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Eggs Incubator Trays in Kenya for Quail Farmers


‘I am looking for a high quality incubator for quails and hens with a big capacity preferably above 1000 hatching capacity and preferably with automatic turning and a fun. I won’t also mind if it comes with a generator.’ This has been most people’s wishes and requests. The demand for incubators with multiple functions has been going on for a long while since this type of farming hit the market in Kenya. I am here to introduce the eggs incubator trays that are newly created.

The eggs incubator trays use both dc n ac power. This means that the eggs incubator trays are adaptable to any environment of the farmer. The farmers need friendly machines to work with in their fams to make it successful. The eggs incubator trays in Kenya are going to be in stock by 10th November 2013. The new eggs incubator trays are on high demand. You need to put orders before the date to get this new innovation.

Eggs incubator trays come in several types. The first type of the eggs incubator tray holds 168 eggs and the second type of the tray holds 48 eggs. The cost of the incubator trays varies with size.  The eggs incubator tray that holds 48 eggs costs shs 23,000 while the eggs incubator tray holding 264 eggs goes for ksh 75,000 etc.

To purchase or book the incubators trays, contact digital farm. www.facebook.com/engoho.kukufarmer

There is the presence of quail cages, incubator trays, eggs for hatching on sale. Two weeks old quail chicks are now going for 400-500 each in Nairobi. In case you are new to this type of farming, temperatures where the chicks are kept should be 90 to 95 degrees for the first week of purchasing or of hatching. The farmer of quails should reduce the temperatures by 5 degrees per week until you get to 70 degrees and then stop. Then they shouldn’t need any more heat. The best male – female ratio for quails to be successful in quail farming, you need to allow the chicks to become accustomed to you as their caretaker by gently holding and handling them each day. This gives you a chance to inspect the health of each chick. You area able to detect any problems and resolve them in advance before they get out of hand and affect all the flock.

Now, farmers are able to take advantage of the innovations that are cropping up. Use the eggs incubator trays for saving costs and making work easier. The farming can never get any friendlier.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Agriculture/182-Eggs-Incubator-Trays-in-Kenya-for-Quail-Farmers.html



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