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Where To Go Swimming In Nairobi Kenya

where to go swimming in nairobi kenya


Swimming in Kenya is always viewed as a cool way to unwind especially during the warm, or rather hot months. Swimming is both a recreational activity as well as a sport in Kenya. It is particularly healthy for those who want to cut on the fat and maintain those albs, to swim often.

There are many swimming spots in Nairobi for those not advantaged to have swimming pools in the confines of their compounds. There are many stadiums in Kenya which are located near the town Centre that have swimming pools. For example, The Nyayo National Stadium along Mombasa road in Nairobi is one of the Olympic sized swimming pools in Kenya. Even better is that the entrance fee is only KSH 200. The Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani also has a public Olympic sized swimming pool along Thika road in Nairobi.

Most universities in Kenya have swimming pools in their compounds, case in point, Nairobi University and Kenyatta University. Students in these universities and their affiliate campuses are privileged to have rights to access without any fee. The YMCA swimming pool is located along State House road, opposite the University of Nairobi hostels. Students with valid Identity Cards of particular universities such as Moi University are also allowed to swim here at no cost.

There are many swimming facilities located in the city center too. Many of those fancy hotels located around Nairobi town also have swimming pools but at a relatively higher charge as compared to the public pools in Kenya. Serena Hotel in Nairobi, for instance has a heated pool which is ideal for the rather colder seasons. Fiesta in Nairobi too, located on Chester House, Koinange Street also has a more affordable swimming pool on its fourth floor giving you a panoramic of Nairobi’s downtown area.

You can also find swimming pool facilities in Meridian Hotel near Khoja mosque in Nairobi town for a rather affordable fee. To access these pools you have to have appropriate swimming wear. Swimming costumes and bikinis for the females and trunks for the men are the appropriate swimming wear in Kenya. For those who wish to take extra care of their eyes, it is advisable that you wear swimming goggles. Swimming caps to protect your hair from the harsh pool water chemicals are also available in most supermarkets and shops around Nairobi town. The costumes and goggles can be found in supermarkets in Kenya too.

Finally, for those who are not good swimmers, it is always advisable that you stay cat the shallow end. There you are almost guaranteed of safety and you are exposed to a lesser drowning risk as compared to swimming in the deep end. It is advisable that you have somebody accompany you to the pool even though all swimming pools have lifeguards on standby in Kenya in case of any mishap. For the good swimmers in Kenya, tips on where to locate pools in the city of Nairobi are there for you.


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