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Child Adoption Between Kenya and United States

child adoption between kenya and united states


 In a number of cases, citizens of the United States may want to adopt a Kenyan Child. Since Kenya is party to the Hague Adoption Convention, any adoption between Kenya and the United States is governed by the Hague Adoption Convention. This simply means that before any adoption process begins, the prospective adopters must be found eligible to adopt by the United States government first.

In addition to that, the Kenyan government then requires the prospective adoptive parents to meet the following requirements. Firstly, the prospective adoptive parents must reside in Kenya for at least three months before any Kenyan legal process of adoption begins.

The Kenyan government also requires that the prospective adoptive parents be older than twenty five years of age and less than sixty five years of age. In addition to that, the prospective adoptive parents must be at least twenty one years older than the child being adopted.

Further, the applicants are expected to be of sound mind as defined by the Kenyan Health Act. The prospective adoptive parents can also be relatives of the child being adopted. The Kenyan government requires that the prospective adoptive parents be married and will not allow a single male to adopt a child. Under special circumstances, the Kenyan government can allow adoption by a single female.

The Kenyan government does not allow adoption by two joint partners who are not legally married to each other. Furthermore, adoption orders will not be granted to applicants who have been convicted by the court of law of cases against children under the Kenyan Law.

With regard to the above points, the United States government carries out a security check on all petitioners and may find those families ineligible as well. Lastly, the Kenyan government does not grant adoption orders to gay or lesbian individuals or couples.

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