How To Get To Runda Estate From Nairobi City Centre

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 7, 2023

Runda Estate in Nairobi is bordered by Limuru road to the west and Kiambu road to the east. Runda Estate in Kenya has a characteristic mansion set up with some of the diplomatic and ambassadorial residences found here. Runda Estate is also home to most of the politicians, and top government officials in Kenya. The estate in Nairobi is characterized by palatial homes with well-manicured lawns. The footpaths in Runda Estate are all paved with tarmac or car brawl and you can often see Runda residents trotting their dogs down the paths for an evening walk.

Most of the residents in Runda Estate own the houses in which they live. However expatriates and diplomats living in the Runda area in Nairobi rent these houses by virtue of their close proximity to their places of work. Typically, rent for these palatial homes in Runda Estate in Nairobi ranges between KSH 200,000 and KSH 400,000 per month depending on size and location.

Runda Estate enjoys a cool and country side microclimate thanks to the proximity of Karura forest in Nairobi. This microclimate supports the large coffee plantations that neighbor Runda Estate to the north.

Residents of Runda Estate usually shop in the Village Market which is located along Limuru road in Nairobi. The Village Market in Kenya encompasses all kinds of shops from clothes shops to supermarkets and even banks. There are also a few minimarkets in the neighborhood for those random, fast and impromptu shopping sprees in Runda Estate in Nairobi.

Most people in Runda clearly own cars and as such they do not need to use public transportation. However, to get to Runda estate from Nairobi city center, you can get public service vehicles at the Khoja bus station in Nairobi town. Bus numbers 11B, 106 and 107 take you to towards Limuru Road while bus number 100 takes you through Kiambu Road. There are no specific public service vehicles in Nairobi that will drop you right in Runda estate. You will have to either ride on a motorcycle from both Limuru and Kiambu roads, or organize some private vehicle to pick you from the drop points.

Runda estate is served by the UNEP police post and the Gigiri Police station in Nairobi. The Aga Khan Hospital and the Gertrude’s Children Hospital in Muthaiga are the hospitals that serve the Runda estate residents.

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