why kenyans would watch the word cup
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Why Kenyans Would Watch The Word Cup

Kenyans for many years have failed to produce a team to represent them in any football tournament with the Kenya football team only managing to participate in the annual compulsory CECAFA tourney. The team has not qualified for any tournament since the 2005 cup of nations and has never managed to participate in the great prestigious tournament the word cup losing in qualifier’s every time. This however has not killed the spirit if Kenyans as they all cheer and support football despite once being dubbed as everlasting fans by a popular pundit Carol Radul due to what she called performance of no hope by the national team. Here are however some of the reasons why Kenyans will want to be updated with the ongoing FIFA World cup Brazil 2014

An excuse to be away from home very late in the night

Most men will want to use this as an excuse to stay away from their families and wives saying that they are in a pub somewhere watching the word cup due to the fixtures coming as late as 1.00am and 4.am in the night local time here in Nairobi. This will be an excuse to carry out extra marital affairs with my prediction being by the time the final match is played in mid-July a number of families will be broken.

To keep updated with football discussions with colleagues

Discussions around the office no doubt are going to shift from just normal issues to the results of last night for the next one month which is going to be a motivation for Kenyans to watch the world cup because no man will want to be left out in the conversation hence you would rather sacrifice the sleep and live to tell the tales of Neymar, Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and the likes than to be told.

Spying on the spouse

Most women are basically not football fans but will not be willing to be left behind when there is a football match because they will want to keep an eye on their husbands and boyfriends so that they are not taken away by the ladies in the bar who are always available. My word of advice is give your man some space if he opts to be away from home.

Wait for your betting outcome

Betting business has grown a lot in the Kenya compared to the last world cup four years ago and am sure men will have to wait until the final whistle just to confirm he won the bet or not though I would assure you that for a gambler watching the game will be a strenuous thing with the increased anxiety in yourself so avoiding the match would be an option.

Djovick Origi

He is set to become the first Kenyan to play in a fifa world cup tournament after choosing to represent Belgium instead of Kenya having been born there but despite being overlooked Kenya will rally behind one of their own as most people will be eager to support Belgium. Good luck lad be the first Kenyan to win the elusive trophy as well.


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most influencial journalists in kenya
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Most Influencial Journalists In Kenya

These are the journalists in Kenya who have braved the odds and nobody should be surprised when they achieve so much.

John Allan Namu

He won the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Award in 2009. He was recruited by KTN (Kenya Television Network) after his graduation from USIU (united States International University). He was most influential when it came to the highlighting of the 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya. He is a courageous journalist who has done amazing coverage that exposed corruption in high echelons of power, terrorism and also drug trafficking.

Caroline Mutuku

She is a Kiss 100 presenter for the show Big Breakfast. Caroline Mutuku is a controversial radio presenter who has rubbed shoulders even with the elite in govverment, eg Nairobi senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko.She is a personality who doesn’t mind dating controversy and is among the best paid presenters in Kenya. She is featured by CNN in “From Famous Daughters and What I loved from my mum”

Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is one amazing media personality. With more than two hundred thousand followers on twitter in Kenya alone, Jeff is a big name. He won the Emmy awards for covering civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. He is the epitome of media professionalism. He has hosted many shows on Kenyan television eg Capital Talk on K24 and Jeff Koinange Live on KTN.

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is arguably the “bad boy” of the Kenyan radio, Classic 105. All sorts of speculations and rumors run across about his breakfast show on the radio station Classic 105. However, the breakfast show remains the most talked in shows on Kenyan Radio,

Sophie Ikenye

She once worked as a News Anchor for Nation Television (NTV). She was however unfortunately fired, together with Tom Mboya, a co-anchor for alleged indiscipline. That setback however did the least to prevent Sophie from scaling the heights. She hosts the program, Focus on Africa BBC, where students in the BBC journalism school highly regard her as a mentor.

Zain Verjee

Zain Verjee was once a Kenya Television Network media personality. She however left KTN for CNN and she has never been disappointed since then. The grass is much greener in CNN- Zain has been a host and co-host of severalprogrammes in CNN, and is the author of “Live On Air”, a children’s book.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali is not a new name in Kenyan households. He is an investigative journalist who works with John Allan Namu. He has risked his life many times to bring the most revolutionary news. Because of this, he has rubbed governments the wrong way and his name has raised red flags in both Kenyan and International airports. Mohammed Ali has won the award Reporter of the Year Television Award and Journalist of the Year Award in 2009.

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is a born Kenyan. She is the media personality who oozes charisma, beauty and class; she worked on a radio station prior to joining the television industry. Once on television, she has worked with KTN, NTV and currently works for Citizen TV and hosts Sunday Live with the Who Owns Kenya section. Julie Gichuru has won the Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness Award.

