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by James Ndetto  - August 8, 2023

Most people are constantly in a state of searching for balance, e.g., harmony in work and personal life, equality of positive and negative emotions, and this issue also concerns betting platforms and casinos. The fact is that most resources are highly specialized, for example, they provide only slots or card games, but not the Helabet mobile app, which is the best illustration of harmony, technical superiority, bonus generosity, and responsiveness to working with clients.

If you wanted to find a platform where you can play your favorite games, then switch to sports betting, and then spend the bonuses on blackjack, and on par with this do not worry about technical problems and freezes, then Helabet is your number one choice.

Helabet app: Basic Info & License

When selecting a platform for gaming or mobile betting, all guests, without exception, whether Kenyan, German or UK customers, try to find out how much they can trust the mobile website and the application. In the case of Helabet, everything is as legal and transparent as possible, because since its foundation in 2019, Helabet mobile site has an official license (serial number BK 0000306), which means its activities are allowed throughout Kenya and guests can be sure of protecting their privacy and funds.

Basically, the detailed analysis of the Helabet mobile app shows that this is the best place to awaken cool emotions in yourself, cheer for your favorite team with maximum interest or play exciting themed games. On par with this, all the technical components of the Helabet app and its mobile website are on top.

Helabet mobile app and Unique Features

Let’s now move from abstract concepts to real examples that illustrate the coolness of the Helabet platform:

  1. User friendly interface made in pleasant and even majestic purple tones.
  2. Technological mobile version, the application of which you can download on the main website and for this you only need a stable Internet connection.
  3. Elementary, but also reliable registration for which you only need a mobile phone and a couple of minutes of time.
  4. Fast and even instant money transfers for both replenishment and withdrawal.
  5. Responsive support service, within which you will obtain assistance in any problem asap.

In general, you can fully enjoy all these technical privileges not on the mobile site, but in the Helabet app, which is very easy to install on a smartphone device, but we will tell you more about this later.

Helabet Website and App: Advantages & Disadvantages

Now, it is time to discuss the pluses that are associated not with technical equipment, but with the benefits of the gameplay:

  • Two big welcome bonuses at the very start.
  • Generous mobile reward bonus system throughout the use of the Helabet mobile app.
  • Exciting games from leading developers.
  • The widest line of sports events for betting.
  • A large selection of tools from live streams to detailed statistics.

Only two factors can be attributed to the disadvantages, namely the absence of a Helabet mobile version in the format of an application for iOS mobile devices and the difficulties associated with hotlines for obtaining support. However, in the first case, this is offset by a very advanced desktop version, and in the second by live chat and email.

Helabet Installation Step-by-step Instruction

Every person in the household life has things that perform mainly one function, e.g., a vacuum cleaner can only clean up the dust, and a closet is useful only for storing things. You may ask why we mention such information in this review? The answer is simple, the Helabet mobile site can perform one function on the top level, namely, to allow you to download the apk file to install the mobile app on your mobile device. To be engaged in the particular event faster and start spending bonuses, we have prepared a detailed guide for you.

Helabet app for Android devices

Let’s start with android users and here are five very simple and intuitive steps about installation of the Helabet android app:

  1. If annoying offers and advertisements constantly pop up on various portals, then in the mobile browser on the Helabet site, such a download app button is already waiting for you, and if this does not happen, then you can go directly to the Helabet app download page.
  2. Click on this button and from that moment the automatic download of the Helabet apk file will begin.
  3. Open this file and start the installation, however, there is one pitfall here, namely, some mobile devices prohibit any actions from third-party sources and therefore you need to mark the Helabet apk file as safe.
  4. Wait for the download to finish and start safely using the Helabet mobile version and fully enjoy its functionality.
  5. Unlike the Helabet mobile website, you can place the app icon in any convenient place on the mobile interface for even faster access.

Every android application has a pool of technical requirements and the Helabet app is no exception. Fortunately, these requirements are minimal, in particular, you will need less than 200 megabytes of free memory and any android version no older than 5th configurations, that is, you can run Helabet on both new generation smart devices and older platforms.

Helabet app for IOS devices

Along with android users, iOS clients can also use the Helabet mobile website version, however, unfortunately they cannot download the apk file or any other installation material. This issue is a priority for the entire Helabet team and there is no doubt that the mobile app of Helabet for IOS platform will soon be available, at least it will happen faster than there will be a person who can kiss his elbow.

