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How To Improve Football Match In Kenya

how to improve football match in kenya


The national team has been poorly ranked by fifa and the level of football in the country is diminishing each and every day. As compared to many other countries, Kenya is facing a lot of hardships in trying to get better ways of improving football and the following are some of the methods that have been proven to be effective.

Provision of better training facilities

Kenya needs to invent better ways such as providing players with a lot of facilities that can be used to enhance their training hence coming up with good results. It has been noted that countries that perform well often have better training grounds for their players giving more room to equip the players with a lot of skills on their part. It is important that funds be allocated to the sports department to improve football in the country.

Proper motivation

Players will often perform well when they get good motivation from their country s well as their coach. The country should go for coaches that have good skills and that can talk well with players without condemning them and making them feel as being punished for mistakes committed in the field. It is therefore important that better ways of encouraging players be invented to make them like the sport more.


It is the dream of every young player to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. The country needs to make such dreams come true by helping many young talents join the clubs hence promoting the name of the country and making football to be a lucrative venture for many people.

Having More Friendly matches

The only way of ensuring that the performance of players improves is by having them take more friendly matches with players from other countries so that they can improve the level of competition and further borrow more skills form them.

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