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Favourite Authors for Kenyan Readers

favourite authors for kenyan readers



Based in the United States of America, the author has written quite a number of books that are continuing to gain much popularity for the best Kenyan readers. He is the first ever Kenyan to win the Nobel Prize in the field of poetry. He has written a number of books in her mother tongue more especially after he was released from prison after his critical play Ngaathika Ndeenda(To mean he would marry when he felt like or wanted).The novel The devil on the cross was written on a toilet paper during the period in which he was imprisoned. Punters are not satisfied with reading his novels and they continue to demand for more from him. He has also done some major works that include Murogi wa Kagogothat is considered to be his finest. He has written the river between used in Kenya as asset book for national exams.

Benjamin Carson

The author is one of the greatest motivators that the world has ever produced. Ben Carson has touched a lot of people by the way he talks about his life in general. Born in a poor family, he began as a hopeless student that saw no need of pursuing school. However the idea was shortly changed after his mother continued to persist in offering advice and motivation. He eventually ended up being the best students and one of the greatest neurosurgeons the world has ever produced. The story is more found in the book gifted hands. He is a natural motivator and continues to change the lives of many people. His family life is not only encouraging but also admirable.

Buchi Emecheta

Born in Nigeria around the year 1944, the work of the author put the genesis and evolution of female writers in the poetry world. She is considered to be one of the best female authors. Her fiction is mostly drawn from the experience they had abroad with the white men having been educated in the place of former colonial centre in London. Among the books she has written include the Ditch in 1972 and Second-class citizen in the year 1974.



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Born in the vibrant heart of Nairobi, Kenya, Wa Kimani was always destined to stand out. From the colorful markets of her hometown to the world's most sophisticated art galleries and fashion runways, her journey has been one of relentless passion and unique insights into the world of fashion and art.

From an early age, Wa's love for patterns, textures, and colors was evident. As she grew, so did her inclination towards integrating traditional Kenyan elements into modern designs. Her family often recalled her incessant sketching and her knack for turning ordinary fabrics into extraordinary ensembles.

Wa's academic pursuits led her to one of Kenya's esteemed universities, where she majored in Fine Arts with a focus on contemporary African fashion. During her years in academia, she frequently contributed articles to local magazines, always stressing the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion.

After graduating, Wa ventured into the fashion journalism scene. She quickly gained recognition as an authoritative voice, blending her keen aesthetic eye with a profound understanding of Kenya's rich artistic heritage. Her articles, deeply rooted in both tradition and modernity, have since graced the pages of international fashion and art journals.

Today, Wa Kimani is celebrated not only as an accomplished writer but also as an advocate for the fusion of traditional African art with contemporary fashion. Through her writings and collaborations with designers and artists alike, she continually strives to showcase the beauty and depth of Kenyan culture to the global audience.

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