location of zion mall and the services available in zion mall found in eldoret town kenya

Location Of Zion Mall And The Services Available In Zion Mall Found In Eldoret Town, Kenya

Zion Mall in Kenya is one of the few malls found in Eldoret town. Zion Mall in Eldoret is located at the heart of the town along the famous Uganda Road. Zion mall in Eldoret was recently put up in 2011 and serves as a busy complex frequented by the residents of Eldoret town.

Zion Mall in Kenya was built to reclaim part of a marsh and bog area opposite Barngetuny Plaza in Eldoret town. Some of the services that can be accessed in Zion Mall in Rift Valley are:

Tuskys Supermarket in Zion Mall

Turskys Supermarket is one of the popular supermarkets in Kenya. Tuskys Supermarket in Eldoret stocks a wide range of household appliances ranging from electrical equipment such as cookers to clothes and foodstuff. The Turskys chain of supermarkets in Kenya has recently introduced a fresh food area where you can buy freshly made food such as beef stew, chicken, rice and French fries. Tuskys supermarket in Eldoret is located to your left, right at the entrance of Zion Mall.

Moi University Bookshop in Eldoret

There is a Moi University Bookshop in the ground floor of the Zion Mall in Eldoret town in Kenya. The Moi University bookshop in Eldoret mainly sells textbooks used in various studies in both graduate and undergraduate studies in Kenya. The Moi University Bookshop in Eldoret also sells exercise books, flip charts and various kinds of other stationery.

Aga Khan University Hospital clinic in Eldoret

The Aga Khan University Hospital which is a renowned hospital in Kenya with its headquarters in Nairobi, has a satellite clinic in Eldoret town. The Aga Khan University outreach medical centre in Eldoret is located in the ground floor of Zion Mall. The hospital clinic in Eldoret offers outpatient services as well as laboratory services to residents of Eldoret.

Nova Hotel in Eldoret

The Nova Hotel in Eldoret is located at the ground floor of Zion Mall. The Nova Hotel in Kenya offers deep coffee tastes such as expresso, mocha and lattes. Nova hotel in Eldoret also engages in snack sales as well as western cuisines in Kenya.

Banking services in Zion Mall

There are at least 3 ATM lobbies within Zion Mall in Eldoret town. The N.I.C bank in Kenya also has a branch on Zion Mall first level. There are other small bank outlets such as the Diamond Trust Bank located on the ground level of Zion Mall in Eldoret.

Boutiques and clothes shops in Zion Mall

The entire basement floor of Zion Mall in Eldoret is lined with clothes and jewelry shops. You can get all sorts of men, women and clothing wear in Zion Mall in Eldoret. There is also a floral shop in Zion Mall that deals with wedding accessories in Kenya as well as wedding gowns.

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services available at night in nairobi city kenya

Services Available At Night In Nairobi City, Kenya

There are many people in Kenya who are nocturnal per se and as such they are always looking for places to spend their night life. Most of the towns in Kenya are quiet, sluggish dispirited and apathetic at night. People in Kenya who enjoy night life would most certainly have no fun in such towns. Moreover, moving around in such towns in Kenya is exposing oneself to many security risks. One of the cities in Kenya full of vim and vigour even at night is Nairobi city.

Nairobi city has over time turned into the typical 24 hour economy. Nairobi city is the most vivacious city in Kenya. You would be surprised at the night life in Nairobi city, the popular night clubs being the most tangible culprits. The clubs in Nairobi and its estates always offer their services all night. To name a few; Bettys Club and I club, both along Kimathi Street in Nairobi, Samba club, Rumours club, Liddos Club and AppleBees Club. Nairobi is one of the financially prominent cities in Africa and this prominence has been largely brought about by its lively nature.

There are Nairobi hawkers selling their wares along the streets of Nairobi in the wee hours of the nights. These Nairobi vendors will find them all over and more so around the Kencom area in the city centre. Probably, they eye the inebriated persons leaving the Nairobi night clubs, mostly for other night clubs located in different parts of the city. Shoes are laid out on the streets in all shapes, sizes and designs waiting for potential buyers to spot them and buy them.

