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GGBET Review Sports Betting, Online Sportsbook



Are you a huge fan of all kinds of sportive events including esports? Have you ever considered earning money from your hobby then? Nowadays, there is a wide variety of online betting sites where you can follow the tournaments and bet on your favorite teams and players. The GGBet website is one of these online platforms. Originally, it was founded as an esports betting company but was later expanded and transformed into an online casino where you can earn significant amounts not only on sports events but also on games of chance such as roulettes and lotteries.

Today, GGBet is one of the best betting sites that offers competitive odds and up-to-date games. Moreover, the site ensures secure betting and investing process. In this article, we will have a closer look at this betting company, which is available around the world including Kenya, and give you some indisputable reasons why you should visit the website right now!

GGBet Casino

To begin with, the GGBet casino was founded by Brivio Limited in 2016. It first started as a place where people from all around the world could bet on esports. However, now you can visit this platform to bet on traditional sports, too. It does not really matter which sport you prefer to watch and bet on, as there is an opportunity to make money by watching football, basketball, tennis, and many other events and tournaments.

GGBet is available in Kenya, so all the country representatives have a chance to try their luck and make money on their passion for sports or casino games. If you are wondering whether the betting process is secure, it will be the right point to worry about. We recommend that you only use safe online betting platforms that are verified and, therefore, can be trusted. In the case of GGBet casino, it has a Curacao license which means that this site ensures secure data processing and monetary transactions.

Do you want to bet on sportive events or gamble without taking risks? Choose GGBet casino then!

GGBet Exciting features

Now, that we have introduced you to the GGBet online casino platform, we want you to become familiar with the most exciting features that make it stand out from all the competitors in the market. There are numerous reasons why experienced bettors choose GGBet.

Here are just a couple of mind-blowing attributes:

  • the focus on sports and esports, which attracts people who share an interest in this area from all over the world;
  • a huge variety of bonuses to treat new and loyal users;
  • the availability of mobile app, which makes betting even more accessible and convenient;
  • GGBet is not just a betting platform, it is an online service that you can use for checking all the exciting sports news and statistics of recent matches;
  • the design is thought out to the smallest detail, which allows new users to quickly get used to the online betting process;
  • a straightforward registration and signing-up process that does not take much time and effort.

Thus, GGBet is a great resource for making money, as well as a platform that offers all kinds of related news and information for all esports fans to stay tuned in a rapidly changing world of sports.

GGBet Advantages and Disadvantages

Even though GGBet offers a number of outstanding features some of which we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is still a chance that users from Kenya may come across problems associated with gambling on this website.

We recommend that you consider both pros and cons of GGBet before registering there and making your first deposit.


  1. the most complete list of exports and related activities compared to other sites;
  2. high level of security that the site ensures to all its clients;
  3. an opportunity to visit the platform and bet using your smartphone;
  4. generous bonuses and gifts to all newly joined users.


  1. while you can take advantage of betting on traditional and esports in the app, there are no casino options available;
  2. although numerous payment methods are available, users from Kenya cannot make deposits and withdrawals in Kenyan shilling;
  3. some technical problems are fairly rare but still may occur.

GGBet Casino Registration Process

In order to place bets and receive your first welcome bonus, you need to open an account on the platform. Do not worry, you will not have to postpone this process because of its complexity. When it comes to registering at the GGBet casino, it is pretty easy.

  1. Open the home page and click the sign-up button;
  2. Sign up with the help of your phone number or via any social media account that you have;
  3. Come up with your own unique password and remember it for later;
  4. Choose a currency that you are going to use. Since the Kenyan shilling is not an option, you may want to choose the US dollar instead;
  5. Carefully read all the terms and conditions and finish the registration process.

Now, when you have an account, you can place bets and make deposits on the website occasionally. However, if you want to withdraw a huge sum in the future, the company kindly asks you to verify your account. To do that, you will need to fill in personal information such as your phone and ID number correctly and send a photo of your ID.

GGBet Casino Payment Options

We have already said that GGBet is one of the best sports betting platforms out there. You may be longing for starting betting right now. Hence, let us tell you about deposits and withdrawals. How do Kenya residents deposit sums for their future bets and, even more importantly, how do they withdraw the amounts won in case of success?

To deposit money, you can choose any option among numerous payment methods including credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, online banking, or electronic money. There is no commission for people living in this country, so no worries here. A minimum sum depends on the chosen method and may vary from 5 to 20 USD.

Have you achieved success? It’s time to take advantage of your winnings and withdraw the funds you earned. You can get your money in a preferred currency and withdraw a sum by using a credit card, cryptocurrency, or some online banking solutions. Unfortunately, money withdrawal methods are inferior in quantity compared to deposit methods, but all withdrawal requests are still being met quickly and honestly.

GGBet Welcome Bonus

By this date, a huge variety of new online casino and esports betting websites have emerged. In conditions of fairly strong competition, representatives of each specific site strive to attract new clients by providing generous prizes and bonuses occasionally. GGBet is no exception when it comes to bonuses. The first bonus that every new player comes across is a welcome bonus that allows you to receive 1,500 USD and take advantage of 500 free spins provided by the company. To get this prize, you will have to make four deposits first.

Do not worry, after your first acquaintance with the platform, you will still be able to receive bonuses. For example, there is a great offer regarding a weekly bonus or a bonus that can be received on weekends. If you want to get prizes, you need to remain an active online casino user, constantly deposit at least small sums, and check current promotions.

Remember that there are some specific requirements and conditions that are needed to be met for you to receive each bonus! You can check them by visiting the website.

