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Where To Pay For Water Services Within Nairobi City In Kenya

where to pay for water services within nairobi city in kenya


A while back, the Water and Sewerage department of the Nairobi City Council in Kenya had been charged with the responsibility of providing the residents of the Nairobi city with water. However, with the enactment of the Water Act of 2002 in Kenya, the Nairobi Water Company came into being.

The Water Act in Kenya created new institutions to manage the water resources all over Kenya. The Nairobi water company in Kenya has been licensed by the Athi Water Service Board to provide water and sewerage services in Kenya to the residents of Nairobi and its environs. The Nairobi Water company engages purely in providing water and sewerage companies to the residents of Nairobi.The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya is an auxiliary of the Nairobi City Council. However, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya has operational autonomy which means that it operates freely without interference from the City Council.

A 50 % of the residents of Nairobi city have access to piped water. This means that the Sewerage Company in Kenya serves approximately 2 million residents of Nairobi. Of the existing customers of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company in Kenya, only 40% receive water on a 24 hour basis. Nairobi Water Company bills its customers on a monthly basis in Nairobi. The water bills are then sent to the relevant customers via the post office mail boxes provided during the creation of meter box accounts in Kenya. It is also possible to check your water bills at the relevant Nairobi Water Company offices located within Nairobi.  It has also been made possible for people to check their account balances as well as meter readings via SMS in Kenya by Nairobi Water Company. Sending a message with your water bill account number or meter number in Nairobi to 20557, you will get a reply with your account balances.

You can pay your water bills in Nairobi at the following outlets:

Comcraft House in Nairobi

There is a Nairobi Water Company office on Comcraft House along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi. Sadly, this is the only Nairobi Water Company office where you can pay your bills within the city centre of Nairobi.

Kampala Road in Nairobi

You can also pay your water bills in Nairobi in Industrial Area along Kampala road. Nairobi Water Company has an office in Industrial Area in Nairobi.

Pangani Nairobi Water Company Office in Nairobi

The Nairobi Water Company Pangani office is found along the Thika Superhighway in the Pangani area of Nairobi.

Paying water bills online in Nairobi

Luckily, with the digital revolution in Kenya, you can also pay your water bills online. Nairobi Water Company website www.nairobiwater.co.ke. The pay bill online option on Nairobi water company in Kenya is on the website http://nwater.jambopay.co.ke/

Paying water bills through Mpesa in Kenya

You can also pay water bills to Nairobi Water Company via MPESA on Pay Bill No. 530100   [Enter Acc. starting with NWC eg. NWC123456] or  MPESA Pay Bill No. 444400.

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