Coffee vendors in Nairobi walking with their urns can also be spotted in Nairobi city at night. The coffee vending business in Kenya is very lucrative as the hawkers displaying their wares need to keep themselves warm. Policemen in Nairobi city also do their night patrols in the night. They help in law enforcement in Kenya and ensure that the city is in order. These nightly patrols have helped to reduce the crime rates in Nairobi at night. The lighting also makes the city look as bright as day.

Most Nairobi routes have matatus operating even in the wee hours of the night. It is interesting to note how fast the matatus fill up even at night in Nairobi.  People are always getting in, some who got from work late, and others who travelled late and of course the drunken Nairobi revelers.

Some Nairobi hotels are also open for 24 hours a day. Most of these Hotels in Nairobi are strategically placed near the Nairobi night clubs to attract the drunken revelers who need a bite or in need of accommodation. Most of the hotels are usually fast food joints in Nairobi such as Nevada Chips and Fish and Chicken House in Nairobi city centre. Some of the hotels which offer accommodation to night clubbing people in Nairobi include Ambasadeur Hotel in city centre. There are also supermarkets in Nairobi such as Nakumatt Moi Avenue where people who need some nightly shopping can get the solace.

Finally, there are many hotels in Nairobi that offer lodging and accommodation services for those in Nairobi who are probably too tired to get home. Even for the travellers in Kenya who need to catch a few winks before going on with their journey, can always find a place to lay their head in Nairobi city. Such hotels in Nairobi include Nairobi Serena Hotel near Uhuru Park and next to Central Park, Hilton Hotel in City Centre, Fairview Hotel, The Pacific Hotel on Tom Mboya Street, Karibu hotel in Central Business District(CBD), Kenya Comfort Inn Hotel on Muindi Mbingu and Monrovia Street Junction, opposite Jeevanjee Gardens among many other hotels in Nairobi city centre. Nairobi has quite many services being offered at night than anyone thought.

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how to pay helb loan



Using the M-PESA (safaricom)money transfer:

On the M-PESA menu:

  • select pay bill option

  • enter HELB business number e.g200800

  • enter your national ID number as your account number

  • enter amount you want to pay

  • enter your secret PIN number

  • confirm transaction and send

  • wait for SMS confirmation


Ensure that you include your national ID number as your account reference number:

on the ATM menu:

  • insert ATM card

  • key in your secret PIN number

  • Go to’ pay bills’

  • select ‘HELB’

  • Enter national ID number when prompted enter amount

  • you will get a slip indicating the ID and amount entered.


on theATM menu:

  • insert ATM card in the card slot

  • remove ATM card from the slot

  • select language

  • key in your secret PIN number

  • select ”pay bill” button to proceed to the next screen

  • key in the code shown for HELB option as 5006

  • key in your HELB account number as your national ID number and confirm

  • key in your mobile no.(this will allow HELB to contact you if required)

  • key in the product you wish to pay for(undergraduate or postgraduate)

  • Enter the amount you wish to pay for your loan

  • the ATM will give you a receipt acknowledging payment for your HELB loan once the transsction is successfully completed.

NB:please allow up to three days for the update to be affected on your loan account

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where to pay for water services within nairobi city in kenya

Where To Pay For Water Services Within Nairobi City In Kenya

A while back, the Water and Sewerage department of the Nairobi City Council in Kenya had been charged with the responsibility of providing the residents of the Nairobi city with water. However, with the enactment of the Water Act of 2002 in Kenya, the Nairobi Water Company came into being.

The Water Act in Kenya created new institutions to manage the water resources all over Kenya. The Nairobi water company in Kenya has been licensed by the Athi Water Service Board to provide water and sewerage services in Kenya to the residents of Nairobi and its environs. The Nairobi Water company engages purely in providing water and sewerage companies to the residents of Nairobi.The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya is an auxiliary of the Nairobi City Council. However, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya has operational autonomy which means that it operates freely without interference from the City Council.

