The Ngara Civil Servants Housing Scheme In Nairobi City, Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 11, 2023

The Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi city was one of the largest housing schemes in Kenya. Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi was officially opened by the then president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki in 2012. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya consists of at least 656 housing units, and it was recorded to have cost a little over 2 billion for construction.The Ngara housing project in Nairobi was a civil servants housing initiative in Kenya.

The Ngara housing estate in Nairobi is located along the Thika Super highway close to the Kenya Institute of Education head offices in Nairobi. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya mainly consists of two bed roomed and three bed roomed apartments that were selling for KSH 3. 2 million and 4. 2 million respectively. The Ngara housing scheme in Nairobi was a complete complex scheme that has a jogging track, a Ngara Housing Scheme shopping mall, a Ngara Housing Scheme nursery school as well as a large Ngara Housing Scheme parking lot that can accommodate over 1,000 cars in Nairobi.

The Civil Service Housing Fund in Kenya was established in 2004, 8 years before the materialization of its project. The Ngara housing scheme in Kenya is said to have benefited over 3,000 civil servants nationwide. Some of the civil servants in Kenya bought the houses and moved in while others bought them and rented them out. A few of the civil servants in Nairobi bought them and sold them to other willing buyers of the houses in Ngara Housing scheme in Kenya. The civil servants in Kenya were given housing loans in Kenya at a loan rate of 5% interest. This was quite a generous offer given the high rates charged in the various banks for mortgage loans in Kenya. The civil servants in Kenya were expected to repay back the Ngara Housing Scheme loans in a maximum of 18 years or until they reached their 60 years retirement age in Kenya- whichever came first.

The civil servant retirees in Kenya who would not have managed to clear the Ngara Housing Scheme loan by retirement age in Kenya would then use their pension to offset the outstanding balances. The house rents at the Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi are as much as KSH 28,000 for the two bed roomed houses and KSH 35,000 for the three bed roomed apartments in Ngara scheme. The high rent rates in the Ngara Housing Project in Nairobi are as a result of the houses’ proximity to the Nairobi city centre as well as the high demand for the Ngara Housing Project apartments in Nairobi.

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