Roles Of The Chief justice In Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - April 2, 2023

The chief justice in the republic of Kenya is Avery senior person and is often described as the head of the judiciary. The person presides over the Supreme Court and further has various roles including the administrative duties found in the Kenyan court system. Basing on the above description, the following roles and responsibilities are attributed to the chief justice in Kenya.

Judicial Function

Being the head of judiciary, the person is responsible for being senior person over all the judges. He is currently the high court judge and is responsible for presiding in the supreme court of Kenya.

Administrative Functions

The elected chief justice will assume the responsibility of  being the government administrator. The condition can take place when there is the absence of the governor general and takes all the functions and powers of that respective office. The powers include chairing and taking the leading role in the executive council of Kenya.

He is the principal point and acts as the contact between the executive branch of the government and the judiciary. He communicates with the government about various policies and major practices that affect the judicial service commission. Speaking for the judiciary and explain the roles to the government should also be a major step and function for the chief justice.

 Swearing in of the President

The chief justice is responsible for the process of swearing a newly elected president of the republic of Kenya. He takes the leading role in ensuring that all the judicial and justice procedures are followed and adhered to. It is important for the particular chief justice to carry out the process in a more convenient manner.

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