best hotels in kisumu

Best Hotels in Kisumu

Jumia Hotel

Jumia hotel is located close to Kisumu Airport; the Hotel has 66 rooms, a restaurant, conference rooms, customer care desk which is ready to serve 24 hours, a large swimming pool and Wi-Fi coverage. The rooms are spacious, simple and decorated; all the rooms have air conditioning equipments, treated mosquito nets, and comfortable sofa set. The restaurant serves a very delicious breakfast; packed lunch can be prepared upon customer request. The hotel has a shared lounge, tourist desk, a free parking and meeting rooms with relevant facilities. One can have a 4 minutes’ walk from Kisumu Bus station. The staff is extremely good, welcoming and always ready to serve.

Milimani Court

It is located in Kisumu town. It has a well furnished and modern kitchen which includes an oven, microwave and stovetop, refrigerator and all the required kitchenware. There is a parking for all the visitors which is free. The shower rooms are big with hot water. The hotel has a well stocked shop and a grocery, we give our customers freedom to choose and enjoy their time in the hotel. There is a tight security and constant supply of water and electricity

Imperial Hotel

The hotel is located on the Lake Victoria shores of Kisumu; Imperial Hotel has a ready customer care all the time, an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant. Free Wi-Fi coverage and a free parking to all the visitors. The rooms are elegant with windows which are double glazed, a 32 inch television, a ready telephone, a fridge, a deposit box for electronic safety, comfortable sofa set, the bathrooms are spacious fitted with toiletries and a blow-dryer. The staff is always happy; they welcome you with a cocktail and give you a memorable service.

Florence Restaurant

The Hotel is part of Imperial Hotel; it serves international and local cuisine. Cocktails and Snacks can be enjoyed at Shalimar Lounge and Bar, the hotel gives a wonderful view of Lake Victoria. There is a hotel, a coffee shop and a bar. Guests always work out in the fitness centre and arrange a massage. Imperial Hotel has a gift shop which sells souvenirs, different books and postcards. There is a lounge, luggage storage and meeting /conference facilities. Airport transfers are arranged upon customer request.

Kiboko Bay resort

The restaurant is located in Kisumu town, it a piece of paradise, the workers in the hotel are very friendly. The hotel has spacious rooms fitted with air conditioner, the bathrooms have hot water showers and they are big. The food served in the Kibokos restaurant is delicious it will leave you licking your fingers.

Hotel Marina

It is a budget hotel which is cheap and rooms are beautiful and spacious, the staff is welcoming and extremely good. The food served in the hotel is fantastic. There is also a bar in the hotel where you will get cocktails and other drinks. It will give you just what you want and give you unforgettable memories.

Sunset Hotel

It is a nice hotel located at the lake shores; it is reliable, good staff. The rooms are spacious with a television, air conditioners, hair dryer and toiletries. You can view the Lake through the window, watch the teaming of birds and hippos.

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the ngara civil servants housing scheme in nairobi city kenya

The Ngara Civil Servants Housing Scheme In Nairobi City, Kenya

The Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi city was one of the largest housing schemes in Kenya. Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi was officially opened by the then president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki in 2012. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya consists of at least 656 housing units, and it was recorded to have cost a little over 2 billion for construction.The Ngara housing project in Nairobi was a civil servants housing initiative in Kenya.

The Ngara housing estate in Nairobi is located along the Thika Super highway close to the Kenya Institute of Education head offices in Nairobi. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya mainly consists of two bed roomed and three bed roomed apartments that were selling for KSH 3. 2 million and 4. 2 million respectively. The Ngara housing scheme in Nairobi was a complete complex scheme that has a jogging track, a Ngara Housing Scheme shopping mall, a Ngara Housing Scheme nursery school as well as a large Ngara Housing Scheme parking lot that can accommodate over 1,000 cars in Nairobi.

The Civil Service Housing Fund in Kenya was established in 2004, 8 years before the materialization of its project. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya is said to have benefited over 3,000 civil servants nationwide. Some of the civil servants in Kenya bought the houses and moved in while others bought them and rented them out. A few of the civil servants in Nairobi bought them and sold them to other willing buyers of the houses in Ngara Housing scheme in Kenya. The civil servants in Kenya were given housing loans in Kenya at a loan rate of 5% interest. This was quite a generous offer given the high rates charged in the various banks for mortgage loans in Kenya. The civil servants in Kenya were expected to repay back the Ngara Housing Scheme loans in a maximum of 18 years or until they reached their 60 years retirement age in Kenya- whichever came first.

