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Location Of Bukhungu Stadium In Kakamega Town, Kenya

location of bukhungu stadium in kakamega town kenya


Bukhungu Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Kenya build in Kakamega Town. This Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega Town is one of those that have been verified by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to host Kenya Premier League matches. Bukhungu stadium in Kenya is a multi-purpose stadium in Kakamega that is a home ground for two premier league clubs; western stima football club and Kakamega homeboys football club in Kenya. The football fans in Kenya of these two footbal clubs attend the home matches of these clubs in Bukhungu Stadium.

Initially, the Bukhungu Stadium was losing revenues from the gate collection because the fans were accessing the stadium through various porous perimeter fence but the Bukhungu Stadium ground was rehabilitated in 2012 after it was allocated Kshs.20 million by the Kakamega municipal council in Kenya in their budget. The Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega hosted last year’s (2012) edition of the annual Kenya inter-municipalities sports and cultural association (KIMSCA) games in Kenya after it was rehabilitated.

The Bukhungu Stadium has a carrying capacity of about 5,000 spectators and the majority of them (fans) are usually from Kakamega County in Kenya. Bukhungu Stadium was initially managed by Kakamega municipal council but the responsibilities of the stadium have moved to the county level (Kakamega County) where it is managed in terms of renovation and gate collections. Bukhungu Stadium in Kenya has small kiosks on the front part which sell beverages such as sodas and have MPESA services. Certain national functions in Kenya such as Jamhuru day are also usually celebrated in Bukhungu Stadium where the governor addresses the people of Kakamega county.

Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega is fenced by bricks on the outer part till where it connects with the fence of Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST) in Kenya. Bukhungu Stadium has a well established drainage system that controls water from the rainfall. The Bukhungu Stadium in Kenya is located on the Kakamega Kisumu off Road, 500 meters from Kakamega town. Bukhungu Stadium is opposite Kakamega Nakumatt supermarket and it is surrounded by part of the compound of Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST). You can also access the Bukhungu Stadium by foot from Kakamega town since it is a seven minutes walk.

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