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BetOBet Review Sports Betting, Online Sportsbook



Going out to place your bet and then watch the game in real-time is considered either too tiresome for many gamblers or too boring. In the age of technology, this way of sports betting has become redundant and many other ways of getting adrenaline from placing bets on your favorite team have become extremely successful. Recently, sports betting goes hand in hand with online sports betting and betting markets have developed in at a high pace giving more and more people from all over the world an opportunity to place bets.

However, with a grand diversity of different services, it may be hard to choose one that will satisfy all your needs. And here comes betObet company that has come here to provide customers the easiness and joy of online betting. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities that this company can offer to the players from Kenya.

BetObet app bookmaker information 2023

BetObet official site has been around only for some time now in Kenya, but they have conquered the hearts of many players in Kenya. The company was established in 2020 which makes it relatively young, but it has some tricks in its sleeve which we will discuss further in the article. You should not worry about any legal implications of placing your bets here as the Curacao license that this betting platform has obtained is trustworthy. Still, if you have got any more questions, you can always contact their support.

Even though you may see notifications that betObet is not available in Kenya, in reality, it offers betting options to all interested gamblers in Kenya. Continue reading to find out more about the actual website, the registration process here, and how to download the betObet app for Android devices.

Features of betObet mobile app in Kenya

Even though the betObet app offers incredible options concerning the convenience of your betting activities from any place in the country, we would like to give a proper betObet app review and consider the pros and cons.


The main positive features of betObet are the affluent number of betting events. You can place your bets on different sports including traditional sports, e-sports, and virtual sports, or go with gambling and start playing slots and live casino games. Also, there is a variety of payment methods including our favorite M-Pesa. Moreover, gamblers will receive some welcome bonuses for their commitment to the service.


However, concerning disadvantages there are certainly moments to shed light on. The main downside for many betObet users is the lack of the application for iOS devices so all iPhone users will have to take advantage of the betObet website more often than Android users who are lucky to have a mobile version in their hands. Also, there are some minor issues that may spoil your experience with the betObet website. Neither won’t you see any live streams of games you bet on nor get customer care by phone. If these issues are minor for you, then welcome to the world of betting.

How to download betObet apk Android for free

Your Android device can become the ultimate tool to access betObet from any place in Kenya at any time and the only thing you need is to download betObet APK file to your Android smartphone. But how to get a mobile version on your phone? Follow the steps below.

These steps are crucial to getting an Android version of an application for your device:

  1. Go to the official betObet website and find the button that lets you download the app for Android (you can’t get it from Google Play store yet).
  2. Tap it and see your betObet app for Android download.
  3. After it, you have to press install the betObet app button and here you are with your Android device that gives you an option to place bets from any place.

Also, your application allows you to boast a bit in front of iPhone users as there is no betObet app for Ios devices. Hopefully, it will be released soon, but as for now, you are the only one here who can use the betObet mobile app.

How to register and login to betObet via app from Kenya

If you have gone through the installation process, then the registration and login for you will be a piece of cake. Even though for Android users this process is unnecessary as everything is stored on their device, for others a clear explanation won’t be excessive.

First, click on “Sign up” and make an account on the site (or use the one you have on Google). Here you enter your email, username, and password. Also, type in your first and last name, your country, and currency. To complete it, enter your phone number, and day of birth, and click the checkbox with terms and conditions. Having confirmed the registration after opening the email, you will be able to easily log in. If you already have an account, simply press “Login”.

To get the money you win in your bank account, the only thing you need is verification, which is also a clear and simple process. In the settings, add the necessary data including photos of the documents and send it to the company. They will check it and if everything is correct, you will be able to collect your winnings.

How to bet in bet O bet app for real money

Betting may seem like an easy task and it actually is when you do sports betting with your betObet account. With the clear design of the site, it becomes a pure pleasure for users to interact with the service and get an adrenaline rush even from lost money. The first thing you see when you visit the site is the variety of current games that you can bet on. It is worth noting that the betObet site is centered around football matches (like ones that take place during FIFA World Cup), so we advise you to start betting with a game of football that seems promising to you. You can find possible games to bet on in the tabs like “Top bets” or “Last minute” offering the most popular games and ones that are about to start respectively. Moreover, you can find other sporting events there with sports like tennis or cricket.

To make a bet, follow the instructions here:

  • Look for a match that seems promising to you
  • Tap it to get a look at all the markets
  • Click the one you like and you will notice an increase in the counter in “My bets” part
  • Go there and confirm your bet

And that’s it. Congrats, you have made your first bet and hopefully, it is just the first step in a series of winnings. Also, for one wishing to go big, you can always build accumulator. To do so, don’t visit “My bets” part until you have clicked on all bets you want.

Pros and cons of betObet sportsbook for real money

For sure, in the betting market, the competitiveness is quite high and sometimes it may be hard to distinguish between a good sports betting service and a bad one. BetObet in its place has some benefits that are exclusive to it. For example, you can create crazy betting combinations and include in a parlay an array of different bets like betting on computer games tournaments, live dealer games, and online casino games. What is more, your single bets and accumulators are not complicated by anything.

However, some drawbacks are worth mentioning. There are not that many markets you can find here that takes a piece of joy. Also, live streams are not available as well.