GGBet Casino for Sports Betting: Play and Make Money

Every esports fan will be over the moon when they find the GGBet website with its enormous sportsbook with both popular sports and less-known new esports. This website is loved by the esports community since esports fans will find not only Dota-2 and Counter-Strike here but also some new alternatives to traditional video games such as Fortnite. In addition, all the sports and video games are listed according to their popularity levels. Thus, you can easily combine betting on traditional sports and esports. By the way, you can also watch the live stream while betting or make yourself familiar with current statistics before placing bets.

At the same time, if you have no idea what esports is, the focus on it and a lack of traditional sports may be a little bit annoying for you.

GGBet Casino: Win Real Sums Online

Even if you are not an esports fan, you will still agree that GGBet can be called one of the best online casino sites due to the up-to-date gambling options and odds available in our country and in other parts of the world. Secure connection, various deposit and withdrawal options, and quick and honest responses to all withdrawal requests are just a few things that make GGBet one of the best online casino sites nowadays. Moreover, experienced casino players always pay attention to the variety of gaming providers presented on each specific website. In this case, you will surely have a lot to choose from.

GGBet Game Providers to Know

When visiting the website for the first time, it may be frustrating to find a great game provider to start playing. Hence, we want to list just a few companies that we recommend you pay attention to:

  • Evolution. This company provides almost all the most popular casino games such as Lightning Roulette or Crazy Time. You will inevitably come across this game provider so it may be a good idea to start from this point.
  • Swinnt. This company is extremely popular among players, too. We especially recommend checking out the game called Swinnt Live Roulette.
  • Pragmatic Play. This game provider has a hit called Mega Roulette which you simply cannot ignore! In addition, they hold their own tournament called Pragmatic Play Live Casino Tournament from time to time, so keep an eye on all the updates from them.

GGBet Tournaments to Earn More

Have you already achieved success and earned huge sums while enjoying odds and games? Do you want to achieve more? You have a unique opportunity to join the league of the best players in your country and other parts of the world! Simply visit a page dedicated to tournaments. There, you will find numerous tournaments such as Endophina Exclusive, NetGame Exclusive, Betsoft Exclusive, and many more. On this page, you will also see the date until which the current tournament will be active and a list of the best players and their potential winnings.

The size of the maximum sum that the best player can win is usually about 10,000 euros. What is more, some special festive tournaments are held occasionally. For instance, during the last Christmas holidays, a special tournament called Evolution Winter Giveaway was held where the winning pool was 100,000 euros.

We wish you luck and success with your GGBet tournament experience! Do not miss a chance to become the best player in your favorite game and raise your earning significantly!

GGBet Mobile Version Availability

One of the unquestionable pros of the GGBet online betting platform is the availability of an app that works great on any mobile device. It can be downloaded both from Google Play and AppStore. If you only use your laptop occasionally, we will strongly recommend that you install the GGBet app right now since the website version works with delays and bugs, so it will be better not to waste time trying to open the GGBet casino page on your browser.

When it comes to sports betting, odds and games are available on the app, too. However, there is one thing to keep in mind if you are interested in casino games more than in sports betting – gambling is not available in the app. Hence, it is a great idea to use a mobile app to make bets on a match, but you will have to use a PC occasionally in order to enjoy all the gambling options.

GGBet Customer Support Services

Have you encountered some problems when playing and betting online on GGBet? Luckily, there is a live chat available 24/7 for all the people who make bets on the platform. Employees working in customer support will be happy to answer all your questions and solve any possible problem. All the requests are answered almost immediately, so do not hesitate to write your question in a live chat if something bothers you!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Is GGBet safe?

GGBet is especially famous for the presence of both traditional sports (such as football, basketball, and tennis) and esports of all kinds. Thus, you can watch almost any match and bet on your favorite player or team. Why is this website considered to be safe? A lot can be said, but the most obvious proof is the presence of a Curacao license.

Which GGBet promo codes can I enjoy?

In order to receive bonuses and free spins, you do not even need to search for special promo codes. The main thing is that you have an active account and make deposits occasionally.

What is the fastest way to withdraw money from GGBet?

All the withdrawal options that are available for Kenyan users are equally fast. The process usually takes no more than 15 minutes. Thus, you can choose any option that is the most convenient for you.

How do I go through the account verification process?

If you want to withdraw huge sums from your GGBet account, you will have to go through the verification process (it is not essential for all users). To do it, you simply need to fill in some personal information and provide a photo of your ID in order for company representatives to check your identity.

Can I delete my GGBet account?

Yes, you can delete and cancel your GGBet account. Simply contact customer support representatives and ask them to do this for you. There is a live chat available 24/7 so you should not have any problems with this.

Do I essentially need a mobile phone to register at GGBet?

No, actually, it is just one of the options for registration. You can also register by signing up via your social media account. In this case, no phone number is needed for verification.

Are cryptocurrencies available as a payment option in GGBet?

Yes, GGBet is an up-to-date betting platform with various payment options available. You can use US dollars, euro, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, or Ethereum. You can make both deposits and withdrawals using this method.

Which welcome bonus do new users get at GGBet?

All new users can receive 1,500 USD and take advantage of 500 free spins. This bonus is quite easy to receive but you still should take care of meeting all the requirements and conditions in advance not to miss your chance.

Is there a GGBet mobile app available?

All the main advantages of GGBet that make it one of the most convenient sites for betting such as security (proved by a Curacao license), up-to-date games and odds, and various bonuses are available in the app, too. Its creators have invested time and effort into making the app user-friendly and are now enjoying the success of their platform.

How do I use M-Pesa for making deposits?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use M-Pesa and Kenyan shilling for betting on GGBet. It means that you users from Kenya cannot make deposits and withdrawals in this currency. However, the situation may change sooner or later.

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