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Nairobi Sports House In Kenya- Providing Quality Sporting Equipment To Kenyans

nairobi sports house in kenya providing quality sporting equipment to kenyans


Many Kenyans are increasingly getting motivated to stay healthy and look younger as the years go by. One way of doing this is by exercising a few times a week to keep physically fit in Kenya. Exercising in Kenya helps in gaining the advantage of keeping lifestyle diseases in Kenya at an arm’s length and at the same time look good from a physical perspective. With the increase in the number of Kenyans wanting to exercise, the need of finding quality sports and physical exercise equipment in Kenya is of importance. Incorporated in 1988, Nairobi sports house limited company in Kenya is essentially a supermarket for sports goods in Kenya and other promotional items like bags, caps, banners and trophies.

Products available at Nairobi Sports House in Kenya

Nairobi Sports House in Kenya is locate in  Moi Avenue in Nairobi just next to Barclays bank branch. Nairobi Sports House in Nairobi is the head office in Kenya that has a wide range of sports products that are sold to government institutions in Kenya, sports clubs in Kenya, retail and wholesalers in Kenya, colleges in Kenya, sport bodies in Kenya, schools and universities in Kenya. Nairobi Sports House in Kenya specializes in dealing in sports equipment, fishing apparatus, camping gear, hiking apparatus and other gaming equipments. Nairobi sports house in Nairobi also extensively deals in body building equipment and physical exercise equipment in Kenya that includes exercise accessories like exercise mats and gloves, Dump bells, gymnastics, ankle weights, handgrips, Pilates, striders ,steps and treadmills, just mentioning a few. Nairobi Sports House in Kenya also caters for the needs of Kenyan schools providing school uniforms, stationery, textbooks, bedcovers, pillows and mattresses according the specified requirements of the schools.

The Nairobi Sports House company in Kenya has ensured it deals in the goods, apparels and equipments of reputable international brands like Puma, Reebok, Mesuca, Speedo, Jorex, Nodor, Mikasa, Connate ,Wilson, etc., in all areas of sporting activity such as Table Tennis, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Dart and Fishing.

Location of other Nairobi Sports House branches in Kenya

The Nairobi Sports House company in Kenya has five other wholesale and retails points in Kenya a different places with three other Nairobi Sports House branches in Nairobi and two Sports House in Mombasa. Nairobi Sports House in Kenya has the establishment at Village market in Nairobi, Yaya centre in Nairobi, Mpaka house in Nairobi found in woodvale Grv in Westlands part of Nairobi. Sports House in Mombasa located at Faza Road in Mombasa and at Mombasa City Mall in Kenya located in Nyali om the 1st floor in Mombasa town in Kenya. For more enquiries email Nairobi sports house in Kenya at [email protected] or visit their website at [email protected]

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