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The Noble Hotels In Nakuru Kenya

the noble hotels in nakuru kenya


Nakuru is a major town in Kenya and is situated in the vast Rift Valley province. Nakuru is about 160 km west from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It is approximately 3 hour drive to Nakuru from Nairobi. Nakuru is rapidly growing and is a stopover to most tourists, both domestic and foreign, during their vacations in Kenya. While visiting Nakuru, there are various posh hotels to spend and dine in. Nakuru has many high class hotels which include; Merica Hotel, Bontana Hotel, Villa Hotel, Cathay Hotel, Lake Elementaita Serena Camp, Kunste Hotel, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, Lake Nakuru Lodge, Nakuru Backpackers Hotel and Jumuia Guest House.

Nakuru is a multifaceted town attributing to not only the tourism sector but also having a tremendous contribution to the Kenya’s agricultural and transportation sectors. The town of Nakuru attracts business people to the region in the Rift Valley too. Due to the proximity of Nakuru to Nairobi, Nakuru has become a major destination of corporate organizations and companies which prefer to hold conferences, workshops, team building activities, meetings and seminars in the hotels in the region. The many high-class hotels in the central area of Nakuru and in neighbouring estates in Nakuru offer accommodation to the guests.

If you are wondering how much you are likely to spend on accommodation in Nakuru, well the budget is of mid-high range.  The noble hotels in Nakuru offer accommodation from approximately shs 4,500 to 20,000 depending on the season, facilities offered and accessibility to town. The major hotels that are situated near the town of Nakuru are Merica Hotel, Hotel Cathay and Bontana Hotel; and the three hotels offer corporate organizations with conferencing rooms at an affordable rate.

Most of the high-class hotels in Nakuru are easily accessible and will be self contained with hot/cold showers, satellite TV, restaurants, wireless internet, swimming pools, conference facilities and other such amenities.

You welcome to Nakuru, Kenya.

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