. If he/she cheated once, most certainly they will cheat again.-Be Warned.


Some people are rather vague with their explanations. If your partner does not give details, maybe it is so that he or she does not contradict himself or herself later. For example, a Kenyan man who answers to “where are you” as “I am just around” is more likely to be having an ulterior motive to give such answers, “I am meeting Clarence for coffee at Java, Koinange street”. Make sure you have the details to just about everything.

Gut feeling

Many at times your instinct will always tell you if something is amiss. If you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you, investigate. Do not confront on the basis of a gut feeling. Monitor your partner’s behaviour, conversations and such like indicators. You could decipher more substantial evidence to add to your gut feeling.

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