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The Kenyan comedy industry is growing each and every day. New talents are being observed in the screens and the desire to expand the industry is continually being received well by a good number of people. The Churchill show hosts the best comedians in the country and the following list comprises of the best comedians in the country.


Eric is Kenya’s best comedian known for his funny delivery of content. The comedian has taken part in one of Africa’s biggest shows including the night of a thousand laughs. Eric Omondi is travelling to many parts of the world in high attempts to try reaching the Diaspora Kenyans that need to be entertained. The comedian has a unique style in which he shoots his own video and tries to do famous songs in a more funny way.


The comedian has grown over the past few years and has since been known to focus his jokes by talking about policemen. The artiste is very creative and his unique delivery makes him capture the attention of many audiences who are always left in tears due to the funny jokes created by the person. Malboro has been in the industry for quite a longtime and his talent is still growing to higher levels.


A student at Kenyatta University, the comedian is one of the fastest growing in the industry and rose to fame within a very short period of time. Sleepy is creative and tries to make things that happen in daily lives to sound funnier. The comedian is a focused person with mission to accomplish and greatly knows what he wants in life.


The comedian is popularly known for his brand “tumetoka analogue tuko digital”and it is due to this reason that he continues to gain more fame and popularity among the many number of growing Kenyans. Smart joker tries to deliver content by focusing and putting much emphasis to the kind of life displayed by the people in the area of his origin.


Two in numbers, they represent one of people’s best comedians in the country. The two deliver the content by trying to focus on village pastors and what they do to convince their followers. Creative generations are indeed creative by the manner in which they can do different sets of songs without messing up one another. They surely deserve to be the best. Popularly known for their brand “mchungachi and mtumishi”.

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