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Location Of Nyayo National Stadium In Nairobi, Kenya

location of nyayo national stadium in nairobi kenya


The Nyayo National Stadium in Kenya was built in 1983 and is a multi-purpose stadium found in Nairobi city centre. Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi is the second largest stadium in Kenya, following after the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani, Nairobi. Nyayo National Stadium is usually host to local professional football games in Kenya such as matches Gor Mahia and A.F.C Leopards in Kenya. The Stadium in Nairobi is also hosts athletic at different levels.

The Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi includes a full build sports complex, as well as a 30,000 seat capacity all around the running track. The main stadium also has a standard football pitch approved by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). The Nyayo National Stadium also has an indoor gymnasium that holds at least 2,500 people and is home to the Kenya National Basketball League. The indoor gymnasium in Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi has electric scoreboards, floodlights, an indoor badminton court, a snack bar as well a martial arts gymnasium. The Olympic sized swimming pool found in Nyayo National Stadium in Kenya was recently revamped and is used for both professional competitions as well as individual practice. To get into the swimming pool in Nyayo National Stadium, you pay an entrance fee of KSH 200. The Nyayo National Stadium has a multi-purpose arena that accommodate such as wrestling and volleyball.

The Nyayo National Stadium is used for important sporting events in Kenya, and also serves as headquarters to the Kenya Football Federation and Athletics Kenya. Other than sporting activities, Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi is used for other important large scale events such as political rallies, presidential addresses as well as church functions. The Nyayo National Stadium was host to the 2010 African Championships in Athletics.

Nyayo National stadium in Kenya is located along Uhuru Highway at the Langata Road diversion in Nairobi. Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi is found opposite the Nakumatt Mega Shopping outlet. To get to Nyayo Stadium via public means, you can pick matatus plying estates along Mombasa Road such as South B and C, Langata and Imara in Nairobi. You can pick these matatu along Accra Road in Nairobi or in the main Bus station within the Nairobi city centre.

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