Designer Perfumes: How to get it Right

by Ekai Kaoo  - December 16, 2022

Designer Perfumes: How to get it Right

by Juanita Igandu

561443ea0c​There is a new trend in town and that is the one to do with youthful adults where image is everything. From the clothes to their cars to the schools their children go to they have put a lot of emphasis on image. The thing I however notice is that in their effort to upgrade their image, they go a bit too far and that is especially true for perfumes more so designer perfumes.

There are so many brands of designer perfumes in the Market; DKNY, Channel, D&G, Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, Naomi Cambell, Christian Dior among many others. After having sold designer perfumes for a while I have come across all kinds of clients asking for scents but not knowing what to choose. They end up picking a brand that is so strong yet it is for an office set up that is not too large and they end up suffocating their colleagues in tons of Eau De Perfume. As a general rule one is to choose light scents in hot weather because as one sweats out the chemicals in the perfumes mask the sweat and release sweet scents of the brand. In this regard, Paco Rabanne, Kenzo, Lacoste can be chosen. In cold weather one is to wear heavier scents since one is not sweating. As a user pick out Channel, Hugo Boss, Versace among others.

If your job doesn’t involve a lot of outdoor movement go easy on the application. If however you are in sales, pick out a nice strong scent. Secondly brands come out labelled as fruity, floral, oriental, woody, citrus and cyprinid. If you are not the kind to want to smell like a fruit then don’t go for Crazy Black Berries just because you have heard its name. If you prefer a woody scent then go for Christian Dior and not Giorgio Armani. If at all you are allergic to certain ingredients mention it to the seller, most know their products so well and their ingredients they would assist you to pick a great scent. This will ensure that you do not have several bottles of un used scents because the scent becomes un bearable after several applications.

Lastly a good scent consists of one applying it in the right places. Apply some on your wrists, behind your ears, slightly below the armpits and not directly on the armpits and behind the knees. One should not apply on ones clothes because many fabrics absorb the scent and by afternoon the scent is gone and also because many scents are strong and may not be too friendly on the dyes of the fabric.

If you follow these rules not only would the scent be tantalizing, but your neighbour (whether in the office or sitting next to you in a public vehicle) would actually silently appreciate your efforts in minding their noses.

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