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Causes Of Irresponsible Sexual Behaviour In Kenya

causes of irresponsible sexual behaviour in kenya


The society In kenya is largely changing and the level of insecurity in the country about the young generation is low. Many youths are now abusing the right intentions meant for sex making it hard for them to cope up with life. Sexual immorality is spreading at greater levels in the country and efforts need to be done to reduce its further spread to innocent parties. The following are some of the reasons that contribute to sexual immorality in the country.

Mass and Social Media

Some television programmes aired and shown are not good for the many number of children found in the country. It has come to the attention of many people that a good number of the youth are watching violent and obscene materials from the internet hence they are tempted to apply what they see into reality. The practice is growing at a very fast level making it necessary to have ways of ensuring the habit is greatly reduced in a number of youths.

Drug Abuse

Majority of the Kenyan youths will often practice sex after abusing some drugs that are not allowed by law. The continuous growth of drug abuse among the youth is making it hard for youths to practice self control in matters relating to sex hence they go ahead to indulge in the very unhealthy practices. Parents should advice their children on the dangers that come with abusing drugs for the sake of ensuring children grow up morally upright.


Many young people will want to experiment and find out what it means to have sex. Due to the above condition, they will go ahead to get ways of trying it out to satisfy their high curiosity levels. It is therefore important that sex education be instilled in the lives of children to help them be equipped with sexual knowledge.

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