The civil servant retirees in Kenya who would not have managed to clear the Ngara Housing Scheme loan by retirement age in Kenya would then use their pension to offset the outstanding balances. The house rents at the Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi are as much as KSH 28,000 for the two bed roomed houses and KSH 35,000 for the three bed roomed apartments in Ngara scheme. The high rent rates in the Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi are as a result of the houses’ proximity to the Nairobi city centre as well as the high demand for the Ngara Housing Project apartments in Nairobi.

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how to get to runda estate from nairobi city centre

How To Get To Runda Estate From Nairobi City Centre

Runda Estate in Nairobi is bordered by Limuru road to the west and Kiambu road to the east. Runda Estate in Kenya has a characteristic mansion set up with some of the diplomatic and ambassadorial residences found here. Runda Estate is also home to most of the politicians, and top government officials in Kenya. The estate in Nairobi is characterized by palatial homes with well-manicured lawns. The footpaths in Runda Estate are all paved with tarmac or car brawl and you can often see Runda residents trotting their dogs down the paths for an evening walk.

Most of the residents in Runda Estate own the houses in which they live. However expatriates and diplomats living in the Runda area in Nairobi rent these houses by virtue of their close proximity to their places of work. Typically, rent for these palatial homes in Runda Estate in Nairobi ranges between KSH 200,000 and KSH 400,000 per month depending on size and location.

Runda Estate enjoys a cool and country side microclimate thanks to the proximity of Karura forest in Nairobi. This microclimate supports the large coffee plantations that neighbor Runda Estate to the north.

Residents of Runda Estate usually shop in the Village Market which is located along Limuru road in Nairobi. The Village Market in Kenya encompasses all kinds of shops from clothes shops to supermarkets and even banks. There are also a few minimarkets in the neighborhood for those random, fast and impromptu shopping sprees in Runda Estate in Nairobi.

Most people in Runda clearly own cars and as such they do not need to use public transportation. However, to get to Runda estate from Nairobi city center, you can get public service vehicles at the Khoja bus station in Nairobi town. Bus numbers 11B, 106 and 107 take you to towards Limuru Road while bus number 100 takes you through Kiambu Road. There are no specific public service vehicles in Nairobi that will drop you right in Runda estate. You will have to either ride on a motorcycle from both Limuru and Kiambu roads, or organize some private vehicle to pick you from the drop points.

Runda estate is served by the UNEP police post and the Gigiri Police station in Nairobi. The Aga Khan Hospital and the Gertrude’s Children Hospital in Muthaiga are the hospitals that serve the Runda estate residents.

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location of kibera slum in kenya the largest urban slum in africa and the world

Location Of Kibera Slum In Kenya- The Largest Urban Slum In Africa And The World

Kibera slum in Kenya is the biggest urban slum dwelling in Africa and one of the largest slums in the world. The Kibera slum dwelling in Kenya houses over 1 million Nairobi city residents who cannot afford decent dwellings in the Nairobi city. Kibera slum in Kenya is located in Langata area in Nairobi, approximately 5 kilometers from Nairobi City Centre in Kenya. The Kibera slum in Nairobi has been divided into other sections including Soweto section of Kibera slum in Kenya, Kisumu Ndogo section of Kibera slum in Kenya, Kianda section of Kibera slum in Kenya and Gatwekera section of Kibera slum in Kenya.

Most of the Nairobi city residents in Kibera slum in Kenya lack access to basic social amenities in Kenya such as electricity, waterand latrines. Land ownership in Kibera Slum in Kenya basically belongs to the government of Kenya.10 % of the people living in Kibera slum in Nairobi are shack owners while the rest are tenants who have sought accommodation on rental basis.The houses in Kibera slum in Langata are made of mud walls, screened with concrete and roofed with tin and iron for the lucky few. The rent in Kibera slum in Kenya for these shanties range between KSH 700 and KSH 1,000 per month.

