Best Hotels in Kisumu

best hotels in kisumu


Jumia Hotel

Jumia hotel is located close to Kisumu Airport; the Hotel has 66 rooms, a restaurant, conference rooms, customer care desk which is ready to serve 24 hours, a large swimming pool and Wi-Fi coverage. The rooms are spacious, simple and decorated; all the rooms have air conditioning equipments, treated mosquito nets, and comfortable sofa set. The restaurant serves a very delicious breakfast; packed lunch can be prepared upon customer request. The hotel has a shared lounge, tourist desk, a free parking and meeting rooms with relevant facilities. One can have a 4 minutes’ walk from Kisumu Bus station. The staff is extremely good, welcoming and always ready to serve.

Milimani Court

It is located in Kisumu town. It has a well furnished and modern kitchen which includes an oven, microwave and stovetop, refrigerator and all the required kitchenware. There is a parking for all the visitors which is free. The shower rooms are big with hot water. The hotel has a well stocked shop and a grocery, we give our customers freedom to choose and enjoy their time in the hotel. There is a tight security and constant supply of water and electricity

Imperial Hotel

The hotel is located on the Lake Victoria shores of Kisumu; Imperial Hotel has a ready customer care all the time, an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant. Free Wi-Fi coverage and a free parking to all the visitors. The rooms are elegant with windows which are double glazed, a 32 inch television, a ready telephone, a fridge, a deposit box for electronic safety, comfortable sofa set, the bathrooms are spacious fitted with toiletries and a blow-dryer. The staff is always happy; they welcome you with a cocktail and give you a memorable service.

Florence Restaurant

The Hotel is part of Imperial Hotel; it serves international and local cuisine. Cocktails and Snacks can be enjoyed at Shalimar Lounge and Bar, the hotel gives a wonderful view of Lake Victoria. There is a hotel, a coffee shop and a bar. Guests always work out in the fitness centre and arrange a massage. Imperial Hotel has a gift shop which sells souvenirs, different books and postcards. There is a lounge, luggage storage and meeting /conference facilities. Airport transfers are arranged upon customer request.

Kiboko Bay resort

The restaurant is located in Kisumu town, it a piece of paradise, the workers in the hotel are very friendly. The hotel has spacious rooms fitted with air conditioner, the bathrooms have hot water showers and they are big. The food served in the Kibokos restaurant is delicious it will leave you licking your fingers.

Hotel Marina

It is a budget hotel which is cheap and rooms are beautiful and spacious, the staff is welcoming and extremely good. The food served in the hotel is fantastic. There is also a bar in the hotel where you will get cocktails and other drinks. It will give you just what you want and give you unforgettable memories.

Sunset Hotel

It is a nice hotel located at the lake shores; it is reliable, good staff. The rooms are spacious with a television, air conditioners, hair dryer and toiletries. You can view the Lake through the window, watch the teaming of birds and hippos.

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