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Peculiar Matatu Behaviour: Only in Kenya

33 peculiar matatu behaviour only in kenya


​Matatus are the most common means of public transport in Kenya. It is such a unique culture you only have to be Kenyan to tolerate some of the things that happen inside on a day to day basis. There are the peculiar touts and drivers’ behaviour and the peculiar passengers’ behaviour. Each day you meet up with the tout who conveniently forgets that he had your change and when you ask for it he hands it over grudgingly. Then there are the touts who change the fare as soon as passengers are seated? As you enter the fare is less but as you pay he has conveniently hiked the fare. Then there is the driver who is so impatient he is willing to risk passengers life by squeezing through sidewalks and lanes and if one of you dare raises their voice, they say the car is too strong it cant capsize.

Am sure we have also met the drivers who pledge to reach your destination only to ask you to alight midway because the return route has many passengers waiting at the bus stop. But I don’t blame them. Kenyans have become so passive even when their rights are being trampled on it only seems that you who demand your rights is crazy. There are fellow passengers who don’t mind squeezing others instead of refusing to board the vehicle in totality. As you complain they insist that you are not being considerate. How can you be considerate when it is a three seat but someone wants to put four healthy adults squeezed together?

Then there are those passengers who knock your head to ask for fare when you are seated next to the driver. You find a lady with full, healthy nails tapping a bald head asking for fare. Is that normal? Then there are other passengers who are late to their destinations and ask the driver to over speed to at least reach on time. If you are late why risk the lives of other passengers? Then there are others who demand to alight anywhere on the way even on a busy highway. Why not wait for the stop and walk back to where you wanted to reach.  When an accident happens we are the first to blame the driver, blame the police for being corrupt and taking bribes and not ourselves who willingly boarded an already loaded vehicle. This year many accidents have happened but there is still time to save a few. Let us speak out to stop the road carnages that kill even young school students. Let us break the silence to save lives on the roads.

Do have a safe week dear Kenyans.

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Emerging from the athletic heartland of Rift Valley, Eka Kaoo was destined to have a relationship with sports. However, instead of lacing up running shoes, Eka picked up a pen, weaving narratives around the athletes who brought pride to Kenya.

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Eka pursued his passion academically at a renowned university in Kenya, specializing in Sports Journalism. This formal education, combined with his intrinsic understanding of the Kenyan sporting ethos, allowed him to produce articles that resonated deeply with readers. His pieces, rich with local anecdotes and broad insights, began to get attention both within the university and in the national press.

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