But perhaps if we tell you about all the features of the casino app, it can sweeten the pill? Here you can find the most popular slots from the world-famous providers. The games offer an informative history and provide players with smooth gameplay in which it is easy to be lost. Let’s not forget about exclusive games like “Dead or Alive Saloon Live” that you probably won’t find anywhere else. All this makes the betObet mobile app an excellent choice to play just by clicking on your phone’s home screen.

BetObet app welcome bonus for Kenyan players 2023

A huge number of gamblers who bet on sports online are attracted by different bonuses that give them an advantage when they enter the game. It can be a welcome bonus or a bonus after their first bet, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what betObet bonus you can receive and what benefits it will give you. The welcome bonus here is grandiose and is sometimes called a welcome bundle, that’s how great it is. You can get full info directly on the site, but here we will focus on other options available to the gamblers.

Sports Welcome bonus

If playing casino games is a no-brainer to you and you want to try sports betting, a sports welcome bonus will give you a headstart into another reality. If you download the betObet mobile app and enter the promo code SPORT100 and deposit money equivalent to USD 10, you get additional USD 100 which is great money for those who just start betting.

Daily deposit bonus

A new promotion from the company can give you extra USD 200. You only need to make your second deposit on Monday and your money will be returned to you before the end of the year.

BetObet casino games bonus

For those who are committed to betObet app, they can log in using their betObet casino app or a website and get a welcome bonus of USD 500. A great warm-up for those who need it, isn’t it?

Sadly, there are no cashback options for those who have been wondering about it. Perhaps, they think that a caleidoscope of other promotions compensates it, but it would be great to also have your money back, at least a small portion of it.

How to make a deposit in betObet app

After the betObet registration, you may wonder how to make bets there and we are happy to facilitate your concerns. Making a deposit is as easy as a pie on both betObet mobile version and the website. The service accepts M-Pesa and credit cards so there won’t be any inconveniences, hopefully.

To add money to your account, you need to tap the “Deposit” button and find the way you want to pay. Be careful, as there are both maximum and minimum deposit amounts there. Usually, they are equal to USD 10 and USD 5,000 respectively. Then, find the option you like and type in the amount of money you need in your account. After tapping “Deposit” you will get money in your account in several minutes.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there are options that let you put a deposit on the account too. All major currencies are available, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, so finding yours is not a big deal.

How to withdraw money using betObet.com app

If you have gone big and won, against all maximum and minimum odds, you can withdraw your money. To do so, you need to reach the minimum withdrawal amount that is equal to USD 10. To withdraw money, reach your profile and find the necessary button there. The withdrawal time is small, so you will get your money in just several minutes.

BetObet Kenya customer support in app

We hope that we have got answers to all the questions you have in your head, but if not, you can always discuss any issues with the customer support service right in the app. They will answer any of your questions connected with the betObet app, betObet mobile website, or live betting. Also, they can help you use your existing account in case of any troubles or will teach you how to make your first deposit right.

To contact the fellow support service, all you need is to chat live with the operator or a bot available 24/7. Also, you can write an email to them and ask the same questions there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust betObet?

Yes, the company is relatively young, but believe us, betObet customers rarely leave the betting company with regrets and lost money. Also, they have all the necessary licenses and possess a registration that allows them to operate in Kenya. So we believe that you should install the betObet app now if you don’t want to miss any benefits of using it.

Can I sign up in the betObet app?

For sure! The process is easy and convenient on your mobile device. However, remember that betObet app for iOS doesn’t exist so you can’t sign up using a mobile app on your iPhone. Android lovers can open Google Play store and download it from there.

In what way the app and mobile site are different?

Overall, your experience will not be extremely different. However, some features of the betObet app are not excellent and you may be lacking some of them, which can be found on the site.

Are live casino games available in the betObet app?

The answer is “Yes, you can”. With a huge number of providers, you can always open the betObet app and find betting options in the casino part of the application.

Is it obligatory to update betObet app after the installation?

The up-to-date version works best and provides you with the best betting experience. So, betObet mobile app works best only when you update it. Don’t worry, it will not take much time and you will be able to start betting in a couple of minutes.

How to download the APK file?

To get the APK file on your phone, it is important to visit the mobile site and find the link there. Downloading and installing the app is not a big deal after that.

Can iPhone users install a betObet app?

Sadly, there is no mobile version for iOS. But even though iOS betObet app is not available, you can always use the website and get an experience similar to having an application.

How much should I pay for an Android app?

To get betObet app for Android, you don’t need to pay any extra money. It provides you with all the in-play features of the website, but also adds convenience to your actions. The mobile version is free, so go get an app for you now!

Is it possible to register without a phone number?

At first, yes, but later you have to confirm your number when you log in. So adding your phone number should be something to worry about if you want to get the best experience using the app.

Can I make a deposit with M-Pesa?

For sure you can! M-Pesa is one of the most convenient ways you can add money to your account. Waste no time and make a deposit now to get additional bonuses.

What about betObet app welcome bonus?

We have discussed it earlier in the article but let’s say it again – there are several bonus options you receive after visiting the site for the first time. So making your first bet becomes a much safer experience. Also, you can add a promo code to your first deposit and get extra bonuses.

Can I place the bets using Bitcoin?

Yep, the betObet app accepts the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Sadly, there are no bonuses for using them on-site, but you can use the currencies safely.

Can customer support solve all my problems?

Well, the problems with your betObet account or with the mobile version will definitely be solved by the operators, so you don’t need to worry much. Moreover, you can ask them anything concerning e-sports or a promo code and get a useful answer too.

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