A 50 % of the residents of Nairobi city have access to piped water. This means that the Sewerage Company in Kenya serves approximately 2 million residents of Nairobi. Of the existing customers of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya, only 40% receive water on a 24 hour basis. Nairobi Water Company bills its customers on a monthly basis in Nairobi. The water bills are then sent to the relevant customers via the post office mail boxes provided during the creation of meter box accounts in Kenya. It is also possible to check your water bills at the relevant Nairobi Water Company offices located within Nairobi.  It has also been made possible for people to check their account balances as well as meter readings via SMS in Kenya by Nairobi Water Company. Sending a message with your water bill account number or meter number in Nairobi to 20557, you will get a reply with your account balances.

You can pay your water bills in Nairobi at the following outlets:

Comcraft House in Nairobi

There is a Nairobi Water Company office on Comcraft House along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi. Sadly, this is the only Nairobi Water Company office where you can pay your bills within the city centre of Nairobi.

Kampala Road in Nairobi

You can also pay your water bills in Nairobi in Industrial Area along Kampala road. Nairobi Water Company has an office in Industrial Area in Nairobi.

Pangani Nairobi Water Company Office in Nairobi

The Nairobi Water Company Pangani office is found along the Thika Superhighway in the Pangani area of Nairobi.

Paying water bills online in Nairobi

Luckily, with the digital revolution in Kenya, you can also pay your water bills online. Nairobi Water Company website www.nairobiwater.co.ke. The pay bill online option on Nairobi water company in Kenya is on the website http://nwater.jambopay.co.ke/

Paying water bills through Mpesa in Kenya

You can also pay water bills to Nairobi Water Company via MPESA on Pay Bill No. 530100   [Enter Acc. starting with NWC eg. NWC123456] or  MPESA Pay Bill No. 444400.

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how to get to garden city and the location of garden city project along thika road in nairobi kenya

How To Get To Garden City And The Location Of Garden City Project Along Thika Road In Nairobi, Kenya

A private equity firm called Actis announced its project called the Garden city in Nairobi city. Garden City project in Nairobi is a 12.4 billion project that is along the Thika super highway in Kenya. The 32acre housing development in Kenya that goes by the name Garden City will consist of a Garden City mall in Kenya that is 50,000 metres squared. Garden City Project in Kenya will also have modern commercial offices, 500 homes and a Garden City park in Nairobi. This Garden City park will be 4acres and it will house an outdoor Garden City arena in Kenya for holding shows and events. The Garden City in Nairobi city will also have the finest game store in Africa. The construction of this Garden City project in Kenya commenced in early November and is set to be complete in May 2014. This Garden City project in Kenya will serve the needs of Kenyans home owners, shoppers and business owners. Actis company is Sub Saharan experienced developer. Actis company in Africa has a great reputation and has built multi billion dollar properties in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Actis development company also built the Nakumatt Junction Mall in Nairobi found along Ngong Road in Kenya. The construction of Garden City project is spearheaded by Knight Frank company in Kenya and Nairobi Based Mentor management.

Nakumatt supermarket in Kenya will also open a branch in Garden City along Thika Road in Nairobi. Nakumatt Supermarket is one of the largest chains of supermarkets that we have in Kenya and opening a branch in Garden City in Nairobi will help to boost its revenues. Knight Frank is working with both local and international businesses to fill the remaining space in the Garden City project. This Garden City facility in Nairobi will include the best practices in construction that have ever been seen. Other firms that have eyed the investments are Pepsi Company in Kenya and Uchumi supermarket in Kenya. Several projects like Tatu city in Nairobi, Thika Greens in Nairobi and Migaa in Nairobi have been underway due to the Thika Superhighway being constructed in Kenya. Garden City in Nairobi will also house a South African Fashion group Foschini.

