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How to date a Nairobi woman: the crucial aspects you need to know

133 how to date a nairobi woman the crucial aspects you need to know


How to date a Nairobi woman: the crucial aspects you need to know


How to date a Nairobi woman: the crucial aspects you need to know

Let’s first state the obvious; a Nairobi Woman is well-groomed and beautiful. She is classy…or at least pretends to be. If it’s your first time dating a woman from Nairobi, well be glad I am here to tell you what you should expect and avoid. On your first date, be keen and you will get to know her habits. A Nairobi woman will either ‘eat too much’ or she will ‘eat very little’.  If she eats too much, just don’t express your shock; support her with such phrases as ‘I like a woman who eats well’. If she eats very little, help her out in the name that ‘there are some Kenyans dying of hunger somewhere in north eastern’ or better proceed and ask to be packed the food.

You should know that a Nairobi woman will always, at least mostly do second-hand shopping when single, but when in a relationship, she will want to shop in ‘KFC Nakumatt Junction’, ‘Sarit Centre’, ‘Yaya Centre’, ‘Mr. Price’ and the like. Don’t forget that the same woman claims to be independent. ‘I’m an independent African woman’ and yet she still expects you to be a man and pay her bills, take her outings, provide cash for shopping and always give her undivided attention!!

A Nairobi woman is always carrying a huge handbag. Yes a huge one. She can unleash all she needs from this bag which can range from make-up kit, extra clothes, gumboots, rain coat, umbrella, changing shoes, perfume and many other things that we wish not to mention. She also stops at every place there is sale of shoes to fit shoes. So, on any of your days out, just don’t pass next to shoes stores and clothes stores! That is if you don’t want to be told ‘let me try these shoes out! They are so cute!’, ‘I really want these shoes, but I forgot my ATM!’  Or she will fit all the shoes in the stall and at the end; she won’t buy any of them. Just don’t blame anyone when this happens because now you know! Coming to think of it, the Nairobi Woman also wears a pair of heels when she knows that she will be walking around the city the whole day then comes complaining “oh my feet hurt” while leaning on your shoulder for support. She is just born this way. And when you get to know her, you will know how to date her well! Good luck!

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