Helabet app: Explanation of Registration Process

As we promised, it’s time to talk about registering a Helabet account and here you have two ways. First, registration by phone number. Enter your phone number either in the Helabet mobile app or on the mobile website in Google Chrome, get a confirmation code and complete full verification with personal data, while some of details, e.g., currency, will be filled in automatically to save time. The second way is to use personal email, you point out it, obtain a letter with a code and create an account, however, to use the full range of benefits of the Helabet mobile app, you also need to specify a phone number.

Helabet mobile app and real money bets

Sports betting is a very multifaceted activity, because by betting on sports events you get vivid emotions, you can try your luck, get double pleasure from your victory and the victory of your favorite team, as well as test your analytical skills. If you are looking for an advanced mobile betting platform, then Helabet automatically comes in first place.

Sport Betting in Helabet app

Here are all the features of sports betting in the Helabet mobile app:

  • Different online betting activities on Helabet mobile version are so variable that your eyes will start to run away, so we recommend using a filtering system.
  • Sports betting section is not limited to the standard set, because it also presents the exotics of world sports, e.g., armwrestling or Broomball.
  • If you do not want to place sports bets, then consider options with sports-neutral events, for example, Eurovision, the winner of the “Grammy Awards”, elections, or club transfers.
  • If the nicknames Sumail, ZywOo, or Yatoro tell you something, then cyber and virtual sports are your choice, especially since the line for virtual sports is not inferior to football or basketball.
  • All related attributes are also on top, because on the Helabet mobile site and in the app you can follow the entire match statistics, watch the live game or switch to live in play betting.

Overall, if you think that the list of advantages of sports betting in the mobile version of the Helabet platform is ending, then we are ready to upset all skeptics, because next we will discuss even more unique features.

Single Bet Option in Helabet mobile app

If you don’t have a gambling experience, then the next memo will come in handy:

  1. Single bet is a classic bet that involves picking one event in one game, not all matches.
  2. Betting markets in the Helabet mobile app are huge, so carefully study the line and choose a bet slip, e.g., if a strong and dominant Manchester City and a weak outsider Coventry are playing, then you can choose a bet that Erling Holland from Manchester will score in the first half hour of the game.
  3. Make the final choice, the amount you want to bet and confirm the action.

Of course, it’s best to do sports bets in an online format to raise the degree of excitement and euphoria when you see with your own eyes how the ball crosses the goal.

Accumulators and betting modelling in Helabet app

Imagine the situation, the evening of the Champions League, 16 matches in parallel, at one moment all the tops of European football take the field from Chelsea and Atletico Madrid to Manchester United and Benfica. Is it interesting to select a single bet slip? Of course not, and at this second there is no better pick than accumulator bets. This is an opportunity to combine different bets from different matches into one big coupon with a huge coefficient, which means a massive potential win.

Helabet sportsbook: benefits and limitations

To sum up, betting in the Helabet mobile application is a large selection of sports markets, any kind of sports from ageless classics to new-fangled virtual sports, the ability to follow all events in live, while enjoying a simple interface. The only disadvantages include the lack of bet insurance, as well as the lack of streams for some games.

Helabet Casino is a huge range of games and slots

If there is a welcome bonus for the casino, then there should be games and slots. This is a very simple logic, which is confirmed in the corresponding section of the Helabet mobile app, where the best games from leading developers are presented. The top 3 games invariably remain for such titans as “Jewel Mania”, “Chieftain Buffalo” and “Golden Ball”, however, if your mood lies in the classical plane, then the croupiers at roulette or blackjack are always waiting for you.

It is noteworthy that in the online casino section you will also find a VIP program, which consists of several stages. You start from the lowest rank and as the game hours increase, you move up, collecting more and more bonuses.

Helabet mobile app: all about bonus offers

A huge number of mobile apps offer guests mind-blowing bonuses that will improve their game, and will also contribute to turning the smooth gaming experience into a hurricane of emotions. However, very often these promises are equated to a soap bubble that bursts immediately after registration. We can assure you that this will definitely not happen in the case of the Helabet mobile app.