One can get to Garden City in Nairobi using different matatus that use Thika Road in Nairobi. You can take the Githurai 45matatus in Nairobi and alight before All Sops stage in Nairobi to get to Garden City project. The Githurai matatus in Nairobi are in Ronald Ngala Street. You can also get the Githurai matatu stage opposite Imenti House in Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. There are other Githurai Matatus on Tom Mboya Street in World Business Centre in Nairobi. The Garden City project has not been completed as of now. The construction companies in Kenya are in the middle stages of completing the Nairobi Garden City project. Different projects have come up along Thika Road after the construction of the Thika Super Highway by the Kenyan and Chinese government. Examples of such projects that cropped up due to the construction of Thika Super Highway in Kenya are the Thika Road Mall in Nairobi near Roysambu area and Mountain Mall in Nairobi near Rosters in Nairobi. Garden city project along Thika Road will be bigger than the Thika Road Mall and Mountain Mall along Thika Road in Nairobi and will have a variety of offices and shopping stalls.

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kenya power how to register for power connection alerts and get your electricity monthly bill via email in kenya

Kenya Power: How To Register For Power Connection Alerts And Get Your Electricity Monthly Bill Via Email In Kenya

It can be very disconcerting when you’re using electricity in Kenya only to suffer from the consequences of a sudden blackout. Unfortunately, electricity blackouts in Kenya are not unheard of and having some form of warning before the fact can make a huge difference in terms of damages caused. Kenya Power company in Kenya, the company responsible for providing power in Kenya, has formulated a program that would enable its KPLC customers in Kenya to access power related services in Kenya easily. The KPLC service in Kenya is geared towards enabling Kenyans to have power information from Kenya Power Company in Kenya in areas to do with their electricity monthly bill in Kenya, power disconnection and power interruption.

How to access the power information service in Kenya by Kenya Power

Information regarding power in Kenya can be accessed by mobile subscription in Kenya. This mobile subscription to Kenya Power and Lighting Company service in Kenya is done by dialing *551# and selecting the option of registering for Kenya Power and Lighting alerts in Kenya. Once this is done, you need to enter your KPLC account number, email address and your ID or passport number before hitting send. Those who do not have an email address just need to input ‘0’ to the slot and proceed with filling up the relevant information needed for registration of mobile alerts from Kenya Power.

Another method of registration for Kenya Power mobile alerts in Kenya is by visiting the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Website in Kenya on  www.kenyapower.co.ke/551 and filling in information about your KPLC account number, name, mobile number, email, and ID number. After registering for the KPLC mobile alerts, you will be kept informed when any issues pertaining to power disconnection in Kenya is concerned. You will also receive your Kenya Power and Lighting Company monthly bill via email in Kenya. Therefore, it is important to register for an email account if you do not have one already.

Knowing your electricity monthly bill in Kenya can come in handy especially for those who like to pay via Mpesa or at supermarkets outlets in Kenya. Those in business in Kenya would especially benefit from being warned about any electricity disconnection in Kenya to take place. This will enable them to quickly take the necessary steps to avoid power disconnection.

The mobile service by KPLC in Kenya about power interruption will be good for both personal and business sides. This is because you can adequately plan your day to avoid being caught unawares by a power blackout in Kenya. As Kenya Power strives to make changes in the way the KPLC company works in Kenya and improves its efficiency, a service that enables Kenyans to have power related information easily is a step in the right direction. It makes business sense and it does not take long to register for KPLC Power Information Service in Kenya.

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procedure of obtaining public service vehicle psv license for drivers and conductors in kenya

Procedure Of Obtaining Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License For Drivers And Conductors In Kenya

The procedure for obtaining a public service vehicle license in Kenya requires a driver to have the following: A driver applying for public service vehicle license in Kenya should be twenty four years and over and have over four years of experience in driving in Kenya or abroad. To obtain a public service license in Kenya, a driver should fill a form XVI which is taken to Traffic Police Department in Nairobi for certification in Kenya. Traffic Police Department in Nairobi is located in Upper Hill near Kenyatta National hospital in Kenya. To get to the Traffic Police Department in Nairobi you board a bus number 7C from kencom bus terminus in Nairobi.

The form XIV to be filled by a driver applying for psv license in Kenya is charged Ksh 50 for certification by Traffic Police Department in Nairobi. The receipt obtained from the Traffic Police Department in Upper Hill should be taken to Road Transport Department in Nairobi which is located in Times Tower in Nairobi. Road Transport Department offices in Times Tower is opposite Kenya PolyTechnique University in Kenya and near Central Bank of Kenya.

