Top Radio Presenters and Shows in Kenya

by Wa Kimani  - June 18, 2023

Goteana Show

The show is hosted by Mbusi and Bonoko on Ghetto Radio. Mbusi and his partner use sheng and Jamaican patois to win the attention of listeners. The show has achieved a lot including a nomination at the Chaguo La Teeniz Awards for the best radio show in the country. The youths have attracted by the funny phrases which one of the famous one is ‘’Hakuna Mbbrcha’’.It enjoyes a large fun base

The Big Breakfast

The show is hosted by Caroline Mutoko and Chipukeeky.Chipukeezy who is a comedian adds humor to the show while Caroline is seen as an advocate of the people making sure that issues of importance to the country and individuals are discussed far and wide. It is a Kiss Fm’s morning show. Mutoko has been recognized as the best female presenter in the country. She has attracted a large crowd of listeners due to her no nonsense attitude.

Mambo Mseto

The show is famous for setting platforms for upcoming artists to grow. It is a   production of Citizen Radio hosted by Willy.M.Tuva. The show has grown tremendously over the years gaining popularity in East and Central Africa. Willy has succeeded because he uses Kiswahili which very well understood by most people. His fluent Kiswahili enables him to undertake his activities with ease. The show has given birth to a TV show known as Mseto East Africa which is very successful.

Maina Kageni and Churchill

A Classic Fm show hosted by Kageni and Churchill referred to as ‘’Mwalimu Kingangi’’ on his show. Most Nairobi residents prefer because of its controversial discussions about relationships and marriages. Churchill makes sure that the discussion is funny and Maina brings alt of energy. The show airs early in the morning.


The show airs in the afternoon in Classic FM and is hosted by Shiku Muiruri and Nick Odhiambo. It is famous for ‘busted’. The two presenters bring in the drama and their ability to prank someone through the a single phone call is amazing. The show does not end their without the listeners getting a chance to share relationship issues. The stories that are always told are shocking and some enjoyable. It is these things that keep listeners glued to the station.



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