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Location Of Afraha Stadium In Nakuru Town In Kenya

location of afraha stadium in nakuru town in kenya


Afraha Stadium is one of the stadiums in Kenya and is found in Nakuru town. Afraha Stadium in Nakuru is a recognized stadium by the football Kenya federation (FKF) since it has been authorized to hold Kenya premier league matches (football). Afraha Stadium in Kenya was officially opened before the independence in Kenya in the year 1948.

This Afraha Stadium is a famous one in Kenya. Afraha Stadium in Kenya became famous in Kenya because of political meetings that were held in the stadium in Nakuru during the post-colonial period. Afraha Stadium in Rift Valley was majorly used for political meetings during the president Moi era to host the meetings belonging to the KANU which was a ruling party during that era (Moi era).

The Afraha stadium in Kenya is located on the general Kariba Road in Nakuru town, and it is only one kilometer on the southern part of the Nakuru central business district (CBD). You can also access the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru from the side of Lake Nakuru National Park because it is only two kilometers from the park. It will take you a minimum of 15 minutes to the Afraha Stadium if you decide to take a walk, but if you use a motorcycle of a vehicle, it will take a minimum of five minutes.

The Afraha Stadium in Nakuru is also among the ones approved and certified by the football Kenya federation (FKF) that hold matches of Kenya premier league (KPL). Afraha Stadium in Nakuru is therefore, a home stadium for two clubs in Kenya; the Ulinzi stars football club in Kenya that plays in the Kenya premier league and the Nakuru Allstars in Kenya that plays in the football Kenya Federation Division one league. The numbers of people who can be comfortably accommodated by the Afraha stadium in Nakuru at once are approximately 8,000 people.

The Afraha stadium offers other services apart from football matches in Nakuru. Afraha Stadium is used for national functions such as public holidays like Jamhuru day and Madaraka day. These national functions in Kenya were initially presided by the provincial officers (PCs), but since the inauguration of the new constitution of Kenya, but it is now presided by the county governor in Nakuru. Political rallies in Nakuru are also conducted in this Afraha stadium after getting a permit from the local government. Churches in Nakuru at times conduct their crusades in the Afraha stadium.

The Afraha stadium is now a new management of Nakuru county government in Kenya, and they are the ones responsible with the maintenance of the Afraha Stadium and also gate collection during the football matches of the home club; Ulinzi stars football club.

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