The original settlers of Kibera slum in Kenya were Nubians of Sudan origin. The Sudanese in Kenya now occupy close to 15% of Kibera slum in Nairobi. Majority of the Kibera slum dwellers are of Kikuyu tribe in Kenya and Luo tribe in Kenya.Kibera slum in Kenya generally has no lighting. Only 20% of the Kibera slum has lighting provided by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. The UN-Habitat in Kenya is in a process of supplying more parts of the Kibera slum in Kenya with electricity at a cost of KSH 900 per shanty, which in most cases is rather unaffordable for most Kibera slum dwellers in Nairobi. Until recent times, there was absolutely no piped water supply in Kibera slums in Nairobi. Most slum dwellers in Kenya collected water from Nairobi dam in Kenya for usage. There are no latrines or sewerage facilities in Kibera slum in Kenya. One pit latrine in Kibera slum is shared by families living in up to 50 shanties.

Kibera slum in Nairobi is located near Langata estate in Kenya. To get to Kibera slum in Nairobi from the Nairobi city centre, you can access public service vehicles to Kibera slum at the railways bus station in Nairobi town. You can also pick vehicles to Kibera slum in Langata part of Nairobi.

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apartments in kenya


Do you want to achieve a complete makeover of your home in Kenya? Are you tired of having the same kind of furniture in every room of your house? Well, if that is the case, here is an opportunity for you to get unique and beautiful furniture for your house in Nairobi. If you want to buy unique furniture sets in Kenya today, there are many shops which you can turn to. Nairobi is home to some of the best furniture shops. At these furniture shops, you will find a wide range of furniture pieces which will definitely amaze you.

It does not matter whether you need furniture for your home, office, your hotel or for use at the outdoors events in Kenya; most of the Nairobi furniture stores will definitely offer you what you need. Let us now have a look at some of the best furniture shops in Nairobi today and their location in the city.

Jabali Furniture in Nairobi

Jabali furniture in Nairobi is located on the ground floor of Amee Arcade in Parklands Nairobi. Jabali furniture shop is with no doubt a favorite of many Nairobi residents when it comes to furniture stores here in Nairobi. Jabali experts specialize in offering Nairobi furniture customers home furniture, office furniture, and kids furniture.  It really does not matter whether you are in need of a bed, tables, dining tables, cupboards or furniture fitting help in Kenya; just be rest assured that the experts at Jabali furniture in Nairobi will definitely offer you what you need. The furniture shop in Parklands Nairobi stocks a variety of products so as to better meet the needs of their furniture customers in Nairobi. If you need to buy furniture from Jabali furniture shop in Nairobi, you can get through to them by calling the number 0713666120.

Furniture Palace in Nairobi

Dubbed as ‘your only furniture store’, just as the name suggests, Furniture Palace in Nairobi is truly the place where you can get all the furniture pieces which you require. Furniture Palace has offices in Nairobi, Eldoret and Mombasa in Kenya. Furniture Palace is definitely the place you should come to when you need unique furniture sets in Kenya. The headquarters of Furniture Palace in Kenya is along Mombasa Road opposite Parkside Towers in Nairobi. The Furniture Palace offices also doubles up as a furniture showroom in Nairobi. In this furniture shop in Nairobi is where you can come sample what furniture you want and you can contact the Nairobi furniture store on 073799900 in order to place your order today.

Antarc Kenya

If you are the kind of person in Kenya who values variety and quality, Antarc Kenya in Nairobi is the furniture store which you should go to. The Antarc Kenya furniture shop stocks a wide range of furniture sets intended for numerous uses both at the workplace and at home in Kenya.  If you need bedroom accessories, executive office furniture, sofas, dining tables or chairs, Antarc experts will always offer you the best. Antarc Kenya has furniture shows rooms in Nairobi in Mombasa Road on Kelico complex, 1st Floor  and another furniture showroom in Westlands No. 62 Muthithi Road. If you feel that Antarc furniture shop offers you exactly what you require, you can call them on 0722713900 to make an order or make an enquiry. You could also go to the Antarc Kenya website on

Odds & Ends furniture shop in Nairobi

This is Kenya’s home of exotic furniture pieces. Odds & Ends furniture shop in Nairobi has a unique and amazing range of quality furniture which will most definitely add style and grace to your kind of a home or office in Kenya. The furniture shop in Nairobi stocks both modern and mixed sets so as to make it easier for you to make informed choices.  If you need furniture sets which will make you better taste the changes in lifestyle today, you know exactly where you need to go to. Odds & Ends furniture shop in Nairobi has offices along Mombasa road here in Nairobi. Just in case you want to pay them a visit and sample what they have to offer, you can call them on 0737771717 today.

