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Football Betting Websites In Kenya

football betting websites in kenya


Betting in football basically means selecting the outcome of the game or predicting the end result of a football match. Gambling an act that is considered a vice has first gained fame in Kenya in the recent past significantly dating from mid-2012. The market or participants of this game are a wide range of soccer fanatics and sometimes even non-football fans that are out to make money or double there outcome. This information may prove to be very important especially during this world cup period with business just reaching its boom as economists would say; here are the places to engage your money in a game of luck;


This was one of the pioneer websites in the Kenyan market which did not popularize itself through print media but word spread around from person to person especially among campus students. Here one can bet with as low as ksh. 200 which is the minimum with one required to predict whether it will be a win, lose or draw for one of the teams, the prize is not sent to your Mpesa account upon request to withdraw depending on how much your team odds were your money is multiplied by that.


This could be one of the most popular betting websites in Kenya considering there constant advertising both in print medial using the local daily newspapers and television stations to gain popularity. Here one can bet with as low as ksh. 100 for a single match and end up winning a maximum of ksh 5000000 just based on the prediction of more matches. The money is multiplied by the odds then there after when one wins a withdrawal request is played then subject to that your money is transferred to the mpesa account or airtel money this transaction is however the fastest in comparison.


This is one of the cheapest options for gamblers in the market with one expected to place a bet for as low as ksh.2 for a number of football matches with a minimum being 3 matches and a maximum not set. The money transactions are also linked to the mpesa paybill number and the money is paid upon request to withdraw.

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