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8 years ago

Firms Offering Carpet Cleaning Services in Kenya

Kenyan have different ways of decorating their living rooms with different materials that ensure that they are well designed and fashionable. Homes being the better place to be in during weekends and holidays, people therefore ensure that they make their homes cozy to provide comfort that they require. Most of them buy expensive couches, tables and the most important and cozy commodity that is considered for most homes is a carpet. A carpet ensure that it covers the floor and thereby reducing the time of having to scrub the floor every day.

Carpets are of various types and are sold   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Factors That Influence High Birth Rates In Kenya

Kenya as a country is witnessing huge population growth something that needs to be taken seriously by the government.Many births are being witnesseed in the various hospitals making the population to grow each and everyday of life.It is advisable for people not to have children without proper planning.The folloing could be some of the factors promoting high birth rates in kenya.

Social economic consideration

It includes a set of cultural practices in which children are seen as assets for the community and can go ahead to be a good source of labour or the community.It is du  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Family Growth in kenya

Family unit is a very important factor for one to consider and find something constructive to do. It is therefore advisable for people to be more careful when they are making decisions governing the family unit to ensure that they have better peace and growth of well established bonds in their families. The following are some of the best factors one should focus before starting a family. Some useful tips are outlined below.

Source of income

A good and responsible husband should have a stable family by providing for them and ensuring that their demands are well catered for.  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Famous Slums of Nairobi


Found in Lang’ata, the slum is believed to be second largest in Africa after Soweto in South Africa. Kibera has a lot of residents that continue to live in desparet conditions. Housing is poor and the families have to share a single room and more worse when they are large in number. Criminal activity is quite high indicating that security is a major challenge to the people. The government has taken steps to ensure that the living conditions of the residents are improved and that everyone enjoys good life.


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9 years ago

Edge International Construction Company In Nairobi: Providing Kitchen Renovation Services In Kenya

A disorganized kitchen is something no homeowner desires. Kenyans have to eat and this means spending a considerable number of hours in the kitchen each day. In fact, many individuals prefer a spacious, easy to clean kitchen that enable the cooking process to be easier. Unfortunately, many houses in Kenya come with in-built kitchens that do not cater to the needs of the family. It is easy to utilize the in-built kitchen while lamenting its inconvenience. However, you can do something about your kitchen-like have your kitchen customized and modified to fit your needs in Kenya. EDGE Construct  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Crown Paints Company In Kenya; Providing Elegant Decorative Paints To Kenyans

It is human nature to want to create a favorable impression with our friends, relatives, acquaintances and society as a whole. One way we can do this is by creating a beautiful lasting impression of their first experience in our homes. Many are the times that we spend millions on magnificent architectural designs in Kenya but fail to give an elegant finish in our homes either due to ignorance or misinformation on the type and color of paint we should use. Crown paints Kenya is a company that is always seeking to meet the specific needs and demands of customers in Kenya b  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Bj`s Electronics Shop In Kenya: Provides Online Shopping Services To Kenyans

When you are looking for a top notch electronics shop in Kenya, think Bj’s electronic company in Kenya. Bj’s Electronic shop in Kenya is one of the leading electronic shops in Kenya that can be accessed physically as well as online in Kenya. In fact, Bj’s Electronic shop online in Kenya presence is so organized that you do not need to travel to the Bj’s shop location in Nairobi. Bj’s Electronic shop in Nairobi is located in Adams Arcade along Ngong Road. The variety of electronics f  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Emmerdale Company Limited In Nairobi: Where To Buy Carpets And Furnishings In Kenya

Carpets come in different shapes, styles and sizes but one thing they have in common is the luxurious feel you get when your feet touch the carpet. Of course Kenyans buy carpets for various reasons and fashion and décor is at the top of the list. A well placed carpet in Kenya gives your house that cozy lived in feeling that is both striking and inviting. Choosing a carpet to buy in Kenya, that suits your needs, is however a difficult task. However, having variety of Carpets to choose from certainly gives you the option of selecting the best carpet for your needs. Emmerdale Limited co  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Where To Do Your Exquisite Furniture Shopping In Nairobi, Kenya

Do you want to achieve a complete makeover of your home in Kenya? Are you tired of having the same kind of furniture in every room of your house? Well, if that is the case, here is an opportunity for you to get unique and beautiful furniture for your house in Nairobi. If you want to buy unique furniture sets in Kenya today, there are many shops which you can turn to. Nairobi is home to some of the best furniture shops. At these furniture shops, you will find a wide range of furniture pieces which will definitely amaze you.

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9 years ago

Tips On How To Choose A Housemate In Kenya

If you rent a City council house in Kenya, the money you pay at the end of the month is between Kshs900 – Kshs3,500. Given these prices, everyone in Kenya is supposed to have good and affordable accommodation. But alas! That is not about to happen! Like a lot of things in Kenya, the results on paper are so much better than what is actually happening on the ground. Instead of paying Kshs3,500 for that three-bed roomed house in Nairobi, your landlord demands Kshs30,000 each month. If your salary as a Kenyan does not exceed Kshs20,000, you would be unwise to live  Continue reading ...