Helabet app and a massive start with welcome bonus

Everyone is familiar with the concept of welcome bonus, but on the Helabet mobile site and in its application, this concept is introduced into the absolute and presents in two guises. Firstly, a welcome bonus for various betting options or, in another way, first deposit bonus, when you receive 100% on the first deposit for a minimum amount of 112 KES. Secondly, a 100% bonus for the first deposit for online games, and if in the first case the maximum bonus can be 10000 KES, then this option implies 162000 KES. The most crucial postulates are the fulfillment of wagering requirements and the indication of personal data for full verification.

Everyday bonuses

If you think that Helabet acts like an evil boss who behaves greedily when it comes to bonuses, then you are mistaken, because literally, after the welcome bonus, you can count on daily support on the Helabet mobile website and app, in particular, when replenishing your gaming account at a minimum 450 KS you get 25% of the amount automatically and without delay.

Cashback bonus option

Agree that it’s nice to find a couple of bucks in a jacket that’s been lying in the closet all summer. Users and guests of the Helabet mobile site and mobile app can experience the same feelings, because every week the platform returns 0.3% of the bet amount and this applies to all betting options. Of course, such a rule implies the impossibility of bet slip editing to avoid cheating.

Helabet app impartial wagering requirements for all players

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the Helabet mobile bonus system is one of the most generous on the market, but as the saying goes, whoever is going to be generous should be fair, so there are certain wagering requirements on the Helabet platform. For example, for sports betting welcome bonus, there is a 5x wagering requirement in accumulator bets, with the necessity to include at least three bets with a coefficient of at least 1.4 in the coupon.

Helabet mobile app & everything related to money transfers

Helabet mobile website and mobile app are happy to welcome guests from all over the world, absolutely everyone from Kenyan to UK customers, However, this approach implies flexibility in working with money transfers and here Helabet has everything on top, because any ways of replenishing an account are available to guests, in particular, bank cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency and the most popular method is transfers via M-Pesa with a minimum amount of 50 KES. At the same time, no method will charge you a percentage, and the replenishment process requires four clicks from a person, in particular, selecting a section with deposits, the amount of replenishment, the preferred method, and confirmation.

Helabet and M-Pesa payment method: the best way for Kenyan guests

The statistics of the Helabet mobile website show that the most popular way to replenish a gaming account is to use M-Pesa, so let’s analyze it in more detail:

  1. Select this deposit method.
  2. Enter the actual phone number with the Kenyan code.
  3. Specify first, attention, this is crucial, business number 290007, and then account number 520587419.
  4. Specify the amount and confirm the operation.

As you can see, everything is ultra-convenient and fast.

Helabet app cryptocurrency payment features

The Helabet mobile app accepts five cryptocurrencies as payment, namely, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Tether. On par with this, deposits occur instantly, as well as accruals of the welcome bonus, that is, in a couple of seconds your gaming account is replenished with money and bonuses. You can observe such a situation only in the Helabet mobile app.

Helabet and quick money withdrawal

Helabet cash out methods are also very diverse, however, it is more important that regardless of the tool you pick, Helabet will perform the operation in less than 15 minutes. The tricky moment lies in the fact that you can’t just withdraw bonus money, and also different minimum withdrawal thresholds are applies for different methods.

Helabet app Responsive Customer Support

If the application freezes, the payment fails, or the bet is not accepted, then Helabet specialists will come to your aid, who are always ready to solve any issue. On the main page, you will have access to a live chat, as well as the opportunity to write a letter describing the problem. The developers are also already working on creating a hotline.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I download Helabet apk file to my mobile device?

Of course, this option is available to all guests. Installing the Helabet android app is as easy as cooking scrambled eggs, and the app also supports all the features that the Helabet mobile site does. All you need is to take a mobile phone, go to the Helabet website and click on the download button. The download process takes no more than three minutes and is suitable for any Android mobile platform, however, unfortunately, the mobile app is not available for Apple users.

What are the main pros and cons of the Helabet app?

We will just list the facts, colorful and pleasant mobile interface, high mobile rating, round-the-clock technical support, fast payments in all ways, but most importantly it is a huge selection of events in sports betting and games, as well as a powerful welcome bonus that will give you confidence at the start. The only drawback is the lack of an app in the App Store and Google Play.

Can I fully trust the Helabet app?

The answer is unequivocal, yes, because the Helabet app has an official license from the first day of its foundation, which allows you to conduct legal activities, however, the main thing is that guests can be sure of the safety of personal funds.

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