Famous Slums of Nairobi

by Ekai Kaoo  - January 14, 2023


Found in Lang’ata, the slum is believed to be second largest in Africa after Soweto in South Africa. Kibera has a lot of residents that continue to live in desparet conditions. Housing is poor and the families have to share a single room and more worse when they are large in number. Criminal activity is quite high indicating that security is a major challenge to the people. The government has taken steps to ensure that the living conditions of the residents are improved and that everyone enjoys good life.


The place is known for being the dumpsite area in Nairobi. Dandora is a very large slum that has a lot of residents some of which live in hardships. Rate of crime is also high and the level of security is down. However, the slum has produced a lot of musicians in Kenya that ensure the lives of people around the area are well improved and that their needs are well catered for.


Neighbor to Thika road, the slum is populated with people of different cultures that have different economic interests in the place. It has a lot of residents that not only seek to improve the place but also have stared creative projects to improve the living conditions of people in the area.


Found near Kangemi,the slum has a lot of cultures and many people are moving there possibly to seek job opportunities in the nearing lovington estate. The slum is big and many people are living in difficult conditions struggling hardest to acquire the basic requirements of life. Sanitation is quite poor and the government is taking measures to improve the level of sanitation in the place. Many projects have been initiated to help the jobless youth find some constructive activities to do and cater for their basic needs.


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