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The Basic Steps On How Teach Your Pal To Swim In Kenya

the basic steps on how teach your pal to swim in kenya


Do you know how to swim? And if yes, would you like to teach your friends and relatives in Kenya how to swim? Teaching how to swim in Kenya might be quite hard especially when the person being taught is hydrophobic. This article is intended to help Kenyans on realizing the ideal aspects you need to consider when teaching another person how to swim.

a) You need to bring the swimming learner in Kenya to a point of overcoming the fear of water. This advice is only applicable if the learner is scared of water. If they are not, you can skip this step. In that case, you can start training the swimming learner from the shallow end of a swimming pool so they can appreciate the feel and the depth of water.

b) In order to avoid casualties during swimming training in Kenya, it is also necessary for you to show the swimming learner the key aspects they need to adhere to so that they do not drown. Make the Kenyan being taught how to swim understand that panicking would only lead to undesired results. In this step, you are seeking to build the confidence of the swimming learner.

c) Now let us get down to the actual swim session in Kenya. Most swimming experts in Kenya prefer that a leaner practices arm movements first. You need to demonstrate the arm movements to the learner and allow them to try it while you give positive criticism.

d) Once the swimming learner has mastered the use of arms in the pool, you can then take some time at the side of the pool just to practice kicking. In this case, the learner should hold onto the side of the swimming pool and then kick water using their legs. It is important to spend quite some time in this phase. Make sure you guide the Kenyan learner on how to kick properly so that they do not have many issues when they get down to actual swimming.

e) After the person learning how to swim in Kenya has mastered how to kick and make use of arms, you can allow them the first swim. Let them swim for shorter distances as you watch. Make sure you are doing this at the shallow end of the pool. These might just be the first strokes your friend or relative will be performing.

There are so many public swimming pools in Nairobi and in Kenya generally. If you have the interest in learning how to swim, its always advisable to approach a person who knows how to swim to teach you. Swimming in Nairobi can be done in such pools as YMCA, Nyayo, Kasarani and many other places. 

Learning how to swim is Kenya is that easy!

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