Also to acquire public service vehicle license in Kenya, as a driver you need to acquire certificate of good conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department [CID] in Nairobi whose headquarters is located in Kiambu, Muthaiga in Kenya. To reach to the Criminal Investigation Department offices in Nairobi you board a bus number 100 from Nairobi railway bus station. The applicant of psv license in Nairobi also requires a copy of national identity card and driving license of one who is applying.

An application form is forwarded to the Road Transport Department at times tower in Nairobi Kenya. A Prescribed fee of Ksh 625 is paid by the applicant to obtain Psv licence from Times Tower in Nairobi. For drivers in Kenya obliged to drive class E apply for class J matatu endorsement the one obliged to drive class B, C and E is required to apply for class A endorsement.

For conductors in Kenya who want to obtain a PSV license, the conductor applying for psv licence must be of 18 years and above, have a copy of national identity card and a certificate of good conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department in Kenya. Also a completely filled application form XVII which must be endorsed by the police in Traffic Police in Nairobi must be obtained. In addition. a receipt of Ksh 50 from the police office in Upper Hill is required. The application form is forwarded to the Road Transport Offices in Nairobi Kenya where a fee of Ksh 625 is paid by conductors wishing to get the psv licence in Kenya.

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cube movers company in nairobi providing professional moving services in kenya

Cube Movers Company In Nairobi: Providing Professional Moving Services In Kenya

Although moving to a different location in Kenya may be an idea that sounds pleasing to many Kenyans, the actual process of moving in Kenya is often a trigger for headaches. You never realize how much material possessions you have accumulated over the years until you are forced to pack them into a box while moving. This is the time you quickly discover that more boxes than you previously thought you needed are actually needed. Fortunately, there are moving companies in Kenya that are well equipped to handle removal both in Kenya and in other parts of the world. Cube Movers in Kenya is a moving company.

Services offered by Cube Movers company in Kenya

Cube Movers company in Kenya prides itself in professionalism in the moving industry in Kenya. Cube Movers company in Kenya has well trained personnel who are well versed in packing and unpacking and also loading and unloading skills in Kenya. This ensures that your goods are always treated with the utmost care while moving with Cube Movers company in Kenya. Delicate goods are given the attention they deserve to prevent any damages and they are packed well for the journey so that there is no danger of breaking by the Cube Movers company professionals in Kenya. Clients can decide to leave the entire packing and unpacking exercise to the Cube Movers company in Kenya workers. The Cube Movers company in Kenya transport your property to the new destination and they carefully unpack and place everything in the required locations leaving you with only the task of settling in. Not only is the moving service in Kenya provided by Cube Movers company of high quality, but also the price rates for moving in Kenya offered are affordable for clients.

Location of Cube Movers company in Kenya

Cube Movers company in Kenya is located at Elephant Soap House, on Shimo La Tewa Road, off Lusaka Road in Nairobi city. You can visit the Cube Movers company in Nairobi website at http://www.cubemovers.co.ke to get a quotation. The estimates given for moving in Kenya are free and come with no obligations. Cube Movers company in Nairobi provides professional moving services in Kenya that ensure your move goes on without hitches. Safety, courtesy and integrity are virtues that the over fifty employees of Cube Movers company in Nairobi and over thirty agents of Cube Movers company in Kenya abide by.

Advantages of using the professional moving services from Cube Movers company in Nairobi

Cube Movers company in Nairobi offers moving training in Kenya before employing personnel and they also offer on-job training in Kenya to keep on providing quality moving service in Kenya to their clients. The Cube Movers company staff in Nairobi is trained in various areas including local and international removal. A professional moving service in Nairobi gives you peace of mind and assures your relocation goes on quickly and safely. The Cube Movers company in Kenya does the work for you so that you can enjoy a hassle free move in Kenya.

