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Best Venues For Wedding Ceremony In Kenya

best venues for wedding ceremony in kenya


Wedding ceremony requires a venue that provides space for receiving the visitors as well for catering both the family, friends and couples needs. The following is a list of the most popular wedding venues in Kenya.

East Africa School of Theology, Buruburu

Location: next to Mutindwa Market (Mutindwa Stage) Mumias South Road, Phase 4 at Buru Buru Estate, Nairobi.

Tel: 020-7785562/7783015, 0712-430909/0736-666218 

Website: http://www.east.ac.ke

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Location: along  Kigwa Road, off Kiambu Road,

Contact Details: 020 8647003, 0733 333 217/8

Starehe Boys Center

Location:  along the General Waruinge Street, Nairobi

Tel: 020 6761221/22/23/24

Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens

Location: Karen estate in Nairobi and

Contact Details: +254-20-88 21 38, 254-20-88 2130

Bomas of Kenya

Location: in Langata about 10 km from the city.

Contact Details: 020 8068400 / 020 2603896

 Safari Park Hotel and Casino

 Location: off Thika Highway

Contact Details: 020 3633000, 0722205683, and 0733333713

 Tayiana Gardens, Kiambu Rd

Location: Located at Garden Estate Ridgeways, Near Windsor Golf & Country Club.

Contacts: +254 0714 547720 or +254 0722 580727

 Utalii Hotel

Location: along Thika Highway

Contact Details: 020 8563540, 0733 410005

Website: http://www.utaliihotel.co.ke/

Lukenya Getaway

Location: at the foot of Lukenya Hills in Athi River. –

Contact: 0727 880488 /0736 880 488

Email: [email protected]

Maro Gardens

Location: off Magadi Road a short distance from the Bomas of Kenya

Contact Details:  0729 43 63 23 or 0734 83 38 54

Website:  http://www.marogardens.com

Rock City Gardens

Location: along Coffee Garden Rd off Kiambu Rd, Muthaiga North

Tel: 0724 464805 or 0721 444144

Steadmak Grounds, Karen

Locationoff Langata road on your way to Karen past Nakumatt Prestige.

Contact: Maina at 0733828087

Marist International College

Location: Karen off Langata road.

Contacts: 020 2012787/97  

College Of Insurance South C

Location: in South C area of Nairobi, off Mombasa Road

 Tel : +254 (20) 6005601

Samdove Gardens

Location: Karen near the School of Law.

Tel: 020 2241452/3, 0711 751 111

Website: http://www.samdoveltd.co.ke/

Kenya School Of Law-Karen

Location:  along Langata-South Road, Karen.

Contacts:  (+254 20) – 2699581,2699582,

Website: http://www.ksl.ac.ke/

Serena Hotel

Location: opposite All Saints Cathedral along Kenyatta Avenue

Contacts: Tel: (+254) 20 2822000

Evergreen Park and Garden

Location: Kiambu Road about six kilometers off from Muthaiga Police Station.

Jockey Club- Ngong Race Course

Location: Jockey club of Kenya is located along Ngong road in Nairobi

Contacts: 0708 299 048, 0733 777 417 or 0722 414 598.

Website: http://www.jockeyclubofkenya.com/


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