Johnson Mwakazi

Johnson Mwakazi is the most interesting of these media personalities. Born in Kibera slums and raised there, he is probably the only journalist in Kenya who has landed on a prestigious position on a big TV station, without any training whatsoever in journalism. He is a great linguist, a poet and a musician. He currently works for Citizen Television and hosts the show “Power Breakfast”

Patrick Mahinge

He is quite unheard of, unlike the popularity of his counterparts.he is a freelance writer, a blogger and an internet enterpreneur. Patrick also teaches internet marketing during his free time.



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top radio presenters and shows in kenya
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Top Radio Presenters and Shows in Kenya

Goteana Show

The show is hosted by Mbusi and Bonoko on Ghetto Radio. Mbusi and his partner use sheng and Jamaican patois to win the attention of listeners. The show has achieved a lot including a nomination at the Chaguo La Teeniz Awards for the best radio show in the country. The youths have attracted by the funny phrases which one of the famous one is ‘’Hakuna Mbbrcha’’.It enjoyes a large fun base

The Big Breakfast

The show is hosted by Caroline Mutoko and Chipukeeky.Chipukeezy who is a comedian adds humor to the show while Caroline is seen as an advocate of the people making sure that issues of importance to the country and individuals are discussed far and wide. It is a Kiss Fm’s morning show. Mutoko has been recognized as the best female presenter in the country. She has attracted a large crowd of listeners due to her no nonsense attitude.

Mambo Mseto

The show is famous for setting platforms for upcoming artists to grow. It is a   production of Citizen Radio hosted by Willy.M.Tuva. The show has grown tremendously over the years gaining popularity in East and Central Africa. Willy has succeeded because he uses Kiswahili which very well understood by most people. His fluent Kiswahili enables him to undertake his activities with ease. The show has given birth to a TV show known as Mseto East Africa which is very successful.

Maina Kageni and Churchill

A Classic Fm show hosted by Kageni and Churchill referred to as ‘’Mwalimu Kingangi’’ on his show. Most Nairobi residents prefer because of its controversial discussions about relationships and marriages. Churchill makes sure that the discussion is funny and Maina brings alt of energy. The show airs early in the morning.


The show airs in the afternoon in Classic FM and is hosted by Shiku Muiruri and Nick Odhiambo. It is famous for ‘busted’. The two presenters bring in the drama and their ability to prank someone through the a single phone call is amazing. The show does not end their without the listeners getting a chance to share relationship issues. The stories that are always told are shocking and some enjoyable. It is these things that keep listeners glued to the station.



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lupita nyong o arise to fame
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Lupita Nyong`o Arise To Fame

Lupita ny’ongo is a daughter of a politician in Kenya- Anyong` Nyong’o and was born in 1983. Professor Anyang` Nyong`o is a senator of Kisumu County in Kenya. Lupita Nyong’o has been raised in Kenya and has recently risen to fame through the nomination to Oscar Award for her role in ‘12 Years a Slave’ movie. Oscar Awards are due to be held in March 2014. 

Lupita Nyong’o won the award for the best supporting actress in Screen Actors Guild Award- which brought her fame and recognition in the whole world. Before Lupita Nyong’o won the Screen Actors Guild award, she had also won the Critics Choice awards, which shows that she is a new wave of talent in Holly Wood.

Lupita Nyong`o is a graduate of Yale University School of Drama`s Acting program in the USA. Lupita Nyong’o has always loved acting, and she participated in several films even as a student. She also was a production director of Shuga season Two, a series in Kenya.

Lupita Nyong’o has previously acted in Shuga (2009), a Kenyan Television series in Kenya as Ayira. Ayira in Kenyan Shuga series about Love, Sex and Money is a confident college girl. Lupita Nyong’o has previously acted in movies such as The Taming of the Shrew, The Winter`s Tale, Uncle Vanya, The Constant Gardener (2005), The Namesake (2006) and in the original `Elijah` production.

Lupita Nyong’o has graced the red carpet in Hollywood with new fashion style that invigorate the celebrity world. Lupita Nyong’o is indeed a fashion icon and she now rubs shoulders with renowned persons in the Acting world. Lupita Nyong`o, in fact, was featured recently in Jimmy Fallon`s show.

