Love Deserves Respect

by James Ndetto  - October 3, 2022

Love is the greatest gift given to humanity by God. That is a fact all human beings are quick to admit. Do you remember those books written for you and other children like you when you were young? Those books of rich royalties and wealthy people who wanted to find love either for themselves or their children? The Bible itself records the stories of Samson and Delilah, the only woman the strongest man in the Bible could not resist. Love is in fact as old as humanity itself.

This amazing gift has therefore been there from since humankind knew of its existence. So why is it that sometimes the greatest gift sometimes turns out to be hazardously poisonous?

I believe that love can be clean and beneficial. The problem is that just as drugs are abused, so is love. No one however writes banners or prepares adverts on abuse of love. Love is the best medicine if used well and at the right time, but the sharpest blade that leaves a tender heart bleeding if abused. Believe me; wounds inflicted by love do not heal easily.

This is the 21st century, a digital generation. With the internet accessible, social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and hike are flooding with people. I was reading on the effect of social media in Kenya and I was surprised that out of every 10 people in the age bracket of 15-26 years, nine are on at least a social media, five of them have at least a person they have never met but talk regularly and about two of the five alien friendships blossom into affection. In such an environment, then the probability of love being abused is high.

The biggest headache of this digital error is the perception that people hold towards love. I was surprised to read from the same article that in Kenya, girls are sexually active by the age of 16 and by adulthood (18 years), about 11% of these girls have had sexual intercourse, whether penetrative or not, at least once. It further stated that by marriage, about 57% of girls lose their virginity to men whom they don’t turn out to be husband and wife.

I simply object that love equals sex. That is a mentality whose holders should work on. It is true that casual sex is rampant in Kenya’s institutions of higher learning. Nowadays if you are dating a lady for about 6 months and you happen to introduce her to your peers especially in campus, your friends are pretty sure that you have had intercourse severally. Another scenario is whereby a gentleman and a lady have been dating for about 6 months- if the lady rejects the man’s sexual advances then the gentleman now doubts if any ‘love’ exists even in the first place, or vice versa.

Love should not be abused. If you cannot fathom this, just try to figure your daughter in this situation.



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