Kenyans now you know the furniture stores varieties in Nairobi to choose from. Get rid of the old furniture!

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richest estates in kenya


With the ever rising population in Nairobi City, proper housing is becoming more elusive by the day. More shanties and ramshackles are coming up in Nairobi and sprawling further over time. Kibera slum in Nairobi, the largest urban slum in Africa, houses over 170,000 people according to the 2009 Kenyan Population Census. However, the numbers go as high as 500,000 people depending on which Nairobi slums are included when defining Kibera slum in Kenya. All these Nairobi residents in Kibera slum are confined in a rather small area, and as such have little or no access to basic services such as water and electricity in Kenya.

The situation along Jogoo Road in Nairobi is a tad different from that in Kibera slum in Kenya. The Jogoo Road houses are more spaced and spacious. There are at least four estates in Nairobi found along Jogoo Road. The area around city stadium in Nairobi also has some housing facilities. The area around City Stadium along Jogoo Road in Nairobi is rather squeezed, and most of the houses are single rooms with communal toilets and bathrooms. The Nairobi housing is rather affordable and more so for those living on a very tight budget in this section of Nairobi. Having a rental house around City Stadium in Nairobi is also convenient for the casual labourers working in the Industrial Area of Nairobi.

Bahati estate and Shauri Moyo estate, slightly off Jogoo road in Nairobi also have housing units. The housing in Bahati and Shauri Moyo estates is slightly more costly than those in found around City Stadium in Nairobi though, you can find single rooms and bedsitters. Bed sitters in Kenya refer to a housing unit with one room, a toilet and bathroom and a small kitchen area. Bedsitters in Nairobi go for roughly KSH 5, 000 on the lower side. However, you can get single rooms in Nairobi for KSH 3,000 or thereabout.

Kimathi Estate in Nairobi also has some middle class residential units along Jogoo Road. The houses in Kimathi Estate go for KSH 20,000 roughly for a three bedroomed house with its own compound. The Nairobi residents here have access to facilities such as running water, electricity and also street lighting. Kimathi Estate is off Jogoo Road in Nairobi and neighbours Bahati Estate.

There some city council houses in Nairobi also located along Jogoo Road. City council houses in Kenya are usually very affordable, but they have high demands as everyone in Nairobi is looking for affordable housing. Single bedroomed City Council houses in Nairobi go for as little as KSH 3,000 as compared to the normal charge of KSH 8,000 for single bedrooms elsewhere in Nairobi.

Easton apartments neighbouring the Makadara train station in Nairobi are a block of housing units. You are guaranteed to get single bedrooms and also two bedroomed houses in Easton Apartments in Nairobi. The rent in Easton Apartments ranges between KSH 8,000 and KSH 17,000 depending on whether you settle for a single or a double bedroomed house.

Maringo estate in Nairobi along Jogoo road too also offers housing facilities. Maringo Estate, which is located along and slightly off Jogoo road, has a characteristic building design. There are a few flats coming up in the area in Maringo Estate. Maringo estate in Nairobi goes on to join with Hanza estate in the bigger Makadara area of Nairobi. For the middle class residents in Nairobi estates like Buruburu Estate and Dohnholm Estate along Jogoo Road are there for you.

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33 peculiar matatu behaviour only in kenya

Peculiar Matatu Behaviour: Only in Kenya

​Matatus are the most common means of public transport in Kenya. It is such a unique culture you only have to be Kenyan to tolerate some of the things that happen inside on a day to day basis. There are the peculiar touts and drivers’ behaviour and the peculiar passengers’ behaviour. Each day you meet up with the tout who conveniently forgets that he had your change and when you ask for it he hands it over grudgingly. Then there are the touts who change the fare as soon as passengers are seated? As you enter the fare is less but as you pay he has conveniently hiked the fare. Then there is the driver who is so impatient he is willing to risk passengers life by squeezing through sidewalks and lanes and if one of you dare raises their voice, they say the car is too strong it cant capsize.

