Factors Promoting Long Distance Relationships In Kenya

by James Ndetto  - February 21, 2023

Many people are having long distances in the country and many reasons have forced them to be forced into the situation.The following are some of the major reasons as to why longdistance relationships in the country.


Many people are quiting their relationships to focus and concetrate on their careers.It is advisable by counsellors to go for occupations that make them find some time to have to spend with their partners.By finding time for your partner you make them feel hounoured and be cared for.It makes one feel appreciated and hence they make the relationship stable.


When a person decides to go for higher studies they  often feel the need to go and stdy first and later come to continue with their relationships in life.It is advisable for people to chose subjets that wiill also allow them to be close to their partners and build more love by spending quality time together.


People will ofetn have distant relationships when they are in conflict with their partners and they are trying to get a way of mending their relationship back to its normal days.One should avoid conflicting their partners to help them reeduce conflits that can be a determinat factor in bringing up the longdisatnce affair.

Social media

The continous rise of various socialmedia websites such as face book is making people to interact and find love via the website hence they relate with another by having longdistance relationship.






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