Firms Offering Carpet Cleaning Services in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 1, 2022

Kenyan have different ways of decorating their living rooms with different materials that ensure that they are well designed and fashionable. Homes being the better place to be in during weekends and holidays, people therefore ensure that they make their homes cozy to provide comfort that they require. Most of them buy expensive couches, tables and the most important and cozy commodity that is considered for most homes is a carpet. A carpet ensure that it covers the floor and thereby reducing the time of having to scrub the floor every day.

Carpets are of various types and are sold under different conditions and varieties. This varieties is also considered during the pricing. Carpets being a good commodity for the better reasons, it however requires cleaning and mostly specialized to avoid their damage. Most of the people may clean carpets on their own but it needs specialist which will ensure that the cleaning is done well and thoroughly. In Kenya, several firms are established to ensure the cleaning and other carpet related services are offered efficiently. These companies have different techniques of cleaning and the most popular in Kenya include;

Isamado Homecare Ltd

This firm offer carpet cleaning services within Nairobi to homes, institutions, restaurants and many more areas where carpet are used. Their cleaning services are based according to the variety of carpets available in the market. They are also glad in providing their services and ensure that it is done with Super-soft care on the carpets. Their professional services that they offer include professional vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning services which are various and are pre-spotting and removal of stains, pre-conditioning to provide optimal soil suspension, pre-grooming heavily soiled traffic area as well as deep carpet cleaning using their cleaning services, water extraction and pH balance and Odor removal. For ordering of their services, they can be contacted through their hotline +254 721 559068

Nairobi Carpet cleaning Limited

This also specifically operates to clients within Nairobi and offer the best standard services as far as carpet cleaning is concerned. They also offer cleaning services to other household equipment such as Sofa sets, five and seven Seater cleaning, carpet cleaning, fumigation of the households and rooms as well as tile floor scrubbing and polishing. They pricing is fairly done as it is done based on the quality of the equipment, the quantity as well as the condition of the equipment in form of dirt. They have the most qualified personnel in this area of cleaning and they majorly offer home based services where their staff visit their customers’ homes and offer the cleaning services. For ordering their services, they can be contacted through mobile phone numbers which are +254 710 678437 or through their email [email protected]

Smart Touch Cleaning Limited

They also offer the most specialized cleaning services that could ensure that their customers are satisfied. As a cleaning firm, they are equipped to properly care for all types of carpet, tiles and wooden floor giving them the best specialized care and attention they deserve. They also use the best and most advanced processes available to thoroughly clean and remove any dirt, stain or odors. They can be contacted through the Telephone +254 20 2538634 or +254 789 890814 for ordering of their services at the comfort of your home.

TAMIA Limited

They are one of the carpet cleaning services provider but goes an extra extent to offer other cleaning services. most of the cleaning services are offered on home based and they involve commercial cleaning where they provide commercial property cleaning as they provide maintenance and general cleaning of a building, gardening and landscaping services by offering maintenance services to flower garden, as well as sanitary services to offer hygiene services. They also offer floor scrubbing, tile cleaning and carpet cleaning for removal of any dirt or odors. For their services, they can be contacted through +254 20 7789915 or +254 729 993861


AMEC Laboratories
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