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How To Register Your Blog With The Bloggers Association of Kenya

how to register your blog with the bloggers association of kenya


Bloggers association of Kenya is an umbrella body that supports bloggers in Kenya. A blog is an online journal where people can document their daily occurrences and write on a wide variety of topics. Bloggers Association of Kenya BAKE is an umbrella body that hosts all the different categories of blogs in Kenya. This is a body that supports and upholds content creation and supports all the content creators in Kenya. These awards cater for people of Kenyan origin and it helps to syndicate their information, to form networks with other bloggers and content creators in Kenya and it also acts as the legal body that represents all the bloggers in Kenya.

The association recently held the BAKE awards 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel. The awards seek to reward the talented bloggers and content creators in the different categories. The Kenyan Blog Awards gives rewards to people who post relevant and useful content consistently and regularly the content should be creative and innovative. These awards characterize BAKE’s efforts in the advancement of quality content creation. The Kenyan Blog Awards are an initiative of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). This year’s awards had the following categories.

  • Best Technology Blog

  • Best Photography Blog

  • Best Creative Writing Blog

  • Best Business Blog

  • Best Food Blog

  • Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog

  • Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog

  • Best Politics Blog

  • Best New Blog

  • Best Corporate Blog

  • Best Topical Blog

  • Best Sports Blog (A tie)

  • Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog

  • Best Travel Blog

  • Best Health Blog

  • Best County Blog

  • Kenyan Blog of the Year

The next awards will be in 2014. People nominate their blogs and their favorite blogs, the nominees are shortlisted by the judges then there is a voting phase where readers can vote for their best blog.

For one to be a member of the BAKE team, one has to have a running blog. It is an easy process the registration fee is 500kshs and once you register you get a BAKE badge to feature on your blog. BAKE also markets your blog in their social media circles. It is a small price to pay for the airplay that they will give you. BAKE has its offices in Nailab, Bishop Magua Centre opposite Ngong Hyper on Ngong, road Nairobi. They hold a variety of forums all through the year. These educative forums revolve around bloggers in Kenya and how they can package their brand to get it out there. The conversation has moved online and people no longer rely on Print Media to get the news. Most people are spending their time online learning a host of information. Bloggers earn in a number of ways. Thy can get corporates to advertise in their blog. For example, if one is running a blog on technology, it is easy to accept an advertisement of a firm like Samsung or Nokia to advertise. In summary, BAKE has transformed the experiences of bloggers in Kenya by giving them airplay and a platform where they can interact and define themselves. This helps the bloggers to also grow and learn.


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