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the noble hotels in nakuru kenya

The Noble Hotels In Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru is a major town in Kenya and is situated in the vast Rift Valley province. Nakuru is about 160 km west from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It is approximately 3 hour drive to Nakuru from Nairobi. Nakuru is rapidly growing and is a stopover to most tourists, both domestic and foreign, during their vacations in Kenya. While visiting Nakuru, there are various posh hotels to spend and dine in. Nakuru has many high class hotels which include; Merica Hotel, Bontana Hotel, Villa Hotel, Cathay Hotel, Lake Elementaita Serena Camp, Kunste Hotel, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, Lake Nakuru Lodge, Nakuru Backpackers Hotel and Jumuia Guest House.

Nakuru is a multifaceted town attributing to not only the tourism sector but also having a tremendous contribution to the Kenya’s agricultural and transportation sectors. The town of Nakuru attracts business people to the region in the Rift Valley too. Due to the proximity of Nakuru to Nairobi, Nakuru has become a major destination of corporate organizations and companies which prefer to hold conferences, workshops, team building activities, meetings and seminars in the hotels in the region. The many high-class hotels in the central area of Nakuru and in neighbouring estates in Nakuru offer accommodation to the guests.

If you are wondering how much you are likely to spend on accommodation in Nakuru, well the budget is of mid-high range.  The noble hotels in Nakuru offer accommodation from approximately shs 4,500 to 20,000 depending on the season, facilities offered and accessibility to town. The major hotels that are situated near the town of Nakuru are Merica Hotel, Hotel Cathay and Bontana Hotel; and the three hotels offer corporate organizations with conferencing rooms at an affordable rate.

Most of the high-class hotels in Nakuru are easily accessible and will be self contained with hot/cold showers, satellite TV, restaurants, wireless internet, swimming pools, conference facilities and other such amenities.

You welcome to Nakuru, Kenya.

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services available at the panari sky centre along mombasa road in nairobi kenya

Services Available At The Panari Sky Centre Along Mombasa Road In Nairobi, Kenya

The Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi is a state of the art architectural building found along Mombasa Road. The Panari Sky Centre in Kenya is managed by the Nairobi Panari Hotels which is a group a five star hotels in Nairobi city. The Panari Hotel in Nairobi is conveniently located five kilometers away from Nairobi`s Central business district. The Panari Hotel in Kenya is also located five kilometers away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi making it most convenient for passengers arriving to Kenya via the airport.

The Panari Hotel in Nairobi forms part of the Panari sky centre. The Pnari Sky Centre in Nairobi hosts other shopping malls and theatres in Nairobi, and is most renowned for the ice skating rink. The ice skating rink in The Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi is the only one of its kind in East Africa and is usually open 7 days a week from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm. Each of the skating lessons in the ice skate rink lasts for an hour in The Panari Sky Centre in Kenya.

Panari Hotel in Nairobi has a gym fitted with state of the art fitness equipment. The gym in Panari Hotel in Nairobi also has a gym instructor who helps people out with their routines. Panari Hotel in Kenya also has a swimming pool and a spa that offers good massage services in Nairobi. You can also access Jacuzzi and sauna services at a fee in The Panari Hotel in Nairobi. An annual subscription at the Panari Fitness Club in Nairobi along Mombasa Road costs KSH 70,000.

Panari Hotel has rooms and suites that offer accommodation in Nairobi. There are rooms that range from standard rooms to deluxe room all with different costs in Panari Hotel in Kenya. Panari Hotel also has a royal jade suite that overlooks the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. The Royal Jade Suite in Panari Hotel in Nairobi comes with personal butler services, two large flat screen televisions, 2 minibars, coffee mixers, and fast internet connection amongst other luxuries.

For the food and beverage lovers, there are many food joints and coffee shops in the Panari Sky Center in Nairobi. You are guaranteed of variety to the lengths of both Brazilian and Moroccan cuisine in Panari Hotel in Kenya. The Panari Hotel also has a restaurant in Nairobi that offers finger licking meals. The Amber Coffee Lounge in the Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi is ideal for those who crave for nicotine jabs into their systems.There are many boutiques and shops within Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi. Located close to Nairobi City on Mombasa Road, the Panari Sky Centre in Kenya is a place definitely worth checking out.

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