Best Actors in Kenya

best actors in kenya



Brenda Wairimu

She began her acting career two years ago. Her first role was when she acted as ‘Shariffa’ in Changing times. Shariffa was a kid who came from a humble background and was trying best to fit in the rich society. Brenda was later nominated in ‘Kalasha’ Awards. Her career grew when she was chosen to act as Lulu in Mali a famous TV series. In this series, she was a rich kid spoiled with fun. Her talent did not go un noticed because she was again selected to act a popular shows ‘ Shuga’. In Shuga, she acted as Dala the main character. She is also a model.

Olwenya Maina

Olwenya popular referred to as Oti has featured in one the best Kenyan movies. In Nairobi Half life he acted as the leader of a gang. His success immediately came after that although he started acting in 2007 at The Kenya Nation Theater. His role in the movie earned him a nomination in the African Movie Academy awards. He is a very talented actor and has acted in many occasions including in Shuga where he played the role of Uncle Njau. Olwenya is currently acting as Kaka in a series known as Mali.

Mkamzee Mwatela

She has been in the industry for quite some now. Her extraordinary talent has enabled her to act in praggrames like Tahidi High,Better Days and Siri. Mkamzee is popularly known as Usher due to her role in Mali. She acts as the second wife of Mr. Mali and comes out as unapologetic lady. She has worked with Phoenix but later shifted to Heartsrings.

Henry Gitau Ngoyoyo

His love and dedication to acting makes him the best sought actor in the country. Henry is a professional engineer and has acted in programmes such as Makutano Junction,Changes and many others. He will feature in a fresh series ‘House of Lungula’. Henry has acted in a movie dubbed as Following Jesus where he represents himself as a Christian.






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