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136 the art of clubbing in the best clubs in nairobi
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The Art of ‘Clubbing’ in The Best Clubs in Nairobi

The Art of ‘Clubbing’ in The Best Clubs in Nairobi


“Clubbing” a word coined from “club” to mean raving or rather going out in sports bars to unwind is the order of the day in Nairobi. Sometime back, people used to club only over the weekends after a having a busy and draining weekn in offices or  schools(perharps).Well this is not the case anymore! Any day is raev day- from Karaoke  to Ladies nights, Uptowns to Thirsty Thursdays..name it. There is a phrase doing rounds in the city that Thursday is the new Friday. Going by this trend, Monday will be the new Friday!

There are too many sports clubs to name. From Bettys to I club, both along Kimathi street, Samba to Rumours, Liddos to AppleBees..the latter two being for the explorative kind who would rather dance to tunes whilst watching nude girls walking around in nothing but heels! For those who love adventure, out of town clubbing is their kind of swag. Westlands area boasts of the most sports clubs. Galileo to Changes to Black Diamond not to mention Skylux. These are mostly clubs for the youngsters who are trying to cool their minds off being in school. Langata area popularly referred to as “LA” also has some worth the drive clubs such as Rafikiz and Psys. For the love of fun you can take a drive, or a jav to Sailors and Tamasha in Hurlingham, or better still explore the very raw Natives Club on Thika Super Highway.

One thing is for sure, we all want to be safe and wake up in one piece following a night out in one of these clubs. I have heard endless tales of people leaving their open drinks on a table to take a leak, and that’s just about everything they remember of a young night. Spiking of drinks is very rampant in Nairobi. Just the other day my pal got robbed off his wallet and phone in one of the town clubs. He lay unconscious on the table all night and was actually awakened by the club cleaners the following morning.

Ladies in Nairobi tend to wear trench coats and little pieces of cloth underneath. Coupled with 6 inch pairs of stilletto heels I most certainly do not advocate for this look. I mean you are meant to go enjoy the night on some dance floor, not take some fancy photos for a cover magazine! I think ladies should embrace comfortability. I dont mean to say that dressing up is wrong, but my question is, how do you even place your step in the dim-lit clubs? The small dresses are a turn off for me. They expose too much flesh unneccessarily especially during the “Badder than most” and “Bend Over” kind of tunes. If you will wear such, kindly dance while seated!

Lastly, if you are to go on a club hopping spree, it is advisable that you go to clubs located in more or less the same area. This will reduce the risks you are exposed to when walking in town during the witch hours.

Be safe people and as always, don’t drink and drive.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/136-The-Art-of-Clubbing-in-The-Best-Clubs-in-Nairobi.html



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40 americas next top model show includes guy models this time round
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Americas next top model show includes guy models this time round!

Americas next top model show includes guy models this time round!

by Lucy Wanjiku Mwangi

3e55e6f43eI can’t wait to watch season 20 of this interesting models show. It is characterized with a lot of drama, lots of adventures for the models and it’s just fun to watch. This time round, it’s going to be totally awesome since guys are included in the race to find America’s next top model! It has its highest rated premiere in years. I wonder how the ladies and the guys will compete all for one title. How will the producers of the show ensure equality in terms of tasks performed? But lets wait and watch it to know. Tyra Banks celebrated the 20th season of America’s Next Top Model, which has added male competitors to the mix by showing off her legendary form in Los Angeles during the party in Hollywood where she announced the good news. The supermodel looked stunning as always in a little black dress at the Hollywood event celebrating the show’s latest milestone. The 39-year-old was looking in fabulous form for her age in the eye-catching number, which she twinned with matching strappy shoes. She has been working hard in recent weeks to promote the popular show. You could tell she was excited too!

For those of us who have no idea what am talking about, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered on May 20, 2003. The program has aired nineteen cycles so far, and sees several women compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model”, providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modelling industry. Its premise was originated with supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter. America’s Next Top Model employs a panel of judges, who critique contestants’ progress throughout the competition and who decide who Americans next top model becomes. They give positive critique to the models to help them in their profession. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though in rare cases a double elimination or no elimination was given by consensus of the judging panel. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals,) and a trip to an international destination is scheduled at about two-thirds of the way through the season (usually with five or six contestants remaining.) Though not a judge, Jay Manuel served as the creative director during contestants’ photo shoots for the first eighteen cycles. During the nineteenth cycle, he was replaced by Johhny Wujek.

The host Tyra Banks says that during this season 20 which has included men, they better smize just as fiercely as the ladies. Cycle 20, which already premieres on Friday at 8/7c on The CW, marks the first season that both guys and girls will compete for the ultimate title of being named Top Model and becoming the face of Guess. As viewers have seen before, the reality competition has already seen its fair share of drama, but Banks says the addition of males brought the crazy to a whole new level. “A girl would be crying at this photo shoot not because she’s nervous for her photos, but because this guy she likes is not paying her any attention,” Banks tells TVGuide.com. And the ladies weren’t the only ones with tears! “We also thought the guys would be very much like, ‘Dude, I don’t care. Tyra can send me home? Peace baby,'” Banks says. “But they’re emotional and tearful too.”

