Location Of Safaricom Retail Outlet In Nyeri Town, Kenya

by James Ndetto  - July 2, 2023

Safaricom Company is one of the leading mobile network operators in Kenya. Safaricom in Kenya began operation in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of the famous Telkom group in Kenya. However, ownership of Safaricom Company in Kenya was split when a United Kingdom based company; Vodafone Company acquired a 40% stake ownership of Safaricom Company in Kenya in 2000. Recent reports however, show that Vodafone Company owns 35% stake and management rights in Safaricom Company in Kenya, and the remaining 5% of Safaricom in Kenya is owned by Mobitelea Ventures Limited Company in Kenya. The Safaricom Company was run by Michael Joseph as the chief executive officer until his retirement in 2012, when Robert Collymore, famously referred to as Bob Collymore took leadership of Safaricom Company in Kenya in May 2013.

Safaricom headquarters in Kenya is located in the up market Westlands area in Nairobi. There are two Safaricom Company head offices in Kenya. One Safaricom Company Head office in Nairobi deals with Safaricom customer care in Kenya, and the other Safaricom Company Head Office in Nairobi deals with other Safaricom network technicalities in Kenya. To get to Safaricom Head offices in Westlands, you board a matatu number 105 or 30 or 23 at the stage next to Kenya National Archives in Nairobi, which go past the two Safaricom Head offices in Westlands. However, Safaricom has opened other Safaricom retail outlets within the major towns in Kenya such as Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret for ease of Safaricom service provision in Kenya and better outreach to potential Safaricom customers in Kenya. Safaricom Company in Kenya has over 1,500 Safaricom employees in Kenya located all over Safaricom retail outlets in Kenya.

Safaricom Mobile Company in Kenya has recently opened a Safaricom outlet in Nyeri town in Kenya. The Safaricom Company Retail Outlet or Safaricom Customer care office in Nyeri is located at the Pamki building. The Nyeri Safaricom Mobile Company retail outlet is usually open over the working weekdays as well as on Saturdays. However, the Safaricom shop in Nyeri town is usually closed on Sundays and public holidays. Nyeri residents usually access the Safaricom retail outlet for Safaricom services in Kenya such as Bonga points redemption, purchase of mobile phones and Safaricom airtime as well as other mobile phone accessories such as Bluetooth receptors and mobile phone chargers.

The Safaricom retail outlet in Nyeri has in the recent past introduced the sale of laptops and tablets. The various phones and tablets are usually put on display in Safaricom Company outlet in Nyeri where customers can access them and get to have a personal experience of how the equipment works not to mentioning familiarizing with the respective interfaces. There are security guards as well as CCTV camera in place in Safaricom shop in Nyeri to ensure that the equipment on display is not stolen.The Safaricom retail centre in Nyeri town also offers Safaricom mobile repair services in Kenya within warranty periods for spoilt accessories and equipment bought in the Safaricom shop in Kenya.

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