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How To Apply For A National Identity Card In Kenya

The Kenya Identity Card is the main and legal identification document recognized in Kenya. For Kenyan citizens, applying for a national Identity Card is quite easy. However, without the needed documents, the application process can be quite hectic. The process and the documents needed to make the whole process easy and successful are as described below.

Firstly, the applicant must produce their original birth certificate and a copy of the same. If available, the applicant should also produce their school leaving certificate. The applicant is also required to produce original nationa  Continue reading ...

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Checking The Status of Your National Identity Card in Kenya

When one is done with the whole process of applying for a national Identity card, one is supposed to wait for the identity card to be processed. The waiting period is estimated to last between six to eight weeks. During that time, the applicant is expected to be holding in their possession a waiting card which serves as their national identity card.

Before, the applicant would seat and wait until the waiting period is over and then they would go to the office of the District officer to check if their identity card had been processed or not. In many cases, applicants would be told to  Continue reading ...

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List of current members of the court of Appeal


1. Hon. Mr. Justice Sankale Ole Kantai

2. Hon .Mr. Justice James Otieno

3. Hon. Mr. Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki

4. Hon. Mr. Justice Erastus M Githinji

5. Hon. Mr. Justice Philip N Waki

6. Hon. Lady Justice Jamilla Mohammed

7. Hon. Mr. Justice John Walter

8. Hon. Mr. Justice Alnashir R M Visram

9. Hon .Mr. Justice David Maraga

10. Hon. Lady Justice Roselyn Nambuye

11. Hon. Lady Justice Wanjiru Karanja

12. Hon. Lady   Continue reading ...

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Updated List of Governors in Kenya

The Kenya gubernatorial election was held in 2013 under the new constitution which was passed in 2013 under the leadership of Rt president Mwai kibaki. Creation of 47 counties ensued under the leadership of governors assisted by deputy governors. Below is a list of the governors:

  • Governor Baringo County – CHEBOI CHESIRE

  • Governor Bomet County – ISAAC RUTO

  • Governor Bungoma County – KEN LUSAKA

  • Governor Busia County – SOSPETER OJAAMONG

  • Governor Elgeyo Marakwet County &  Continue reading ...

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Parliamentary Electoral Process In Kenya

The electoral process in Kenya is conducted by the independent electoral and boundaries commission which is headed by Isaac Hassan and it conducts election after every five years unless in the instances that a by election is announced for a certain parliamentary seat. The following steps describe the parliamentary electoral process in Kenya:

Registration of voters

Kenyan citizens who have the required voter registration documents are given a chance to register as voters in their given constituencies. The qualified voters are then given votes cards which are kept safely for  Continue reading ...

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Causes And Effects Of Insecurity In Kenya

Insecurity is always the key for a country to survive and focus on its economy, the Kenyan Insecurity started during the time of bomb blast that was in the year 1998, Mugiki killings, Post-election violence, cattle rustling and the current killings of Al shaabab. Insecurity is a big challenge to the government and entire society. Food security and HIV has been in the country for quite some time now, the country has put measures of managing and stopping the spread of infectious diseases. Women and children in slums face problems of lacking access to clean water and being raped.

In hu  Continue reading ...

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List Of Members Of The cabinet In Kenya

The cabinet consists of the President, Deputy President, Attorney General and Cabinet sectaries. Cabinet Secretaries are not members of the parliament. The constitution allows a maximum number of 22 cabinet secretaries who are vetted by a parliamentary committee before they are appointed. The cabinet includes;

  • Deputy President William Ruto

  • Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology-Fred Matiangi

  • Cabinet Secretary for mining- Najib Balala

  • Cabinet Secretary for EAC, Commerce and Tourism-Phi  Continue reading ...

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Role Of Political Parties In Kenya

Political parties in kenya help to promote democracy. They offer alternative polices from being pursued by the government. Kenya is a multiparty democracy whereby many political parties are allowed to participate in national and civic elections. Usually the party with better policies and programs for the country wins the election and forms the government as the ruling party.

In a democracy country like Kenya, political parties play the following functions:

  • They promote freedom of association that allow people to belong to a political party of their choice. Where   Continue reading ...

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List Of Political Parties In Kenya

1992 marks the birth of Kenyan political parties after a long bloody campaign that succeeded a ten year single party rule. The campaign led by young energetic politicians and activists who had been dissatisfied with the single party KANU regime under Moi came up and voiced their cries. Like history states the tree of liberty is watered by blood, blood indeed had to be shed with some of this politicians being forced to endure torture, unlawful detention and street confrontations so that liberation can be delivered, some of this activists included the likes of Charles Rubia, Rail Odinga, Mart  Continue reading ...

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The Most Outspoken Politicians In Kenya

The term outspoken describes a person who doesn’t fear to express his thought through spoken or even written media. With Kenya now fully out of the joint coalition government the lines have now clearly been drawn between the opposition and the ruling party hence creating a form of battle field as expected every battle field creates a super hero hence here are some of  the politicians that have stepped up to defend their sides in Kenya’s  new democracy since 2013 and are now trending as they voice the thought of their affiliate groups on current affairs in a country mar  Continue reading ...