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Why Kenyans Would Watch The Word Cup

why kenyans would watch the word cup


Kenyans for many years have failed to produce a team to represent them in any football tournament with the Kenya football team only managing to participate in the annual compulsory CECAFA tourney. The team has not qualified for any tournament since the 2005 cup of nations and has never managed to participate in the great prestigious tournament the word cup losing in qualifier’s every time. This however has not killed the spirit if Kenyans as they all cheer and support football despite once being dubbed as everlasting fans by a popular pundit Carol Radul due to what she called performance of no hope by the national team. Here are however some of the reasons why Kenyans will want to be updated with the ongoing FIFA World cup Brazil 2014

An excuse to be away from home very late in the night

Most men will want to use this as an excuse to stay away from their families and wives saying that they are in a pub somewhere watching the word cup due to the fixtures coming as late as 1.00am and 4.am in the night local time here in Nairobi. This will be an excuse to carry out extra marital affairs with my prediction being by the time the final match is played in mid-July a number of families will be broken.

To keep updated with football discussions with colleagues

Discussions around the office no doubt are going to shift from just normal issues to the results of last night for the next one month which is going to be a motivation for Kenyans to watch the world cup because no man will want to be left out in the conversation hence you would rather sacrifice the sleep and live to tell the tales of Neymar, Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and the likes than to be told.

Spying on the spouse

Most women are basically not football fans but will not be willing to be left behind when there is a football match because they will want to keep an eye on their husbands and boyfriends so that they are not taken away by the ladies in the bar who are always available. My word of advice is give your man some space if he opts to be away from home.

Wait for your betting outcome

Betting business has grown a lot in the Kenya compared to the last world cup four years ago and am sure men will have to wait until the final whistle just to confirm he won the bet or not though I would assure you that for a gambler watching the game will be a strenuous thing with the increased anxiety in yourself so avoiding the match would be an option.

Djovick Origi

He is set to become the first Kenyan to play in a fifa world cup tournament after choosing to represent Belgium instead of Kenya having been born there but despite being overlooked Kenya will rally behind one of their own as most people will be eager to support Belgium. Good luck lad be the first Kenyan to win the elusive trophy as well.


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