Location Of Zion Mall And The Services Available In Zion Mall Found In Eldoret Town, Kenya

by admin  - May 12, 2023

Zion Mall in Kenya is one of the few malls found in Eldoret town. Zion Mall in Eldoret is located at the heart of the town along the famous Uganda Road. Zion mall in Eldoret was recently put up in 2011 and serves as a busy complex frequented by the residents of Eldoret town.

Zion Mall in Kenya was built to reclaim part of a marsh and bog area opposite Barngetuny Plaza in Eldoret town. Some of the services that can be accessed in Zion Mall in Rift Valley are:

Tuskys Supermarket in Zion Mall

Turskys Supermarket is one of the popular supermarkets in Kenya. Tuskys Supermarket in Eldoret stocks a wide range of household appliances ranging from electrical equipment such as cookers to clothes and foodstuff. The Turskys chain of supermarkets in Kenya has recently introduced a fresh food area where you can buy freshly made food such as beef stew, chicken, rice and French fries. Tuskys supermarket in Eldoret is located to your left, right at the entrance of Zion Mall.

Moi University Bookshop in Eldoret

There is a Moi University Bookshop in the ground floor of the Zion Mall in Eldoret town in Kenya. The Moi University bookshop in Eldoret mainly sells textbooks used in various studies in both graduate and undergraduate studies in Kenya. The Moi University Bookshop in Eldoret also sells exercise books, flip charts and various kinds of other stationery.

Aga Khan University Hospital clinic in Eldoret

The Aga Khan University Hospital which is a renowned hospital in Kenya with its headquarters in Nairobi, has a satellite clinic in Eldoret town. The Aga Khan University outreach medical centre in Eldoret is located in the ground floor of Zion Mall. The hospital clinic in Eldoret offers outpatient services as well as laboratory services to residents of Eldoret.

Nova Hotel in Eldoret

The Nova Hotel in Eldoret is located at the ground floor of Zion Mall. The Nova Hotel in Kenya offers deep coffee tastes such as expresso, mocha and lattes. Nova hotel in Eldoret also engages in snack sales as well as western cuisines in Kenya.

Banking services in Zion Mall

There are at least 3 ATM lobbies within Zion Mall in Eldoret town. The N.I.C bank in Kenya also has a branch on Zion Mall first level. There are other small bank outlets such as the Diamond Trust Bank located on the ground level of Zion Mall in Eldoret.

Boutiques and clothes shops in Zion Mall

The entire basement floor of Zion Mall in Eldoret is lined with clothes and jewelry shops. You can get all sorts of men, women and clothing wear in Zion Mall in Eldoret. There is also a floral shop in Zion Mall that deals with wedding accessories in Kenya as well as wedding gowns.

Family Medical Clinic
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