How to find apartments to rent online in Kenya

by James Ndetto  - March 19, 2023

How to find apartments to rent online in Kenya


Nowadays, most Kenyans prefer to rent and live in apartments due to the bad conditions of the housing market in Kenya. It is quite cumbersome to start looking for a house to rent in most areas in Nairobi and Kenya at large while walking and searching for empty apartments.  Most Kenyans even opt to tell friends and colleagues that they are searching for a rental for them to help out. But with the increased technology in Kenya, one now can just search for a house to rent in any part of the city of Nairobi and some other major towns like Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Naivasha, etc. To get a house online which is being rented, you need to have access to the internet and search through the newspaper websites on real estate’s up for rent, through realtor sites and other places on the internet with the listings.

A listing will have a description of the available houses for renting, contact information for requests and queries like email addresses or phone numbers and a clear description of the area of rental houses are located in Kenya. Finding a rental in Nairobi and estates in Nairobi could not get easier. Renting a house in other parts of Nairobi is also made easier by the presence of online adverts for houses to rent.  However, a person should not pay for rental spaces in Kenya without first seeing the house. Yes, there is the risk of being tricked off your cash. First see the house you will pay for and make arrangements from there.

For a person in Kenya looking for a rental space to efficiently use the online services, there is the need to have made a decision on the type of apartment you need. You need to decide how many bedrooms, bathrooms and such characteristics of the rental house you want. This makes it faster to narrow down your search and makes it even easier . You also need to have made a decision of the area you want to rent. For instance, in Nairobi city, you could decide on places such as Nyayo Estate, along Thika road, Umoja estate, Lavington area, Langata, Mombasa road, Jogoo road etc. Being that specific helps your house for rent hunt easier and drives you towards a particular area.

A person searching for a rental space in Kenya should also have made a decision on the budget. The amount you can afford to pay fro for the period of renting. A person should also be aware of the conditions of renting a house in Kenya. This includes paying deposits for up to three months in some areas, water and electricity deposits. Making a decision of the amount of rent you want to pay for the described house you searching for rental purposes online narrows down the search. For instance, a person’s search in Kenya websites can be ‘2 bedroom houses in Kitengela area for shs 13,000’. This way you will find listings that favour your preferences.

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