Joining Banks on the judges table are Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans, who Banks reveals had a very different attitude towards the men than she did. “There was a lot of debate,” Banks says. “I feel like a guy should still show his neck. I feel like a guy should still smize. Male model judge Rob Evans feels like a guy should look like a no-neck monster and he thinks it’s all about masculinity and fierce. We have one guy in the competition that’s kind of androgynous and I think we should celebrate that and say, ‘It’s OK, you can be feminine’ and Rob is like, ‘No he can’t.’ So there’s a lot of debate.” Additionally, Banks explains that the challenges will also cater to both sexes — even if that includes nail art. This is the point where I also wondered what will make race fair. I guess all models, male or female almost do the same make ups. Banks continues to say, “We made sure every single thing was something both a guy and girl could do, but there were certain instances where I did make the guys do more feminine things like nail art. I did a nail art photo shoot themed to the years of Top Model,” Banks says. “Another was the smize. [We gave the] guys long nails because in high fashion they do a lot of weird crazy things!”

The first-ever “Guys and Girls” edition will have eight men and eight women living under one roof to battle it out to earn the prestigious title of “America’s Next Top Model.” Well this never been seen before season must be interesting. “The Guys and Girls Get Flirty” episode is the best. Well there are Behind-the-scenes confessions, flirtations and meltdowns among the guys and girls revealed in the never-before-seen footage. Will these base grounds for disqualification from the race? This cycle will explore the similarities and differences that male and female models face in the pursuit of their careers, bringing on experts and celebrities to mentor and challenge them each week. Tyra has made progress from the past through her show in making the careers of the models possible. She even has moved some models from scratch to famous models. There will be more than a little opportunity for rivalry, flirtation and romance. The model hopefuls will compete for a career-launching prize package that includes new prize suppliers Next Model Management and GUESS, as well as Nylon Magazine. The winner will receive prizes including: a $100,000 national ad campaign with GUESS, whose advertising campaigns have launched many modelling careers; a fashion feature in Nylon Magazine, as well as a modelling contract with Next Model Management. In addition to the panel of judges, which includes Banks, fashion public relations maven Kelly Cutrone, and former boxer and international male supermodel Rob Evans, the public will again be able to have a say in who stays and who goes in the competition. Famed stylist Johnny Wujek returns as photo shoot creative consultant and top fashion blogger Bryanboy will return as the social media correspondent, mentoring the models and highlighting the scores, comments and video messages from the viewers that will be revealed in the show during judging. The executive producers are Ken Mok (“Making the Band”), Tyra Banks and Laura Fuest Silva. The series was created by Tyra Banks and developed by Mok and Kenya Barris. What can I say, this show has seen lots of work from the producers and all involved and it’s a perfect show of how the model world. Will you tune in to Top Model? Are you glad the show is letting guys compete?

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/40-Americas-next-top-model-show-includes-guy-models-this-time-round.html


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favourite authors for kenyan readers
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Favourite Authors for Kenyan Readers


Based in the United States of America, the author has written quite a number of books that are continuing to gain much popularity for the best Kenyan readers. He is the first ever Kenyan to win the Nobel Prize in the field of poetry. He has written a number of books in her mother tongue more especially after he was released from prison after his critical play Ngaathika Ndeenda(To mean he would marry when he felt like or wanted).The novel The devil on the cross was written on a toilet paper during the period in which he was imprisoned. Punters are not satisfied with reading his novels and they continue to demand for more from him. He has also done some major works that include Murogi wa Kagogothat is considered to be his finest. He has written the river between used in Kenya as asset book for national exams.

Benjamin Carson

The author is one of the greatest motivators that the world has ever produced. Ben Carson has touched a lot of people by the way he talks about his life in general. Born in a poor family, he began as a hopeless student that saw no need of pursuing school. However the idea was shortly changed after his mother continued to persist in offering advice and motivation. He eventually ended up being the best students and one of the greatest neurosurgeons the world has ever produced. The story is more found in the book gifted hands. He is a natural motivator and continues to change the lives of many people. His family life is not only encouraging but also admirable.

Buchi Emecheta

Born in Nigeria around the year 1944, the work of the author put the genesis and evolution of female writers in the poetry world. She is considered to be one of the best female authors. Her fiction is mostly drawn from the experience they had abroad with the white men having been educated in the place of former colonial centre in London. Among the books she has written include the Ditch in 1972 and Second-class citizen in the year 1974.