Am sure we have also met the drivers who pledge to reach your destination only to ask you to alight midway because the return route has many passengers waiting at the bus stop. But I don’t blame them. Kenyans have become so passive even when their rights are being trampled on it only seems that you who demand your rights is crazy. There are fellow passengers who don’t mind squeezing others instead of refusing to board the vehicle in totality. As you complain they insist that you are not being considerate. How can you be considerate when it is a three seat but someone wants to put four healthy adults squeezed together?

Then there are those passengers who knock your head to ask for fare when you are seated next to the driver. You find a lady with full, healthy nails tapping a bald head asking for fare. Is that normal? Then there are other passengers who are late to their destinations and ask the driver to over speed to at least reach on time. If you are late why risk the lives of other passengers? Then there are others who demand to alight anywhere on the way even on a busy highway. Why not wait for the stop and walk back to where you wanted to reach.  When an accident happens we are the first to blame the driver, blame the police for being corrupt and taking bribes and not ourselves who willingly boarded an already loaded vehicle. This year many accidents have happened but there is still time to save a few. Let us speak out to stop the road carnages that kill even young school students. Let us break the silence to save lives on the roads.

Do have a safe week dear Kenyans.

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the best preferred estates in nakuru kenya

The Best Preferred Estates In Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru is a town in Kenya located three hours west of Nairobi. The rapid growth of Nakuru has resulted in high numbers of people from all over Kenya trickling in to settle in the town. Investors in Kenya as well are opting to put in their resources in Nakuru in the anticipation that Nakuru will become significantly valuable in the next five years. There is evidence of most Kenyans preferring to buy land in Nakuru estates at a cheaper rate than in the expensive outskirts of Nairobi. Estates in Nakuru have plots and rental apartments at affordable prices and are accessible to town.

Nakuru is advantageously characterized tranquil environment as compared to the hustle and bustles of Nairobi which comes with a load of noise and pollution. A lot of Kenyans nowadays prefer to settle in Nakuru with their families. But which are the most preferred estates in Nakuru?

There are various estates in Nakuru where a large number of Kenyans prefer to reside which include; Section 58, Kiti, Langalanga, Pangani, Shabab, Bangladesh, Milimani, Lanet, Freehold, Free Area, Ngata, Bahati, London, Afraha and many others. These particular residential areas in Nakuru are characterized with security, relatively affordable rental apartments, adequate water supply and accessibility to Nakuru town. If you have just been posted to work in Nakuru and you wondering where to start the search for a place to stay, these are the best options you have. Nakuru also has the advantage of having no traffic at all in most times. Roads in Nakuru part of Kenya are also very smooth and well maintained making life in Nakuru very comfortable. Nakuru has one main stage where residents of different estates in Nakuru line up to board respective matatus to their areas. The stage is near the Business Centre in Nakuru, which occupies the area from Total petrol station to all the way down at the Shell petrol station.

There are estates however that are characterized with low income earners and students which include; part of Shabab, Kaptembwo, Pondamali, Bondeni, Kenlands, parts of Bangladesh and London among many other estates. Students in Nakuru seem to occupy these areas due to their proximity to the universities and colleges. These estates in Nakuru are also associated with cheap rental houses and affordable hostels for the students. The institutions in town where most students commute to include; Egerton University Town Campus, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, MKU, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, and many other colleges in Nakuru town. Nakuru has cheap household products and food stuffs especially when bought from the vendors in the estates.

Now you have a preview of Nakuru life.

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31 designer perfumes how to get it right

Designer Perfumes: How to get it Right

Designer Perfumes: How to get it Right

by Juanita Igandu

561443ea0c​There is a new trend in town and that is the one to do with youthful adults where image is everything. From the clothes to their cars to the schools their children go to they have put a lot of emphasis on image. The thing I however notice is that in their effort to upgrade their image, they go a bit too far and that is especially true for perfumes more so designer perfumes.

There are so many brands of designer perfumes in the Market; DKNY, Channel, D&G, Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, Naomi Cambell, Christian Dior among many others. After having sold designer perfumes for a while I have come across all kinds of clients asking for scents but not knowing what to choose. They end up picking a brand that is so strong yet it is for an office set up that is not too large and they end up suffocating their colleagues in tons of Eau De Perfume. As a general rule one is to choose light scents in hot weather because as one sweats out the chemicals in the perfumes mask the sweat and release sweet scents of the brand. In this regard, Paco Rabanne, Kenzo, Lacoste can be chosen. In cold weather one is to wear heavier scents since one is not sweating. As a user pick out Channel, Hugo Boss, Versace among others.

