Governors To Dismiss Summons By Senate Committee

by Cynthia Kendeli  - May 9, 2023

Seven Governors in Kenya have received summons from the Senate Committee investigating the spending of Counties funds. The governors are to appear before the committee and explain how the funds unaccounted for have been used.

Though, on 18th Feb, 2014, over 30 governors held a meeting where they came into conclusion that no governor will appear before the senate committee until the pending case in the court is resolved. The governors have sort advice from the Commission for the Implementation of Constitution (CIC), and until the matters are cleared, none is supposed to answer the summons.

However, two governors have already appeared before the Senate Committee and explained the usage of funds, contrary to the othet governors wishes. Governor Isaack Ruto is the addressed the press about the decision of the governors in the matter. 

Contacts Of Mombasa County Government Offices In Kenya
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