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Business Communication Styles in Kenya

Most Kenyans does not like direct and frank communication. In many occasions they will always attempt to support or put across their point in a way that the message is delivered in a most sensitive way possible. They will want to protect other people’s face and more so their relationship. However, the style of communication depends directly on the level of intimacy between the communicator and the person who the message is communicated to.

A more intimate relationship will tend to trigger a more direct communication. Diplomacy becomes of more importance in relationships that a  Continue reading ...

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Support Helpline for children in distress in Kenya

Children are the future of any country. Stakeholders, beginning with the parents, relatives, neighbours, the society and the government, must take up their protective role owed to children.

Established in 2007, Childline Kenya was introduced under the ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development to help children in trouble in the country. The toll-free telephone number 116 was introduced so that Kenyans could use it to report cases of child neglect, physical or sexual abuse and child trafficking. This helps trigger necessary help or intervention.

In most cases, child   Continue reading ...

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Best Internet Service Providers In Kenya

Liquid Telecom (Formerly Kenya Data Networks)

Kenya Data Networks formerly known as KDN was bought by Liquid telecom based in south Africa. Liquid Telecom as its known now is one of the largest internet service providers in Kenya providing both Fiber optic and wireless communication channels. The company is still based in Mombasa road sameer complex. Liquid telecom is a licensed internet service provider to smaller ISPs in Kenya. Some of the services that they offer Fiber optic connection with speeds of up   Continue reading ...

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Roles Of Huduma Centres In Kenya

In its efforts to improve service delivery, the government of Kenya has set out to use Huduma Kenya as a platform for efficiency and orderliness for government institutions offering crucial services to the people. The first Huduma Centre was launched at Teleposta Towers to serve the people of Nairobi its initial functions include the following:

  •  Assessment and Payment of Stamp Duty

  • Community Policing

  • Duplicate National Identity Card

  • EACC Clearance Certificate

  • Issuance of Seasonal NCC  Continue reading ...

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Famous Mobile Phone Shops In Mombasa City

Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya and it is the only city that earns Kenya a lot of revenues because it is the one that receives a lot of the imports for Kenya and other countries such as Uganda and south Sudan. Many tourist who visit Kenya begin with Mombasa because of its environment and available wonderful beaches.

Because of its economic importance in Kenya, Mombasa city host many Kenyans from all corners of the country who go to this city in search of employment and therefore the same people need to communicate with their relatives back at home. For them to communicat  Continue reading ...

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Diverse Ethnic Groups In Kenya

Kenya has a very diverse population that includes most major ethnic, racial and linguistic groups. Majority of the country’s population belongs to various Bantu sub-groups, with a significant number of Nilotes. Most Bantu’s are farmers and some prominent in Kenya include the Kikuyu, Luhya, Meru, Mjikenda, Swahili and Kisii people. Nilotes are second largest group in Kenya and they include the luos, Samburu, Maasai, Kalenjin and the Turkana people.

Cushitic people foam a small ethnic minority of about 2%, mostly represented by Oromo Somali speakers. In Kenya Swahili and E  Continue reading ...

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Richest county In Kenya

Kajiado is the richest county, according to the government statistics that have exposed the massive disparities in wealth among the country’s regions. Only 12 in every 100 people in kajiado are classified as poor in a country where the average number of people considered not to be rich is 46% of the total population.

Kajiado’s wealth status is radically different from the poorest county, Turkana, where 94% in every 100 resident are considered poor. The findings are contained in the first ever audit of wealth and poverty since the new constitution was passed, with a key a  Continue reading ...

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Mobile Phones Shops Found In Kisumu

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and it is growing at high rate due the investments from business men. The presence of institutions in the town, there are many students in the city and therefore they contribute a lot to the economy of Kisumu. This city is approximately 350 kilometers from Nairobi city and acts as the capital city of The Nyanza region part of Kenya.

Since Kisumu is a big city, there are many telecommunication companies who have invested there to ensure that there is availability of communication among people. For communication to exist there must be a means   Continue reading ...

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Radio Stations And Their Frequencies In Kenya

Radio stations in Kenya provide a great means of updates on all latest news and current information from Kenya and outside world to all groups of Kenyans;both literate and illiterate,in rural and urban areas.Radio stations broadcasting in both local Kenyan and national languages have emerged easying the reach-out to many people.There are quite a number of radio stations in Kenya.

Capital FM -98.4 MHz                                 Continue reading ...

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List Of Radio Stations In Kenya

The world is going digital and also the country of Kenya is not left behind.Kenya Radio stations can be easily accessed online anywhere in the world.This can be accessed on website.Just a few of the Kenyan radio stations can be listened online and they include:

Mulembe FM

Its fantastic and one of the popular radio stations broadcasting very quality music and quality programs which are also famous.Its headquarters are located in Nairobi.Listeners want to listen it live because here they will find their most favourite programs and   Continue reading ...