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Most Dominated Races by Kenyan Runners

most dominated races by kenyan runners


The Kenyan athletics federation is continually doing well and making the country more proud by winning more gold medals for the country. It has been noted that Kenya is the best country in the athletic field in Africa and among the best in the world. The following categories of races are the most dominated by Kenyan runners and they are performed best by them.


The race is one of the favorite for both the male and their counterpart female athletes. Kenyans have continually dominated this race with majority of them breaking major world records and winning a lot of gold medals in the long run. The likes of Pamela Jelimo,Wilfred Bungei and David Rudisha are some of the biggest names in the race the country has ever produced and many more are continually being nurtured.


It is now becoming owned by Kenyan runners. Many runners from the country have scooped several awards from the race and each year Kenya must be part of the top three best finishers. Marathon has been the favorite race for the Kenyan athletes that love running long distances. It is of no doubt that the race will still be dominated by our athletes as many more great talents continue to be identified by the coaches.

3000m Steeplechase

The race has been dominated by Kenya male athletes who have never lost since the year 1990.The race has favorite names with Ezekiel Kemboi being one of the topmost runners in the world. The athlete has won many gold medals for the country and continues to nurture many other young talents to continue running and earn a living from the race. The tactic employed by Kenyan runners is good hence that makes them the best in the world.

5000m and 10000m

When it comes to running long races, it is of no doubt that Kenya will eventually shine. The various training grounds in the country make it easy for them to run long races and when the time comes to showcase it, they do it in a style that is lovable and good to watch. The race continues to attract the interest of many Kenyan athletes and big names such as Vivian Cheruiyot have been formed out of the race.

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