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Kenya Power: How To Register For Power Connection Alerts And Get Your Electricity Monthly Bill Via Email In Kenya

kenya power how to register for power connection alerts and get your electricity monthly bill via email in kenya


It can be very disconcerting when you’re using electricity in Kenya only to suffer from the consequences of a sudden blackout. Unfortunately, electricity blackouts in Kenya are not unheard of and having some form of warning before the fact can make a huge difference in terms of damages caused. Kenya Power company in Kenya, the company responsible for providing power in Kenya, has formulated a program that would enable its KPLC customers in Kenya to access power related services in Kenya easily. The KPLC service in Kenya is geared towards enabling Kenyans to have power information from Kenya Power Company in Kenya in areas to do with their electricity monthly bill in Kenya, power disconnection and power interruption.

How to access the power information service in Kenya by Kenya Power

Information regarding power in Kenya can be accessed by mobile subscription in Kenya. This mobile subscription to Kenya Power and Lighting Company service in Kenya is done by dialing *551# and selecting the option of registering for Kenya Power and Lighting alerts in Kenya. Once this is done, you need to enter your KPLC account number, email address and your ID or passport number before hitting send. Those who do not have an email address just need to input ‘0’ to the slot and proceed with filling up the relevant information needed for registration of mobile alerts from Kenya Power.

Another method of registration for Kenya Power mobile alerts in Kenya is by visiting the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Website in Kenya on  www.kenyapower.co.ke/551 and filling in information about your KPLC account number, name, mobile number, email, and ID number. After registering for the KPLC mobile alerts, you will be kept informed when any issues pertaining to power disconnection in Kenya is concerned. You will also receive your Kenya Power and Lighting Company monthly bill via email in Kenya. Therefore, it is important to register for an email account if you do not have one already.

Knowing your electricity monthly bill in Kenya can come in handy especially for those who like to pay via Mpesa or at supermarkets outlets in Kenya. Those in business in Kenya would especially benefit from being warned about any electricity disconnection in Kenya to take place. This will enable them to quickly take the necessary steps to avoid power disconnection.

The mobile service by KPLC in Kenya about power interruption will be good for both personal and business sides. This is because you can adequately plan your day to avoid being caught unawares by a power blackout in Kenya. As Kenya Power strives to make changes in the way the KPLC company works in Kenya and improves its efficiency, a service that enables Kenyans to have power related information easily is a step in the right direction. It makes business sense and it does not take long to register for KPLC Power Information Service in Kenya.

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