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popular stadium in kenya
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Popular Stadium in Kenya


The ground for various national activities including public holidays and other major events such as athletics and football. The place is also used to host various rallies conducted by politician’s country wide. Nyayo is big and can accommodate a large number of people making it the favorite place for any big function.


The best in western Kenya, the stadium offers room for different types of functions to be carried out in it. It has hosted major events in the country such as the Cecafa cup challenge that takes place annually. It has promoted business in the area and very crucial to the public.


Formerly known as Moi sports center, the place is used for mainly athletic purposes and also public functions. The fourth president of Kenya hon. Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in at the place and also major matches for our national team takes place in the area. The stadium is big and can support large numbers of people. Furthermore, it’s very clean.


It is currently one of the fastest growing stadiums in Kenya. The stadium was built under the leadership of Doctor Alfred Mutua and has since gone ahead to become the home of the club sofapaka. The place generates money for the town that is used to improve other sectors in the place.


The place is home to the famous club Nairobi city stars. It’s located in Kawangware and is big enough to host major events that take place in the area. The stadium has good grass that is more convenient for sports. Its also used as a place for holding public functions.

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location and contacts of places to tour in kitale
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Location and Contacts of Places To Tour In Kitale

Kitale is town in Kenya located 326 kilometers from Nairobi city. It is an agricultural town with an approximate population of 107,800 (2009 census). The town seats between the famousCherangani hills and Mt. Elgon and was founded a century ago by the white settlers.Kitale town is served by roads that connects it other larger towns such as Webuye, Bungoma, Eldoret, Lodwar, Kakamega and Kapenguria. The town is served by a railway that connects it with Eldoret. Kitale is a cosmopolitan town with the main activity of the people being crop and dairy farming. The main crop grown by farmers is maize.Kitale has a variety of tourist attraction that attracts both local and international tourists. These tourist attraction centres include:Kitale Museum:This is one of the oldest inland museums in Kenya. It is located 0.5 kilometers from Kitale town along Kitale-Eldoret highway. This museum is known for its ethnographical materials collected from various communities. Various collections of insects are conserved in the museum. Visiting the site will enable one have opportunity to see various species of snakes and natural plants.For information about Kitale museum call- 054-30996Or you can use the following address: P.O Box 1219-30200, Kitale.

Kitale Nature Conservancy:This is located approximately 1.1 kilometer from Kitale town along Kitale-Kapenguria road. This tourist attraction struggles to revive and restore the original habitat as well as conserving the endangered plant and animal species. By visiting this site one can enjoy viewing snakes, Sitatunga antelopes,biblical mountains and involve in nature walk. Swimming is also one of the activities that tourist enjoy in the site.For more information about KitaleNature Conservancy visit www.kitalenature.or.ke or call Tel: 054-55074.

Treasure of Africa Museum:This is located in the outskirts of Kitale town along Kitale-Eldoret highway. It started to function in 2002 and serve mainly academic tourists since it is a center for research in culture and African heritage aspects.For information about Treasure of Africa Museum, visit www.treasure-africa.orgOther places which you can visit include hotels such as The SkynestCounty hotel, Mid-Africa Hotel and Aturukan Hotel.



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the kenya national anthem lyrics
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The Kenya National Anthem Lyrics


The Kenya national anthem is a patriotic song usually sung during national events and other official gathering. It can also be sung during Kenya representation in international games and sports. This anthem can be sung both in English and Swahili. The anthem consists of three stanzas, each stanza consisting of six lines as shown below:

English version

  • O god of all creation

Bless this land and nation

Justice be our shield and defender,

May we dwell in unity,

Peace and liberty

Plenty be found within our boarders


  • Let one and all arise

With hearts both strong and true

Service be our earnest endeavor

And our homeland of Kenya,

Heritage of splendor

Firm may we stand to defend


  • Let all in one accord

In common bond united,

Build this our nation together

And the glory of Kenya,

The fruits of our labor

Fill every heart with thanksgiving.


Swahili Version

  • Ee Mungu nguvu yetu

Ilete Baraka Kwetu

Haki iwe ngoa na mlinzi

Natukae na undugu

Amani na Uhuru

Raha tupate na ustawi.


  • Amkeni ndugu zetu

Tufanya sote bidii

Nasitujitoe kwa nguvu

Nchi yetu ya Kenya

Tunayo ipenda

Tuwe tayari kuilinda


  • Natujenge taifa letu

Ee, ndio wajibu wetu

Kenya istahili heshima

Tuungane mikono

Pamoja kazini

Kila siku tuwe na shukrani.

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