If your job doesn’t involve a lot of outdoor movement go easy on the application. If however you are in sales, pick out a nice strong scent. Secondly brands come out labelled as fruity, floral, oriental, woody, citrus and cyprinid. If you are not the kind to want to smell like a fruit then don’t go for Crazy Black Berries just because you have heard its name. If you prefer a woody scent then go for Christian Dior and not Giorgio Armani. If at all you are allergic to certain ingredients mention it to the seller, most know their products so well and their ingredients they would assist you to pick a great scent. This will ensure that you do not have several bottles of un used scents because the scent becomes un bearable after several applications.

Lastly a good scent consists of one applying it in the right places. Apply some on your wrists, behind your ears, slightly below the armpits and not directly on the armpits and behind the knees. One should not apply on ones clothes because many fabrics absorb the scent and by afternoon the scent is gone and also because many scents are strong and may not be too friendly on the dyes of the fabric.

If you follow these rules not only would the scent be tantalizing, but your neighbour (whether in the office or sitting next to you in a public vehicle) would actually silently appreciate your efforts in minding their noses.

Need a Great Scent, Get in touch with me.

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makiga engineering services limited in nairobi providing interlocking soil block press machines in kenya

Makiga Engineering Services Limited In Nairobi: Providing Interlocking Soil Block Press Machines In Kenya

If you desire to own a home in Kenya, no doubt you have heard of the exuberant going prices often advertised in the media in Kenya. The materials used for construction of a house in Kenya build up to the high costs in owning a home. However, there is an environmentally friendly way that Kenyans can employ that will ensure they construct their own houses without having to suffer high costs. Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya has been at the forefront of providing the means to achieve affordable housing in Kenya and create jobs for Kenyans by the use of interlocking soil block machines.

Interlocking soil block machines in Kenya

Makiga Engineering Limited in Kenya provides interlocking soil block press machines to Kenyans that significantly reduce the cost of building in Kenya. Interlocking soil block press machines in Kenya ensure that bricks are made and work on most soil types in Kenya except black cotton soil. This means that the possibilities of building in any soil type in Kenya are endless when you acquire one of the interlocking soil block press machines in Kenya. The interlocking soil block press machines can be used to create over 500 soil cement blocks in Kenya each day.

Types of interlocking soil block press machines available in Kenya

Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya provides manual block press machines in Kenya, and as the name suggests, these machines are operated manually. There are also hydraulic block press machines in Kenya that rely on the use of hydraulics to accomplish tasks which are made by Makiga Engineering Services Company Limited in Kenya. Manual block press machines in Kenya are suitable for those who do not have a pressing issue to provide building blocks in Kenya. It is therefore paramount that builders in Kenya to keep in mind the time needed to construct the blocks for building in Kenya and the time that the construction is to be done. It is wise to ensure that building blocks are readily available when building starts by using services availed by Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya.

A major advantage of the interlocking block machine in Kenya is that, it offers Kenyans of different economic statuses a chance to own affordable housing in any part of Kenya. The machines provided by Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya ensure that the cost of materials for building in Kenya is greatly reduced, which makes building a house cheaper. Another advantage of the interlocking soil block machines made by Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya is that the machines can be used right at the building site in any part of Kenya. This means that the building blocks will be near the building site in Kenya when needed. This also means that the cost of transportation of building materials in Kenya is also reduced as the materials can be found at the site.

How Kenyans can Venture into the construction business in Kenya

Every Kenyan needs housing and the solution provided by Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya can assist most Kenyans to build cheaper homes. Providing affordable housing to Kenyans is a business that is sure to do well. The interlocking soil block machine in Kenya can be used to construct blocks for sale to Kenyans. The returns on the machines far outweigh the cost of the interlocking soil block machine provided by Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Kenya.

Location of Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Nairobi

You can learn more about the interlocking soil block machine via the Makiga Engineering Services Limited company website in Kenya on or enquiring via Makiga Engineering Services Limited email at [email protected]. Kenyans can also locate Makiga Engineering Services Limited in Nairobi Industrial Area on Lokitaung Road Off Likoni Road in Kenya Industrial Estates on Godown Number 27 in Kenya. Construction in Kenya needs not be expensive. Let interlocking soil block machines enable you to cut down on your building a house costs in Kenya.

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